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Top 7 Netflix Alternatives for September 2022

Netflix Alternatives, Streaming Services

Netflix is one of the most popular online-streaming services, with more than 33.3 million subscribers around the planet. It streams some of the best and most popular shows, including the House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things.

Despite its popularity and the value it provides to its viewers, there are many who still look for alternatives for Netflix due to various reasons. One of these reasons include that interested viewers want to unblock Netflix from anywhere, but are unable to do so because of geo-restrictions. Even those who are allowed to do so are offered a moth-eaten version of Netflix which is nowhere as good as the US Netflix. For them, there is solution which is called VPN and they can unblock and use Netflix with VPN.

Many still do not wish to use Netflix and would rather subscribe to an alternative service which is either free or costs less, but offer near the same entertainment. Following is a list of streaming services that can serve as good alternatives to Netflix:

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime is known primarily for its wide selection of books and music, but Amazon Prime is quickly becoming a contender too in the field of streaming movies and television shows. It costs less too, since you can access all of its content only for the price of $79 per year. Though it is only available in the US, you can still access it using a premium VPN service such as the ones recommended here.


hbo now

HBO Now is another great alternative to Netflix. It offers original TV shows, including Game of Thrones and plenty other blockbusters. Users can also watch a variety of movies on the streaming service. The downside here is that the service is only available to users in the US. That means that you should either be inside the US, or connect to the service via a US based IP address to stream the content.

You can learn to access HBO Now from outside the US from here.


Hulu is another great Netflix competitor, offering limited movies and TV shows for free. You can also upgrade your account to Hulu Plus to access a much bigger inventory of content for a fee of $8.25 a month. Though the service is geo-blocked in most countries around the world, you can still learn to access it by following this guide.


Next up is Vudu, which is a great competitor of Netflix. Owned by Wal-Mart, the service offers the best TV shows for a fee which is charged for each period. You can also use DVD or Blu-Ray discs bought from Wal-Mart or other participating stores to unlock the digital version of Vudu.

The downside is the service is only offered in the US, but you can still learn to access the service from here.



We all know what YouTube is. Acquired by Google back in 2005, the service now manages billions of visitors each month to access a humongous range of content. You can access YouTube’s content from anywhere at any time. Whether you want to access Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, or any other content, you can easily do so via YouTube. However, you’ll have to face the pain of watching advertisements, but you can avoid that by subscribing to YouTube Red.



iTunes is a rather unique service when it comes to streaming movies and television shows online because it will actually allow you to purchase everything individually instead of paying a monthly fee. This means that you can enjoy all the best content using iTunes, but you’ll have to pay a fee for each piece of content which ranges from a couple of bucks to around $10 for new movies. Those who do not watch a lot of movies find this useful and cheap compared to other services where you have to pay a monthly or a yearly fee.

iTunes is the best Netflix alternative for Canada and the UK. It is also available in most countries, but not all countries are allowed access to the same content. Once again, a VPN service will come handy in this case.



Crackle is a multi-platform video streaming service that streams many television shows and movies. This is a free streaming service for individuals who don’t mind seeing a lot of commercials. Though the value provided by the service is poor when compared to premium streaming services, it’s still a Netflix alternative that’s free and can be accessed on several platforms. One problem with the service is that it is geo-blocked in most countries around the world. However, using a premium VPN service to connect with a US server will help in this case.

Now that you know the best alternatives to Netflix, we’re sure that you’ll subscribe to the one you like and enjoy brilliant entertainment every day.

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