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Best Kodi TV Addons – February 2022 Working List

Best Kodi Addons

You must have been looking for the best Kodi TV add-ons probably because the add-ons you came across in the past stopped working all of a sudden. Don’t fret!

Most of the Kodi TV add-ons or repositories that worked perfectly a few months back may not work today. After all, some of the third-party Kodi developers have completely stopped updating their repositories, while some developers are facing a repository ban. The most popular Kodi TV add-ons that have now been banned include Colossus, Smash and Ares Wizard to name a few.

Although a few popular repositories have been shut down, some of them are still up and running. In fact, new add-ons pop up from time to time. All in all, there is no one list of Kodi live TV add-ons that work perfectly since new add-ons are regularly introduced while the old ones die or are terminated.

Regardless, allow us to present some of the most popular and currently working best Kodi TV add-ons as well as kodi apps.

The Top 10 Best Kodi TV Add-ons February 2022

  1. Smooth Streams

You want complete access to a plethora of TV channels on your Kodi, right? And, you also want to watch live TV shows? If yes, then you are definitely going to love the Smooth Streams Kodi TV add-on.

You can find the Smooth Streams TV add-on in the SuperRepo repository.

You can get to watch your favorite sports and other entertainment shows with Smooth Stream. The add-on offers you a list of over 50 live TV channels. The best aspect is that you can watch the TV channels in even HD format, i.e., 1080p.

You would rarely find any user facing any problem with this add-on.

  1. Neptune Rising

Exodus was amongst the most popular Kodi add-ons since forever. However, when the add-on went down, Kodi users started searching for the alternatives. Amongst those alternatives, Neptune Rising is the most popular add-on, especially for Xbox users.

You can find the Neptune Rising add-on in the Blamo Repository.

One of the best aspects of the Neptune Rising Kodi TV add-on is that it has a high volume of sources from where the add-on fetches your streaming content. You can find both the movies as well as on-demand TV shows with this add-on, and also find the content in SD as well as HD resolution.

And since you are a Kodi user, you would be glad to know that the add-on offers good streaming speed. If you are into experimenting with different Kodi TV add-ons, you might want to give similar add-ons like Death Streams and Gurzil a try.

  1. BoB Unleashed

It is often noted that a good volume of Kodi fans consider the BoB Unleashed add-on as an extension of the famous BoB Unrestricted add-on. Moreover, the add-on is usually associated with many other names such as Thunder, Valhalla and TNPB.

Regardless, BoB Unleashed is yet another amazing Kodi add-on that is sufficient for quenching your thirst for unlimited TV shows.

You can find the BoB Unleashed add-on in the Noobs and Nerds repository.

The add-on can provide you smooth access to an amazing gallery of live TV, sports, top-rated movies, animes and even feature length movies. In fact, you can also see a complete gallery of 4K content in the add-on.

  1. The Pyramid

This one is a slightly older Kodi TV add-on which has continued to receive updates from time to time. The add-on really does a great job at helping users find their favorite TV shows or sports and watch them online.

You can find the Pyramid add-on in the Uncoded repository.

In our experience with a myriad of Kodi add-ons and repositories, we have found the Pyramid Kodi TV add-on the richest in terms of features. Apart from watching TV shows or sports, you can also enjoy a complete gallery of music, animes, etc.

  1. USTV Now

If you are a fan of US TV channels or shows, then you are definitely going to love the USTV Now add-on.

You can find the USTV Now add-on in the SuperRepo repository. You can also find it in the Kodil repo.

The USTV Now Kodi add-on brings you a plethora of popular US TV cable channels at your fingertips. For instance, you can watch NBC, ABC or CBS on your smart device through Kodi. However, you would require a premium subscription of the paid channels.

Moreover, with USTV Now add-on, you don’t need to worry about any illegal streaming issue. It is because the USTV Now obliges to the laws or standards of online streaming.

  1. UK Turk’s Playlists

A wonderful live TV add-on which can allow you to stream other types of content as well. With UK Turk’s Playlists, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, Sports, and much more along with live TV.

You can find the UK Turk’s Playlists add-on in the UK Turk repository.

Lately, the UK Turk repository, which hosts this add-on, has been facing some issues and is currently not available from Cerebro TV Repository. However, if you already have this add-on installed, you can continue streaming live TV as you were in the past month.

