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How to Accomplish Kickass Unblocked Mission From Anywhere

Kickass unblocked

Torrents, online streaming, and file downloading are one of the most loved activities on the internet, with millions of people logging in on a daily basis to download, stream, and browse their favorite content. Even though many torrent sites are in operation legally, there are cases where a material that is legally protected by copyright laws become easily downloadable on such sites, an aspect that may give a reason to ISPs to block such platforms. Kickass Torrent is an apt example of such, and for the better part of its history, there has been a massive deal of controversy that has surrounded this peer-to-peer platform. However, this is not to say that having Kickass unblocked is a big problem.

Are you a fan of Kickass? Are you worried that you may never get to access it ever again? Relax. You live in 2018 where almost everything is possible. Why all the fuss about Kickass then? What became of it after being pulled down? Can it be accessed by other means? These and many other questions regarding Kickass – probably the world’s most famous torrent site – are answered below.

What Happened to Kickass Torrents and why is it blocked?

Launched in 2008, Kickass Torrents was the top-most accessed BitTorrent directory across the globe that made it possible for one to download a vast number of files through peer-to-peer networks, fast. But again, torrent websites by their very nature are one of the most controversial websites regardless of the controls put in place to stop people from visiting such sites to access copyrighted material.

Have you ever asked yourself why Kickass is blocked? It’s simple. Kickass Torrent was alleged to be one of torrent distributor sites that were engaged in making it possible for users to distribute copyrighted materials such as movies, premium software, TV series, and shows, which is deemed illegal by copyright owners and trolls.

In fact, early this year, Kickass Torrents joined the list of content streaming and other downloading sites that were blocked by some jurisdictions across the globe due to infringement of copyright laws. Sony, Warner Music, and Universal are some of the organizations that have filed lawsuits against Kickass Torrents on the grounds of promoting piracy.

Is it legal to use Kickass Torrents?

is kickasstorrents legal

The answer to this question is simple and pretty straightforward. Before you begin downloading anything by using Kickass Torrents, you need to make sure that what you are about to do is legal or not. Using Kickass Torrents to download and share copyrighted material is completely illegal, and you could be prosecuted under a court of law for infringing copyright laws. But if you are using a VPN to connect to a country where Kickass Torrents is allowed, and you only get to download legal content, then there is no problem with it.

Whether you are looking to try downloading stuff by using Kickass Torrents or you are a long-standing torrenter, all you have do is to make sure that you do not risk huge fines or some jail time by downloading copyrighted material. Again, the question of legality or illegality remains a grey area in many countries, especially those whose judicial systems are not well developed.

2 Easy Ways to Enjoy Kickass unblocked content

Do you feel that you can’t do with Kickass? How then do you go about enjoying Kickass unblocked content without too many difficulties? The process is simpler than you could imagine. One way is by using a proxy or mirror sites, while the second option involves the using the services of a VPN provider as clearly highlighted below.

Unblocking Kickass by Proxy

Are you worried that you may not be able to download your favorite content by using Kickass Torrents? Are you aware that there is a way around this by using a Kickass proxy? Kickass proxy is a server that is mainly located in a different location but completely accesses the original Kickass Torrents server and the original Kickass torrent site.

In other words, a Kickass proxy is called a mirror of the original site, an aspect that makes them be referred to as Kickass mirror sites. With the assistance of these Kickass proxy sites, the Kickass server is easily unblocked and enables a user to download any content of his or her choice.

Kickass Torrents Mirror Sites and Proxy list

Without question, Kickass Torrents is one of the most popular torrent sites across the globe. The number of people who access this site on a daily basis is a figure that’s hard to count. Better yet, Kickass Torrent has got over 10 mirror sites and more than 20 proxy sites to get Kickass proxy unblocked. Some of Kickass Torrents mirror sites include:


You may wonder where there are many proxy and mirror sites operated by Kickass Torrents, but the reason for such is to evade the law and give more people the opportunity to access huge amounts of data or files regardless of where they are located on the globe. By having a mirror site with a completely different name, it may take time before it’s discovered that it belongs to the original site.

Unblocking Kickass Torrents by VPN

Besides using proxies and mirror sites, another sure, secure, reliable, and most sought-after method of unblocking Kickass Torrents is by a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are many VPN service providers currently in operation, and by using a VPN connection, you can rest assured about bypassing security measures that a network may have in place to stop you from accessing Kickass Torrents, especially in a country where doing so is illegal.

A VPN has a lot of features in place chief among them being the ability to unblock Kickass in addition to improving the security of a user since the VPN server checks outgoing and incoming data, an aspect that prevents users from downloading illegal content. To evade such matters, it’s essential to take time and consider VPN service providers that have the best rates and offer quality services.

5 Best VPN Services you can use to unblock the Kickass Torrents website

When your intention is to access Kickass torrents unblocked content by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), all you would want of such a service should revolve around a provider with large number of servers across many locations and a VPN service provider with servers in countries where Kickass Torrents isn’t blocked. Additionally, you may want to consider a VPN provider whose servers promise you high bandwidth with no data caps. Lastly you’ll be better off choosing a provider whose services maintain one of the strictest no-log policies and utilize high-level encryption.

There are many VPN service providers in the market ready to provide you with their services. But not all are the same. Some of the 5 best VPN service providers that meet or even exceed all of the criteria mentioned above include:

5 best kickass torrent alternatives

With Kickass currently being down, you’ll need other options to continue downloading your favorite contents. After the shut down of Kickass Torrents, plenty of other torrent sites were born. Here is a brief review of the 5 best alternatives to Kickass Torrents:

  • Pirate Bay – After Kickass got shutdown, Pirate Bay officially became the most accessed torrent site in the world, a representative of the pirate movement.
  • RuTracker – This torrent site faced a lot of challenges, but after a while, it became open to the public allowing all kinds of torrents.
  • Extratorrent – Immediately after Kickass went down, Extratorrent began receiving a massive following for sharing files and became one of the most preferred alternatives.
  • Demenoid – For long, Demenoid was regarded as the benchmark by private torrenters. Even though it was shut down, it later came back with a lot of force.
  • Limetorrents – This is regarded as the best in the network of torrents as it provides users with the ability to link to torrents that are stored on other websites.


Questions about Kickass unblocked on Reddit

Other than Twitter, Reddit is another active platform where people get to interact and share ideas. Just like Twitter, Reddit is another platform that has enabled a lot of people to post several questions regarding Kickass being blocked and ways to unblock it. Some of the most common questions that have been posted here are:

  • What are some mirror sites that I can use to get Kickass unblocked?
  • Is there a proxy list that I may use to unblock kickass?
  • Can I be prosecuted for using VPN to unblock Reddit?

Is using "kat" safe again?
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Before Kickass Torrents was shutdown, an aspect that caught millions of people like a wet blanket was that it used to be the most popular torrent site in the world. However, technology is something else as it’s still possible to download and share files by using mirror sites or plenty of VPN service providers around. Even if that’s not the case, there are other alternatives that serve the same purpose as Kickass Torrents, a matter that has made torrenting fun and easy.

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