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1337x Unblocked Safely in 2022 – Best 1337x Proxy & Alternatives

1337x unblocked proxy

Are you a regular torrent User? Have you heard of a torrent website known as 1337x? If you’ve never heard of it, then it’s because Google had to do away with it and remove it from its search results after receiving massive take-down requests.

1337x is one of the most popular websites that provide magnet links used in peer-to-peer file sharing and a huge directory of torrent files through the Bit Torrent protocol. In simple terms, it’s a form of a proxy that users can set up in a completely different location to download files from a range of torrent sites. Are you aware that 1337x is rated as 2018 third- most popular torrent website? Despite not being widely known, 1337x has always enjoyed massive traffic mainly due to a genius plan devised by the site operators to beat Google at its own game.

So, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with using a proxy to unblock 1337x? These and many other concerns that you may have are hereby addressed:

Why is 1337x Blocked?

1337x unblocked proxy

Are you experiencing difficulties accessing the 1337x website to download your favorite files? If this is the case, then there are high chances that it’s blocked. But why is it blocked? The reason is simple. 1337x is blocked due to some reasons, though the main reason behind it being blocked is due to security, copyright, privacy, and other law-related matters that have been brought against the site before by stakeholders and other people with the feeling and evidence that their content was being accessed using 1337x without their proper consent.

As it is, 1337x torrent has been used by a lot of people to download files that they don’t have permission to access them, an aspect that completely relates to copyright infringement, security of personal computers, theft problem, and other legal challenges that may arise much later. Some governments and service providers have blocked 1337x due to such reasons in addition to the piracy problem that is lately becoming rampant across many countries.

How to get 1337x unblocked Through Proxy

To have 1337x unblocked, then you may have to do so by use of proxy servers. Despite 1337x being one of the most popular torrent sites that’s blocked, you can still easily open it by using 1337x proxy on your ios device, Android or even on your computer. 1337x proxy site works in the same manner as the original 1337x site though it’s hosted on a completely different hosting with a different domain name. One of the main reasons for having it under a different domain name is mainly to keep its identity safe and to ensure that the government doesn’t recognize them.

Through proxy, one can download files and movies with ease through magnet links that enable a person to copy the magnet link and subsequently paste it into the torrent downloader to download the required files. In fact, the use of a proxy is identified as one of the best ways of downloading files based on fast downloading speeds.

1337x Proxy List and Mirror Sites that actually work

Mirror sites current in a different country with content or information that resembles 100% of the information in the original site. Even though there are other tricks that people use to access 1337x, the use of mirrors and proxies is turning out to be another means that a lot of people are lately using in a bid to beat stringent laws in place.

There are a couple of mirror and proxy sites that a lot of people rely on to access 1337x. If you are in search of such sites that work, then you’ll be spoilt for choice since they are many of them in operation. The following are some of 1337x mirror and proxy sites that are currently in operation:

How to unblock 1337x by VPN

Do you want to unblock 1337x torrent website? Among other means that you may use, you can get 1337x unblocked by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Unblocking 1337x torrent website by a Virtual Private Network is regarded as one of the best means of doing so since it’s a free service for all users.

Unblocking 1337x torrent website by VPN is lately being embraced by a lot of people with Opera VPN extension being regarded as the best one for those willing to unblock 1337x. The main advantage associated with using VPNs is because VPNs can hide the IP address of a device and subsequently bypass security getaways for those willing to have 1337x unblocked. VPN remains one of the best means of unblocking any site such as 1337x with a lot of ease.

Top 5 VPNs to unblock 1337x


When it comes to unblocking 1337x, you want nothing but the best Virtual Private Networks to enable you to do exactly that. If you have the intentions of downloading all your files fast, efficiently, securely using 1337x torrent, nothing will do the job than having the best VPNs to assist you to achieve your goal. There are hundreds of VPNs out in the market that purport to be the best when it comes to offering you their services. But to be on the safe side, it’s important to be aware that not all of them are the same. Some of the best VPNs that are rated high when it comes to unblocking 1337x include:

  • Pure VPN

Purevpn is Best vpn for torrents because of its Great and Secure servers, They are providing more than 2000+ servers Which makes it the best among the list for torrents.

visit purevpn

  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is rated high since it’s easy to use, offers 24/7 client support, and has a 30-day trial risk free. Additionally, apart from being fast, it is also secure.

  • NordVPN

Rated at 9.2 out of the possible 10, this is also one of the best VPNs used to unblock 1337x. It has military grade security protocols, a no-log policy, and the ability to connect to more than 5 devices simultaneously.For more information read its review.

  • CyberGhost

With a rating of 9 out of the possible 10, this is also a top-rated VPN that is preferred based on the fact that it offers tough security measures.

  • PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is also widely used by those with the intention of unblocking 1337x due to its unlimited bandwidth coupled with encryption that is somewhat military grade.


IPVANISH is another preferred VPNs for unblocking 1337x based on a number of aspects such as ease-of-use and faster speeds that one is assured of while using it.

Top 5 1337x Alternatives:

1-The Pirate Bay




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In a recap, enjoying 1337x blocked content from anywhere in 2018 isn’t something that should bother you as such. Technology and the internet have grown significantly. Now more than ever, matters to do with technology have simplified a lot of things, torrenting being one of them. With accessing 1337x blocked content appearing to be a daunting exercise, it becomes laughably easy to access blocked content here with hundreds of mirror sites, proxies, and VPNs currently in operation.

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