  1. Fantastic

This add-on is derived from the Fork add-on, creators of which also developed Exodus and Covenant add-ons. Since it’s developed by the same creators, the interface, layout and the features appear to be very similar. If you have been using Exodus and Covenant, getting to know this one would be no big deal.

You can find the Fantastic add-on in the FSPM repository.

Like every other add-on on this list, this Kodi TV add-on does a fine job at allowing users to stream live TV.

  1. cCloud TV

cCloud TV is one of the best add-ons for users who want to watch their favorite TV channels on Kodi.

You can find the cCloud TV add-on in the SuperRepo repository.

The Kodi add-on offers you instant access to a wide list of TV channels, i.e., over 1000 TV channels. You can not only find the US as well as the UK TV content through this add-on, but you can also access major International TV channels.

However, it should be noted that the add-on hasn’t gotten updates as of late. It ultimately means that you can’t expect all the sources in the add-on to work properly.

  1. Rising Tides

The Rising Tides Kodi TV add-on is another best option for all those Kodi fans who are looking for online access to TV channels or shows.

You can find the Rising Tides add-on in the MullaFabs repository.

The add-on has a massive library of TV options that range from sports to regular entertaining content. The best part about the add-on is that it runs or streams the content quickly.

  1. Goodfellas 2.0

No, we are not talking about the movie but the Kodi add-on which is equally famous in the Kodi community.

You can find the Goodfellas 2.0 add-on in the Goodfellas Stream repository.

The add-on has a massive list of sources where it extracts streaming content from, such as all the popular TV channels and the likes. Apart from movies, the add-on also allows you to watch on-demand movies.

Here Are Top Kodi Add-ons (Category-Wise)

Now that we have read about the best Kodi add-ons 2022, let’s take a look at some of the top Kodi add-ons in different categories including Movies, Sports, Xbox One, PPV, Kids, Fitness, Music, Anime, Maintenance and Bollywood (Desi) movies.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Movies

If you are a regular binge-watcher of box-office or on-demand movies, you might want to check out on the best Kodi add-ons for movies. The following add-ons offer all the classic movies, latest movies, and more.

Have you heard about the Stream Army? Well, the Nemesis add-on is the popular revamped version of the Stream Army add-on. The add-on contains a wide range of popular movies, sports, and TV shows. In fact, you can also check out a massive library of music as well in the Nemesis add-on.

Currently, you can find the updated version of the SALTS add-on in the Cypher Locker repository. Initially, it could be found in the Fusion repository but due to the repository’s cessation, it was later adopted by the developers of the Cypher Locker repo. Regardless, if you are looking for a large pool of latest movies, we suggest that you should try the SALTS add-on. Apart from movies, the add-on also features popular TV shows.

  • Specto Fork

Another best Kodi movie add-on is the Specto Fork which is currently available in Kodil repository. The current version of the add-on is the updated version of the Exodus add-on which is another popular add-on when it comes to movies and shows. Specto Fork offers a decent catalogue of movies and TV shows.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Sports

If truth be told, there are now more Sports fans in the world than movies or other entertainments. If you are looking for a list of best Kodi add-ons for sports, don’t look any further. Following are some of the great sports add-ons that you would definitely want to have in your Kodi.

The SportsDevil add-on can be found in the Cazwall repository. Initially, the add-on was developed specifically for FireTV users. However, seeing the growing popularity of the add-on, especially amongst the sports fan, it is now fixed or you can say revamped to support different devices.

The add-on is available in the repository of the same name, i.e., Supremacy Repository. The add-on utilizes different plugins to deliver users the live stream of different sports. In the Supremacy add-on, you can find all the popular channels including WWE, BT Sports, etc.

NetStream Sports Hub is considered as one of the most popular and content-heavy sports add-on available on Kodi. Currently, you can get this add-on from the Stream Army repository. The current version of the add-on has been updated just a while ago and it now has tons of sports content that would be enough to satisfy the craving of any sports fan.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Xbox One

Originally, Kodi was known as the Xbox media hub since it was created for the first Xbox. However, as time passed and the media hub grew in popularity, it was later made compatible with different devices and that also include the Xbox One.

