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How to Save Money on Hotel Bookings By Using A VPN?

Did you know that you can save money on hotel deals if you make online bookings using a VPN? Yes, an interesting theory exists which explains that most hotel booking portals charge visitors with different sets of prices based on their existing location.

Is there any relevance to this theory?

Travel portals rely on IP addresses to determine the location of their customers. Many believe that these travel portals make use of this information to charge customers with different sets of prices depending on whether the customer is a local or from overseas. Since overseas customers tend to pay more money on travels then local visitors, the theory does seem that illogical. Customers from rich nations are also charged with higher prices compared to those from poor countries.

To confirm the relevance of this theory, we performed some tests ourselves and the results were really shocking. Using PureVPN, we searched and then researched leading travelling portals using different VPN servers and compared the prices. We performed these tests on incognito tabs to make sure that the website does not read our browser’s cache or its cookies. We searched for US hotels and the servers which we used were of the UK and US.

The differences in prices were apparent. Depending on the order, the price difference ranged from $1 to $1000, with the prices being higher when we used UK’s IP address. We also came across hotels which had higher prices for its US customers than those of the UK, but they were very few.


Using PureVPN with a US IP



Using PureVPN with a UK IP


The test showed that the price rate was $239 when searched using a US IP address. But when we searched for the same hotel using a UK IP, the price rate had a difference of $36.

What you should do if you don’t want to overpay?

So, it is clear now that you do encounter differences in prices by just changing your IP address to another location. So how can you take advantage of this fact? Just follow the steps written below. We’re sure they’ll help you out in saving money on hotel bookings.

Step 1

First of all, you’ll need to subscribe to a VPN service which has servers in a large number of countries. There are plenty of options available, but we recommend that you subscribe to Pure VPN, which is the best and on the forefront of VPN technology. Pure VPN is also the fastest VPN available right now.

While subscribing to a VPN is not exactly free, you can recover a whole lot of your money by saving it on hotel bookings, airfares and on car bookings. VPN will also allow you to keep your browsing private and secure, and will allow access any content which is limited to only some IP address locations.

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Step 2

After subscribing to PureVPN, you must check and make a note of hotel rates with the VPN turned off. Here is a list of some of the best travel portals and hotel price comparison websites;

  • Trivago –
  • Kayak –
  • com –
  • Priceline –
  • com –
  • Expedia –
  • HotelsCombined –
  • HotelHunter –
  • BestHotelOffers –


Step 3

Close the browser and clear all the cache and cookies. You can also turn on your browser’s incognito mode.

Step 4

Turn on PureVPN and switch your IP address to another region. For example, you can switch your IP address to the US if you want to book a hotel which is in Los Angele+s or in New York.

Step 5

You can also switch your IP to other regions and compare the price rates. You’ll have to repeat step 3 every time you want to search hotel rates using a different IP address.

Step 6

Book the room using the IP address which showed the lowest price rates.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and become a part of our birthday celebrations by paying for a one-year account and getting one more year absolutely free!

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