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The Best VPNs for New Zealand in 2022

Although online censorship is infrequent in New Zealand, the government pushed ISPs to block websites like 4chan, 8chan, and LiveLeak after the mosque massacres in Christchurch. As a result, long-time 4chan users have begun to use the best VPN for New Zealand as a standard practice.

Apart from censorship, New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance, which means it has a slew of obligatory data retention rules for Internet service providers. In other words, your ISP and other agencies can monitor your internet activities, including the websites you visit. Fortunately, you can have some online anonymity and privacy when surfing the internet by utilizing a VPN.

After evaluating 150+ VPNs, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 VPNs for New Zealand in this article.

In 2022, there are three best VPNs for New Zealand (In-Depth Analysis)

The following services are some of the best VPNs for bypassing censorship safely, including privacy and unblocking capabilities. We put 150+ VPNs through their paces, server networks, encryption, leak protection, and unblocking capabilities. These three services have been thoroughly tested and are highly recommended for use in New Zealand.

1. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for New Zealand

Key features: 

  • There are over 3000 servers in 94 countries, with one in New Zealand.
  • 5 connections at the same time
  • Internet Kill Switch, Split-Tunneling, and TrustedServer Technology with AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • On a 100 Mbps connection, the speed is 87.78 Mbps.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days

You may effortlessly watch your favorite local New Zealand TV networks such as TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, Three, and Bravo thanks to its New Zealand server.

We tested the download speed of ExpressVPN’s US – New Jersey server and found it to be 87.78 Mbps with 96 ms Pings.

With VPN protocols including Lightway, IKEv2, and OpenVPN UDP / TCP, it also uses robust military standard AES 256-bit encryption.

2. PureVPN is the ultimate budget-friendly VPN 

Key features: 

  • New Zealand is one of 6,500 servers in 78 countries.
  • Ten connections are active at the same time.
  • Applications for all major devices that are easy to use.
  • Several video streaming services can be unlocked.
  • There is no limit to the amount of bandwidth you can use.
  • Streaming, downloading, and surfing at high speeds.

No matter where you connect from, our VPN servers in New Zealand are precisely tuned to give the quickest connections possible. You can also perform your online activities without any limitations because there are no bandwidth caps.

With PureVPN, you can keep your online activities private and enjoy the fastest streaming speeds possible with no interruptions.

3. NordVPN is a trusted VPN for New Zealand

Key features: 

  • There are more than 5200 servers in 60 countries, including more than 20 in New Zealand.
  • 6 connections at the same time
  • Military-grade encryption AES-256
  • Double VPN, obfuscated servers, and onion over VPN
  • On a 100 Mbps connection, the speed is 83.43 Mbps.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days

You may simply stream popular local TV channels such as The Breeze TV, TVNZ Duke+1, HGTV, and TVSN in your living room outside of New Zealand thanks to its 20+ servers in New Zealand.

Extra features like Onion over VPN, CyberSec, and Double VPN improve your online privacy even more. It employs AES-256-CBC encryption with a 2048-bit DH key, and it has recently updated WireGuard to its security features.

Key Pointers to Choosing the Best VPN in New Zealand 

  • If you’re looking for a VPN service, look for one that has a large server network. Because you can choose numerous server locations and evade geo-restrictions, this is necessary to offer unlimited internet access. Thousands of servers are available from top-rated VPNs all around the world.
  • To guarantee anonymity, the best VPN for New Zealand should feature a no-logs policy and 256-bit AES encryption. It should also have an automated kill switch and IP and DNS leak protection.
  • A solid connection is essential when watching internet videos. Server disconnectivity on a regular basis indicates a faulty server infrastructure and unstable service. Make sure the VPN you choose has fast speeds and doesn’t slow down your connection by more than 30%

Why Do You Need a VPN for Safety? 

Kim Dotcom, an online entrepreneur, was under GCSB surveillance for a long time (Government Communications Security Bureau). In fact, it was later revealed that the GCSB had shut down Kim Dotcom’s surveillance and that the NSA had been spying on Kim using GCSB’s surveillance technologies.

As major members of the Five Eyes alliance, this confirms the alliance between New Zealand and the United States for intelligence-sharing operations. Although it seems unlikely that the NSA could gain access to GCSB’s equipment without their knowledge, this is the official explanation of the situation.

Whatever the reality is, it is evident that New Zealanders are vulnerable to surveillance, whether by the GCSB or the US National Security Agency. VPN services, particularly those based outside of the Fourteen Eyes jurisdiction, can help you protect your privacy by encrypting your data with military-grade encryption and redirecting your online activities to servers that retain no logs of your activity.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it legal to use a VPN in New Zealand?

VPNs are legal in New Zealand, as they are in many other nations. However, while the service is unquestionably lawful, what you do with it must also be legal.

In New Zealand, is it possible to use a free VPN?

In New Zealand, you may surely use a free VPN. There are a number of difficulties with free VPNs, including insufficient bandwidth, limited server locations, and the fact that many free VPNs have been detected selling their users’ personal data and information to third parties.

What is the best VPN in New Zealand for Android users?

In New Zealand, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Android users. You may surf, text, and torrent with its safe app on any Android device, from Lollipop to Android 11.

With a VPN, how can we avoid ISP tracking in New Zealand?

You can only avoid ISP tracking in New Zealand if you use a VPN with AES-256-bit encryption, a zero-log policy, and advanced capabilities like Internet Kill Switch and Multi-Hop. Each VPN service on our list is capable of accomplishing this for you.

Wrapping Up 

New Zealand’s privacy and censorship issues have gotten worse, and a VPN is the only way to solve the country’s present cybersecurity and online privacy issues. Fortunately, you can safeguard your online privacy and avoid ISP surveillance and censorship by using the best VPN for New Zealand.

Because of its high-speed and secured 3,000+ servers, ExpressVPN is clearly the best VPN in New Zealand. It is the finest for keeping online anonymity as well as unblocking geo-restricted content from all over the world, and it comes with a 3-month free trial with a 12-month subscription.

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