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How to Install Kodi on iPhone

iphone kodi

Installing Kodi on your iPhone is simple. You do not need to Jailbreak your iPhone. Furthermore, you won’t be limited to a seven-day free trial. Enjoy your favorite content via Kodi for free on your iPhone. Stream your favorite content, even if it is not available in your region.

Here are the steps.

Download Tweakbox

  • Open Safari and type Hit Download App, and then click Allow on the next window. Now, click Install.

How to install kodi on iphone

  • Enter your passcode to authenticate the installation process. Click the Tap to Install button to begin the installation.

How to install kodi iphone

  • The Tweak Box app should now be visible on your iPhone home screen.

install kodi on iphone

Download Kodi

  • Open the Tweeakbox Go to the Apps tab. Scroll through the list to look for Tweakbox Apps. Click it.

kodi iphone

  • On the search box provided at the top, type Kodi. Click Kodi from the search suggestions underneath the search box and then click Install.

kodi on iphone

  • For a complete demo on the installation process, click the How to Install button.

iphone kodi

  • Return to the home screen. You should be able to see the Kodi app right next to the Tweakbox app.

kodi setup on iphone

  • Now go to Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management>Changsha ITOGIS Technology Co., Ltd.

iphone kodi install

Enable Apps from Untrusted Developers

  • Hit Trust “Changsha ITOGIS Technology Co., Ltd”.

setup kodi on iphone

  • Return to the home screen.

Download Add-on

  • Open the Kodi app.

how to setup kodi on iphone

  • Ensure that you have closed all overlaying notifications and popups. Once on the Kodi home screen, click the files button, located with the power button and the settings button.
  • Click Add File Source and type in Hit Done. Navigate to the bottom text box, give it a custom name, for example ECHO WIZARD. Hit OK.


  • Return to the home screen.

Install Add-on

  • Go to Settings>Add-ons>Install from Zip File.

iphone and kodi

  • You will land on the security section. Enable the option that says Unknown sources, to allow add-ons installation.
  • Now go back, and hit Install from Zip File Now you will see a window with many add-ons. Click ECHO. Then click the zip file inside the add-on to begin installation.

kodi iphone setup

  • Now go back to the add-on You will see your add-on named ECHO ADDON INSTALLER. Click it, then click Open.

setup kodi iphone

Once all the updates and initialization is complete, go to Browse Add-on, and click the add-ons that you want to install.

iphone setup kodi

Now Kodi will work perfectly. Use all the installed add-ons to access different types of TV channels and other streaming content.

We hope that you find this tutorial very useful. Let us know if it worked great for you on your iPhone.

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