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51 Best Black Friday VPN Deals of 2022

Black friday VPN Deals

The wait is almost over and the ravishing air of black Friday deals and offers is already surrounding with the craze of shopping and making the best of it brewing into every lively person. As Black Friday is the worldwide celebration of huge and amazing sale offers being offered by almost every brand and industry, VPN service providers are not behind in this regard too. And there is a bulk of mouthwatering black Friday VPN deals being offered by the well-known and worth trying VPN service providers.

Though the variety of VPN service providers and the amount of black Friday VPN sale is quite large, it has left the users and the desired customers in a fuss and confusion of choosing the best for themselves. So we’ve sorted around 50+ best VPN deals of Black Friday and have gathered them on a single platform for the users to have a look on them and select the one that would be pocket-friendly as well as reliable enough to ensure their empowering and charismatic journey!

PureVPN Black Friday Deal

1- PureVPN

PureVPN is a simple solution to your demand for a perfect blend of ultimate privacy and flawless connectivity in a VPN service provider. And this comes up with a superb black Friday deal as well that can let you have it all at the least possible pricing and with efficacy.

This black Friday 2022, PureVPN is offering three best deals with a money back guarantee of 31 days that will let you sign up for this without any fear.

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And fearing not is all you must do with PureVPN with their following amazing features,

Built-in antivirus and malware protection

Massive control of user’s information

Ad blocking facility

Global internet accessibility, and

Availability on all devices, etc.

So just sign up to PureVPN this black Friday and become the coolest VPN user in town!

2- Express VPN
Express VPN Black Friday Deal

A package of completion and superficial features is what you call the Express VPN service. And what could excite you more than having a black Friday discount on your most desiring VPN service? Don’t stress your brain over thinking about something better and grab their deal before it’s too late. As Express VPN is offering coolest discounts in town along with the money-back guarantee of 30 full days in case you’re not satisfied with the service.

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Paying less is not the only thing that attracts you? Then you’re to make a right move as Express VPN offers plenty of desirable features to like,

A premium benefit of multi-logins

Netflix streaming is supported on Express VPN

Provides apps for all important operating systems

Protects the DNS leakage, etc.

3- NordVPN
NordVPN Black Friday Deal

Looking for something very attractive and budget-friendly this season? NordVPN can fulfill your desires by offering eye-catching and attractive black Friday VPN deals on their pricing plans.

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And they offer a handful of amazing features at this low pricing scheme too, that is,

Multi-login options,

Available at all the major platforms,

Offers free trial for three days,

A money back guarantee of 30 days, and

Has the best customer service in every town and location

Isn’t it all the best to be grabbed at an amazing sale festival of Black Friday? So just don’t hesitate and sign up at NordVPN now!

4- IPVanish

ipvanish Black Friday Deal

IPVanish just like its name serves you the best anonymity services and is one of the leading US-based VPN service providers around the world. It has flexible and pocket-friendly pricing plans and is tucked up with the best of features to be enjoyed!

This black Friday, IPVanish is offering the customers with unbelievable Black Friday VPN Deals like,

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These amazing discounts are paired with lovely features too that are,

Supports Netflix streaming services

Protects from the DNS leakage issues

Provides apps for every important platform

Offers the server switching facility for unlimited times, and

Comes up with a money back guarantee of 7 days.


Ivacy Black Friday Deal

Ivacy is one of the amazing VPN service providers across the globe that is actually based in Singapore and expands its services to more than 100 countries with premium features and affordable pricing plans.

As the biggest sale season of Black Friday is almost here, Ivacy has come up with flattering Black Friday deals that one can surely not ignore, they are:

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These amazing discounts are triggered with the worth-trying features too that are,

Offers an online support system

An amazing customer support system

Comes up with 450+ servers in around 100+ locations

Offers apps in all the important platforms

Offers and encryption of 256-bit military grade

Other Random VPN deals for Black Friday


6- CyberGhost VPN

All the premium features of CyberGhost VPN can be bought at an amazing black Friday discount of 73% by paying only $3.5 for a month.

7- Switch VPN

A perfect VPN service provider with the ability to let you stream all over the world without any fuss of information leakage, Switch has come up with an amazing offer of their yearly plan at just US$39.95 which breaks into $3.33 per month.

8- VPN Tunnel

This widely spread VPN service with a promise of efficient streaming across the globe offers a premium discount of 70% on its annual plan with a payment of only $35.88 which breaks into $2.99 per month.

9- Anonymizer

This VPN service is the best option if you want to hide your identity from all the websites you log in. So avail the brewing offer of Anonymizer by paying only $79.99 for their yearly plan which breaks into $6.99 per month.

10- Viking VPN

Viking VPN is a widely known service provider with its unique multi-user services of shared IPs. Avail its recent deal and use it for only $9.99 per month in an annual plan.

11- Speedify

This VPN service holds the exciting features like of its widespread availability on all devices and global internet access. And you can grab this all at an appetizing deal of paying only $49.99 for their yearly plan.

12- Strong VPN

Just like its name, Strong VPN provides the strong and strengthening services and have come up with a ‘Takeoff20’ coupon this black Friday, which can let you save 20% at any of your purchase here. Apart from this, they are also offering 42% discount on their yearly plan.