Following are the best Kodi add-ons for Xbox One that you would surely enjoy:

Exodus is one of the most popular Kodi add-ons, and you will see that many other add-ons have been inspired by it. In fact, many add-ons offer the identical features, functionality and UI. Rebirth Kodi add-on is one of those add-ons that are inspired from Exodus. You can watch a good number of TV shows and movies on this add-on for free.

If you have used the Covenant add-on before, you will see identical design or UI elements when you install Incursion add-on. The add-on comes equipped with tons of new movies and TV shows.

Placenta is yet another great add-on for Xbox users. It features boatload of content that is split in categories including Movies, TV Shows, News, Channels, etc.

Best Kodi Add-ons for PPV

Thanks to the rapid development in technology, we can now access Pay Per View content online, i.e., via streaming services.

Although we have already mentioned UK TURK PLAYLIST, we are adding it again just to highlight the fact that it is also an amazing PPV add-on. The installation is not only easy but also pretty quick, and you can easily find your PPV content without wasting a single minute.

If you are a fan of Boxing, UFC, WWE and other such fighting sports, you would want to check out the Fight Tube Kodi add-on. The add-ons comes with unique categories that let you easily find your favorite sports content and access it. In fact, you can also find the Replays of PPV sports right after they are made available for online streaming.

The Planet MMA add-on is available in the Supremacy repository. If you are a diehard fan of UFC or mixed martial arts, this is the add-on you would need for all the PPV events you don’t want to miss out on.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Kids

So, you are a Kodi fan and looking for the best Kodi add-ons for kids? Well, you are at the right place! Here, you will read about the top Kodi add-ons that are great for kids of different ages.

If your kids are into the 90’s and 80’s classic cartoons and movies, then you will find TubTub just the right add-on for your kids. However, since it has a vast gallery of classic cartoon shows and movies, you would find the content is low-quality. Regardless, it is still one of the best Kids add-ons.

  • Snagfilms

You can find the Snagfilms add-on in the official Kodi repository, in the video add-ons. It contains a decent set of documentaries and independent movies. In fact, you can find over 5000 amazing collection of entertaining content for kids. However, there are some categories that although say, Kids and Family, but contains content that aren’t suitable for children. So, it is better that you check the category before allowing your kids to use it.

  • BinkyTV

You can find over 50 different types of Kids content including entertainment and education content that your kids will love. The add-on also contains some of the evergreen kids TV shows including Barney, Reading Rainbow, etc.

Best Kodi Fitness Add-ons

Fitness fanatics can’t live without motivational videos, training regime videos or workout videos. They are always on the lookout for how they can improve their work out for a perfectly lean body. If you are also a fitness buff, you might want to check the following best Kodi fitness add-ons.

You can download the Mystique fitness add-on from the Juggernaut Repository. It is a pretty new Kodi add-on but it is completely packed with extreme workouts, inspiration videos and more.

Available in the repository of the same name, the Genie TV workout is by far the most organized fitness add-on you would find in the add-ons inventory. You can easily find whatever type of fitness exercises you want with simple categories. The add-on has categorized all the content pretty neatly. You can find content by Duration, Training Type, Trainer, Calorie Burn, etc.

If you want to watch your favorite fitness workouts or inspirational videos in HD, Pulse Fitness is the Kodi add-on you should turn to.

Best Music Kodi Add-ons

There are lots of music platforms available on the Internet offering both free and paid streaming. However, people don’t want to go to different platforms to find their favorite albums, especially when they have Kodi where they can find a plethora of albums and music all under one roof.

  • MP3 Streams

As the name suggests, the add-on offers a diverse catalogue of mp3 from all over the Internet. In fact, you can also find songs by Artists. However, there are some songs in the catalogue that are sample songs with a runtime of only 30 seconds.

One of the best music add-ons on Kodi is JukeBox Hero that comes loaded with the all-time hits, billboards top 100 songs, music by top 100 artists, and much, much more. This is the add-on where you can find all the popular genre when it comes to music.

Music Box kodi add-on can be said as a free version of the premium version of Spotify in that it offers all the best music you can ever find anywhere else. Only you need to do to access the content is to sign up on the and use the credentials when you install and use the add-on.

