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How to Access Showcase Live in the US with a VPN


The English-language Canadian TV station Showcase ( shows drama programs and feature films. Showcase is exclusively accessible to residents of the Canadian province of Ontario. If you attempt to watch Showcase from outside of Canada, your non-Canadian IP address will prevent you from doing so. Using a Canada VPN to get a Canadian IP address is the best method for unblocking Showcase if you live outside of Canada. We’ll walk you through the process if you are looking for how to Access Showcase Live in the US for free with a VPN.

Over the years, Showcase has undergone several alterations. You’ll be taken to Global TV if you go to the Showcase website and play any material. Global TV is Showcase’s sister network. 

However, Global TV isn’t the only place where you can watch Showcase movies and TV shows. Channels like StackTV, Execulink, and RiverTV may also be accessed via these and other services. 

We’ll teach you how to watch Showcase from outside Canada using a VPN in this short tutorial. There are three server locations in Canada, which makes PureVPN one of the best options for unblocking Showcase TV.

How to Access Showcase Live in the US for Free with a VPN – Easy Guide 

  • A good VPN service is something you should invest in (PureVPN is our top choice). 
  • You may get it on your phone or tablet by downloading its app. 
  • Enter your login and password when logging in to the VPN software. 
  • Make use of ExpressVPN’s Montreal server, which is one of the fastest in the world. 
  • Outside of Canada, you can watch series like The Girl in the Woods and SuperGirl online on the Showcase TV website.

If you want to watch Showcase outside of Canada and are searching for a Canada VPN service, I recommend that you try Canada VPN free trial service first. If you want a more reliable VPN for Canada, I recommend paying for Express VPN. 

Best VPNs to Use in 2022 to Watch Showcase TV Live Online in the US

In order to watch Watch Showcase Live Online in the US for Free with a VPN, we have three recommendations for you:

1. ExpressVPN

Features of ExpressVPN: 

  • Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane all have a number of servers to choose from in terms of availability for Australian players. 
  • There are approximately 3000 servers spread throughout 94 different countries across the world. 
  • At the same time, five devices may be connected at once. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Speeds may go as high as 88Mbps on a 100 megabits per second (Mbps) connection. 
  • More than a dozen streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Vudu, and Spotify, are available. 
  • Windows, Android, and Linux are all compatible with Mac OS X. 

2. NordVPN

Features of NordVPN:

  • Australian Australia has more than 190 servers. 
  • 5200 servers are scattered over 60 countries. 
  • At the same time, six devices may be connected at once. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • The maximum internet speed is 91 Mbps while using a 100 Mbps connection. 
  • There is access to a wide range of services, including ESPN+ and YuppTV. 
  • Everything from MacOS to Windows to Android to Linux to routers and more may be used. 

3. PureVPN

Features of PureVPN:

  • Servers from Australia: 
  • 6500+ servers in 180+ locations spread throughout the globe. 
  • A maximum of 10 devices may be connected at once. 
  • 31-day refund policy. 
  • The maximum internet speed is 76.75 Mbps while using a 100 Mbps connection. 
  • With a wide variety of streaming options accessible (Netflix Libraries and more), it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and watch it whenever you want. 
  • On top of that, it may be accessed on a wide range of different devices and operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Showcase TV?

Since its establishment on January 1, 1995, Showcase has been one of the leading television networks in Canada. The channel is owned by Corus Entertainment and is exclusively accessible in Canada. One of the most popular channels in the United States, Showcase TV is known for showing original shows and movies, as well as “limited” American material. 

How to Access Showcase Live in the US?

Even in the United States, you may get Showcase TV with an IP address belonging to Canada. You may accomplish this by following these instructions: Get a virtual private network (VPN) subscription and download it (PureVPN is our top recommendation). Once you’ve signed up, go to the servers list and choose your chosen Canadian server. Open the Showcase TV website on your Windows, Android, or other mobile device and watch any program you like.

How to watch Mr. Robot season 3 on Showcase TV?

Mr. Robot season 4 is available on Showcase TV if you live in Canada. Because of this, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN). The following are the actions you should take: Download and set up a VPN client on your mobile device (ExpressVPN is our top choice). Select a Canadian server from the available servers. Start watching Mr. Robot season 3 on the Showcase TV website. 

Can I watch Showcase programs outside Canada?

A free VPN will let you watch Showcase TV from outside of Canada. This would require the use of a dependable free Canadian VPN. You should still avoid a free service since it comes with restricted data and sluggish speeds, which are both deal-breakers when it comes to streaming.  Instead, consider using a premium VPN for Showcase TV, such as ExpressVPN.

Final verdict

Showcase TV, a streaming service in Canada, offers popular television series including The Sinner, Chucky, and Supergirl. You’ll need a virtual private network (VPN) to view it from outside the nation. 

Our favorite pick for unblocking Showcase TV outside Canada is ExpressVPN, which provides a wide range of servers in three Canadian locations, as well as fast speeds and excellent unblocking features. 

In addition, ExpressVPN gives a 49 percent discount on its yearly plan, with a 3-month free membership, so you receive all of these premium features for 15 months while just paying for 12 months of service.

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