A freedom freak is what you can call CIENEN, so all those looking for freedom of using the internet can use their code ‘NINETEEN’ to avail 19% off on all their items.

14- Rapid VPN

Want a stress free VPN service for all your life? Avail the black Friday Lifetime VPN deals of Rapid VPN and bang on your life!

15- blackVPN

The best privacy provider known globally for its exclusive abilities to unblock contents, blackVPN has come with amazing black Friday deals that you can avail this season and enjoy!

16- AceVPN

AceVPN is offering $3.89 per month on this black Friday.

17- Sahrzad VPN

Keep your IP protected with Sahrzad by availing their yearly plan at $89.99.

18- ActiVPN

Get hold of the ActiVPN black Friday deal at $3 per month and 39.99$ per year.

19- Liberty VPN

Grab the great black Friday sale by Liberty VPN with 70% off.

20- OVPN

A well-known service provider OVPN has come up with 40% discount on their annual plan this black Friday.

21- Betternet VPN

It has come up with an amazing discount of 75% this Black Friday.


They’re offering their annual plan at $66.00 to all the users this black Friday with all their premium features and delights.

23- Private Internet Access

This is the most liked and a user-friendly service provider, now offering 52% off on their annual plan that can be bought by paying just $39.95.

24- SaferVPN

This Black Friday, one of the promising vpn service providers saferVPN is offering a 70% discount on its 2-year plan at just $78.96.

25- ShadeYou VPN

Another amazing service provider offering you the best features of anonymity, ShadeYou VPN has come up with 71% discount this Black Friday that you can grab by paying just $27.99 for a year.

26- BVPN

BVPN offers you the most exciting discount of 90% this Black Friday and you can avail their yearly plan by just paying $90.

27- My Private Network

A trustworthy VPN service provider, my private network is offering its yearly plan in just E47.71.

28- IVPN

IVPN comes up with the exclusive features of letting its users control their private data and that too at amazing discount deals of 44% that means you just have to pay $100 for a yearly plan.

29- Tunnel Bear

Tunnel bear offers that all a VPN user could want and by availing its black Friday deal of 50% off you can buy their annual plan in just $59.99.

30- Boleh VPN

Superb anonymity and fastest online services are the key features of Boleh VPN and you can avail all of it this black Friday on a special discount by paying only $79.99 for their yearly plan.

31- Tiger VPN

Tiger VPN is offering an exclusive three-year plan in just $99 with almost 77% off.

32- Trust. Zone

They are offering an exciting code ‘TWOYEARSOFF’ that can let you pay just $3.33 per month instead of $6.99.

33- Cactus VPN

Cactus VPN has got all that you’ll ever want as it offers 51% off on the yearly plan, 23% off on the quarterly plan and 10% off on their monthly plan.

34- AzireVPN

By availing an amazing discount of 35% you can avail their annual plan at $78 only.

35- VPNTraffic

It is one of the most pocket-friendly VPN services that offer you the least pricing of $35 for their annual plan.

36- Hide. Me

Hide. me offers amazing discount deals on their yearly plan that lets you pay only $4.99 per month.

37- Kepard VPN

They have come up with an amazingly exciting offer thiBlackck Friday with 35% discount on their annual pricing plan.

38- Cryptostorm VPN

With file sharing and dark web surfing as its premium features, Cryptostorm offers worth-trying black Friday deals their annual plan at only %52.

39- GoTrusted

With their flawless streaming and unblocking services, GoTrusted offers their monthly package in just $7.49.

40- Stream VIA

This is one of the famous VPN providers in Europe and is offering a lovely black Friday deal by letting you pay only E4.99 for a month.

41- Unblock.US

With their free 7 days trial, Unblock.US ha also come up with an exciting black Friday discount that lets you pay only $4.99 per month.

42- UnoTelly VPN

A wonderful VPN service provider, UnoTelly VPN is offering its monthly plan in only $7.95.

43- Avast SecureLine VPN

It is a major name in the field of antiviruses and now is offering its yearly VPN services for just $59.99 as a black Friday delight.

44- ZenMate VPN

This black Friday ZenMate is offering an amazing discount of 40% that lets you buy their annual plan for just $71.99.

45- Proxy.SH

They are offering a handful of discount plans this black Friday with a quick plan of 3 days in just $2.

46- MacSentry

This loyal VPN service provider of the Mac users has come up with the best black Friday deal that lets you pay only $3.98 a month instead of $9.99.

47- IronSocket VPN

They have come up with a mouth-watering black Friday deal on their annual plan with 40% discount that lets you pay only $49.95 for a year.

48- Nortron Wi-Fi Privacy VPN

This black Friday, Nortron has decided to excel their VPN service and offers a huge discount of 40% on its annual plan letting you pay only $39.99 for a year.

49- Boxpn

If you want to avail the best bumper deal this black Friday, then Boxpn has got it for you with a massive discount of 70% on its annual plan that lets you pay only $2.99 for a month.

50- WiTopia VPN

If you’re looking for something promising and budget-friendly in the VPN service providers, then you must go with the current offer of WiTopia by paying just $3.06 per month.

51- Noodle VPN

They are offering an amazing exposure to freedom at just $4.8 per month.

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