Best Anime Kodi Add-ons

Anime fans are scattered all around the globe. As an anime fan and an active user of Kodi, here are some top Anime Kodi add-ons that you should try out now:

Can be downloaded from the SuperRepo repository, AnimeGo is an add-on that purely focuses on delivering the best animes. The add-on offers 500+ popular animes of all times and you can easily find your favorite animes through a convenient search functionality.

You can find the add-on in the Mr Blamo repository. The add-on contains a massive gallery of best animes shows, movies, OVAs, etc. Plus, you can find the shows in subbed versions as well as dubbed versions.

The kodi add-on offers both the cartoon and anime gallery. You can find and watch both the subbed and dubbed version of the animes.

Best Kodi Maintenance Add-ons

Everything needs maintenance to keep working in seamless manner, and Kodi is no exception. Sometimes, we see add-ons not working. In fact, some add-ons just don’t install at all. To fix all those problems, you need to have best Kodi maintenance add-ons.

Ares Wizard is the repository where you can find the Kodi Portal add-on. It is considered as the best maintenance add-on that can fix a plethora of problems that are often experienced in Kodi including but not limited to cache problem, add-on installation problem, etc.

  • Merlin Wizard

If you are experiencing any video streaming problems on your Kodi, Merlin Wizard is the add-on you should try. It can delete or clear cache, packages and thumbnails. As a result, you get to enjoy streaming in a seamless manner.

If you don’t want to install and clutter your add-on gallery with multiple maintenance add-ons, then we would suggest that you install only the Indigo Maintenance Tool as it is the one-stop solution to all the maintenance related problems on Kodi.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Hindi Movies and Shows

If you are into desi flicks, you may be searching for the best kodi add-ons for hindi movies and shows. If so, then consider your search over. Check out the following top 3 desi add-ons for your favorite hindi flicks and shows.

  • TV on Desi Zone

This is a great add-on for Bollywood fans. Although it has slower load time, it offers a good number of not only great Bollywood TV shows but also channels.

  • SnagFilms

You don’t need to find and install any third-party repository for SnagFilms because you can add it directly from the official or default add-ons of Kodi. It offers Bollywood fans 50+ desi flicks and you can find them all in HD, 720p.

  • Swa-Desi

The add-on is the replacement of the popular Kodi add-on, Aftershock. The add-on comes loaded with a diverse range of desi genres including Hindi, Panjabi, Tamil, etc.

What Is Kodi?

Simply put, it is a great tool that allows users to stream content they are not supposed to! Kodi is an open source free software available on all popular devices, machines and OS. Since its launch, it has continued to receive constant updates, new add-ons and the ever-growing support from streamers around the world.

When Kodi was first launched, it was known as XBMC back then. It has come a long way since then, and has over time incorporated so many add-ons that can provide functionality for movies, TV shows, live TV, and even music streaming.

What Is a Kodi TV Add-on?

An add-on for Kodi is a piece of code which runs on Kodi, just like a smartphone user can run different apps on their smartphone. There are many types of add-ons – some of them are built for streaming TV shows, or Live TV, or even news channels.

The number of available add-ons for Kodi has gone up exponentially, given the public interest in this free and open-source media player. However, it is important to understand that Kodi itself does not program or code any add-ons. They are created by third-parties.

How to Install Kodi TV Add-ons?

Repositories are the best place to look for add-ons. They are basically online pages and sites that host the add-on installation files for users who want to download them.

To install an add-on, users need to type in the complete URL for the repository. Repository are not permanent resources – they may face frequent outages due to increased traffic, or may even get shut down by regulatory bodies.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN, or a virtual private network, is a tool that provides you online privacy as well as anonymity. Usually, ISPs, advertisers, and websites with click trackers can see all of your browsing habits. However, with a VPN, all of your data gets encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to intrude your privacy and know your real identity.

Best VPN for Kodi

[ranking_table ids=”29,150,11,2455″]

VPNs are not just useful for streaming live TV with Kodi. They can help mask all of your online activities by providing you a pseudo identity and location. The most popular VPN with Kodi users is PureVPN as it provides a separate add-on for Kodi. PureVPN is also reputed for giving its users unparalleled privacy and security at a very low price.

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