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How to Watch Live TV on Kodi

How to Watch Live TV on Kodi

Kodi, today, is one of the most popular streaming service in the world. Although, you will be surprised to learn that the intentions behind its creation wasn’t to see it become a popular streaming service.

Kodi is nothing more than an ordinary piece of software with capabilities to play music, videos, and streaming content. It’s the streaming part which was later exploited by cord-cutters from across the globe, and which became the reason behind Kodi’s incredible success.

The open-sourced nature of the Kodi app is a big reason behind its success. You can literally do anything you want with the software. All you’ll need to do is to install relevant add-ons and you can run the software according to your own requirements.

Over the past few years, people are really starting to convert to cord-cutting. A major reason is that modern-day cable television is too complex and expensive. Setting up cable TV at your place literally means losing control over the content that you watch at home.

For example, if you’re a football fan, you’ll often find it impossible to search for your favorite team’s fixture on your cable TV. Browsing through the channel list is irritating. And the worst part is that the particular fixture may not be broadcasting on any available channels. This is because the cable company or the broadcasting channel often think that it won’t produce the desired ratings.

The best solution in this scenario is to throw away your set top box, cut all the cables, and start streaming your desired content online. This is where Kodi comes in. As discussed earlier, Kodi is the best streaming software on the market.

And the best thing about Kodi is that it is absolutely free, unless you subscribe to paid add-ons. The software is open sourced and does not require any fee, but its add-ons may require a fee for their service.

Because of its brilliant user-interface, Kodi is cord-cutters’ preferred option for online streaming. However, the process of setting up live streaming channels may be a bit confusing at first. This is where our guide will help you out, as you will be able to setup all the best add-ons that can fill up your streaming needs.

To help you with the setting up procedure, we’ve done research into the different Kodi add-ons that can provide the best TV content to you. We concentrated on the following the things while conducting our research:

  • Menu options
  • Ease of use
  • Streaming quality
  • Functioning links
  • Number of movie options

Although Kodi add-ons can go down after a while, new ones always spring up which are as better as the previous ones. We will continue to update this list as these add-ons come and go.

10 best live TV Addons on Kodi

1. Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas 2.0 Kodi addon

Goodfellas 2.0 is a big improvement over its predecessor which was equally popular. Since the 2.0 has come out, the add-on became even more popular within Kodi communities. It has got the best features and as well as functions to fulfill your live TV needs. And if this isn’t enough, it also allows you access your webcam streams as well, which include live streams from the International Space Station!

2. USTVNow Plus


USTVNow Plus is another popular Kodi add-on for cord-cutters. Via this add-on, you can watch your favorite American TV shows, movies, or any sporting events live online on Kodi.

Be sure to remember that this add-on requires a $19 per month subscription fee that you can get from their official website. For this fee, you’ll be able to stream 28 channels which include the CBS, ESPN, History, Fox News, NB, and more. You can also watch about six US channels without any extra charges.

3. iPlayer WWW

IPlayer WWW

iPlayer is another  add-on for Kodi which is built for British television viewers. It offers you with the best British television programs, news, movies, and sporting events which are available on BBC iPlayer without any hassles.

You’ll just need to get an iPlayer subscription to access the channel and then you’ll be able to enjoy it any time you want to. But if you live outside the UK, then you’ll need to have a VPN connection to bypass any geo-restrictions and access the channel with ease.

4. Stream Engine

Stream engine addon

Stream Engine offers movies, sports, and TV programs with clean and clear categorization. Dozens of channels are available on Stream Engine that include Discovery, FX, Fox Movies, MTV, Cartoon Network, CBC, ESPN HD, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, NBA TV, and many many more. Stream Engine offers a great collections of TV series’ as well.

5. UKTV Now

UK tv now

UKTV Now is another live TV add-on for Kodi which is just brilliant. It offers users with a luxury to choose from a wide array of US and UK TV channels. With UKTV Now, viewers can access TV shows, movies and sports of their choice easily via this add-on.

6. UK Turks Playlists

UK Turk Playlists

UK Turks Playlists is available and can be downloaded from the Metal Kettle Repository. The best advantage of using this add-on is that it is completely free and is open source as well. It offers a wide array of TV channels for streaming users from all over the world.

 7. CCloud TV

CCloud Tv koddi addon

cCloud TV gives you complete access to dozens of TV channels for all age groups. It streams different channels for different communities, which means that you can access multi-lingual channels as well and stream programs of different countries.

8. Rising Tides

Rising tides add-on

Rising Tides is a formidable option for live TV viewers. It covers everything, whether it be movies or sports entertainment channels. Its UI is well organized and each stream shows up in no time. It’s not very popular right now, but it is slowly garnering the right attention within the Kodi community.

9. Vdubt25


Vdubt25 offers dozens of country-based channels such as the UK Live TV and Ireland Live TV to Kodi users. Vdubt offers separate categories for sports, news, TV shows, movies, music etc. It is also offering a kids’ category to its viewers. Other than that, it is also offering programs in premium HD quality, making it one of the most worthwhile add-ons to install on your Kodi.

10. Veetle

Veetle addon for kodi

Veetle is an IPTV add-on for Kodi which allows users to access all flash-enabled live streams. With this add-on, you can stream your favorite videos, movies, or TV programs on any specific topic. Animated movies and documentaries are also offered on the Veetle add-on. Veetle’s catalog can be easily sorted with respect to categories and schedules. This add-on is available in Fusion Installer.   

How to Watch live TV on Kodi with VPN

A big problem with Kodi is that many of its add-ons or channels are often geo-restricted. This means that these add-ons or channels cannot be accessed from outside specific countries like the US, the UK, Canada or Australia.

People living outside any these countries will find it impossible to access these add-ons. Fortunately, there is a way to bypass any geo-restrictions and stream your favorite live TV channels with ease. And that can be done by using a Kodi VPN service.

A Kodi VPN changes your existing IP address to the one of your choice. With a VPN, you can change your IP address to the country of your choice, fooling the channel or the add-on into thinking that you really reside in the location of the IP address.

A Kodi VPN service also allows users to avoid any speed throttling issues as well from you ISP. ISPs can easily detect if you’re consuming large amounts of data, and they therefore drop the speed of your internet connection.

Ever noticed that your Internet speed is decent enough but then but suddenly drops when you are watching videos online? This usually happens when your ISP starts throttling your Internet speed. Using a VPN basically allows you to avoid this from happening.

To stream live TV easily on Kodi, we recommend that you subscribe to the VPN services that we have recommended below:

[ranking_table ids=”29,150,11,2455″]

We’ve selected the above VPN services after reviewing  them carefully and considering all of their pros and cons. In our opinion, PureVPN is the best streaming VPN available on the market. It provides access to more than 750 servers in 140+ countries, so you can access the channel of your choice.

Furthermore, its specialized servers make sure that you never suffer from speed throttling issues. PureVPN also makes sure that your online activities remain safe and completely private.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the VPN service of your choice and start streaming your live television anytime on Kodi!

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