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Best Opera VPN Alternatives of February 2022 – Updated Working List

best opera vpn alternative

In a recent turn of events, Opera has shocked its users by announcing the closure of its free VPN service. Opera has just announced that its VPN app for iOS and Android will no longer work to unblock the internet for streaming or any other purpose.

Users are worried about what they’re going to do next. Even though Opera has recommended its users to subscribe to another VPN service, called SurfEasy, we personally think it’s not the best of options that you have. SurfEasy’s pricing and performance are not attractive and the VPN fails to unblock the internet completely.

Why Free VPNs are Bad?

While you have multiple different options for all the great VPNs that are out there in the market, it is very important to get one thing straight; never get a free VPN. It’s bad. Period.

Free VPN services do not make profits from your subscription fee, obviously. Rather, they sell your data to advertisers and many other data firms. This data is used to make sense of your likes, preferences, and purchasing patterns, and then used to target you with ads that are most relevant to you.

The common misconception is that only limited chunks of data is shared, and the identity of an individual user remains the same. But that is just not the case, rather it’s the other way round. Things that are most personal to your life, such as your interactions with your better half, your photos of intimate moments, as well as other compromising items that can blow your credibility away.

The outcomes can be horrible, so take it as a rule of thumb, and say no to free VPNs.

Best Alternatives to Opera VPN

To make things super easy for you, here are the three best options you have as an alternative to the soon-departing Opera VPN. Pick wisely.

PureVPN – Best VPN for Unblocking Everything Online!

The best VPN in the industry, PureVPN gives unblocks the entire internet for you in just one click. It provides great pricing plans, ultimate performance for security and streaming related features, and 24/7 live support. PureVPN has got more than 750 servers across 180 countries, which makes a highly reliable VPN service.

The best part is that it is available on all the popular platforms for mobile as well as desktop. These include iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and many other internet connected devices.

PureVPN works amazing when it comes to unblocking Netflix or any other streaming channels which may be banned or regulated in your region. Trust us, we have made the best choice for you right here. But if you are still interested in other VPNs to check out, keep reading.

Best Opera VPN Alternatives


Ivacy is a very close second to PureVPN. It matches up by providing exceptional security features. It is very useful in keeping your data safe and encrypted when you send it over the internet. It also works great for unblocking region restricted websites.

Although Ivacy has been in the market for much longer, its user base is small, which reflects its market position. It is usually considered a small player in the VPN industry and is not considered a multi-purpose VPN, even though it is.

Best Opera VPN Alternatives


It’s a bit too unclear about who runs this VPN service and why its leadership has chosen to remain so hidden and anonymous. We understand that they are a cyber-security provider and for them, anonymity is an asset, but it kind of adds to their unreliability.

That being said, it’s a good VPN service which gives you great security and privacy features, though at a very high price. Its annual subscription will set you back $99.95 annually. It provides apps for most popular platforms such as iOS and Android, as well as on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Get ExpressVPN

Private Internet Access (PIA)

This is our pick for being an average VPN. It’s neither too cheap, nor too expensive, and provides you with just the right features to enjoy basic privacy and security features, nothing extra ordinary. It is based in the US and has been around since anyone else made their name in the VPN industry. With a very easy-to-install app for iOS and Android, and client for Windows and Mac, PIA is a choice for thousands of users around the world.

It has as many as 3000 virtual servers located across 25 countries around the world. There is just one drawback to PIA, if you are a streamer and want to unblock Netflix and other similar streaming channels, you should avoid using PIA. Many streaming channels and services which can easily be blocked by most good VPNs, are still a no-mans-land for PIA.



Based in the US, IPVanish claims to be a great VPN, and offers what it promises. It has around 500 servers across 60 countries. It is a good VON for unblocking restricted websites and other content. However, due to the comparatively small number of servers that it has, IPVanish slightly limits your streaming experience. When streaming videos in HD, it often lags a lot, adding to your annoyance.

Like all the great VPN services, it has apps for iOS and Android, as well as a client for Windows and MacOS. Overall it’s a good VPN for general use.

Best Opera VPN Alternatives

Final Word

Using the VPN has become very important nowadays. With hundreds of agencies, thousands of hackers, and millions of advertisers hungry to steal your private data, it doesn’t bite to spend a few bucks on a good VPN service. Not only it unblocks the internet for you, it adds to your personal online safety and keeps you safe from all cyber threats and online malice.

Our tip: Never go online if you are not connected to a VPN. Be safe, be secure!

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