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Easy Rarbg Unblock Methods – Best Rarbg Proxy & Mirror sites 2022

Rarbg Unblock

Are you a fan of TV shows and movies? If this is the case, then you must have heard of Rarbg. But what exactly is Rarbg? Why is it blocked in some countries? How would you go about unblocking it to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies? Are these some of the questions puzzling you? Relax. Here, you’ll find all the information you’ve been looking for regarding Rarbg unblock and its Rarbg proxy, a clear understanding of why you’ll mostly find it blocked, how to go about unblocking or accessing Rarbg, and other legal issues surrounding torrenting.

What is Rarbg and why is it blocked?

Even though the word Rarbg doesn’t bear any special meaning as such, Rarbg is a popular torrent indexer launched in 2008 and undoubtedly one of the most popular torrent sites among millions of torrent users across the globe. Immediately after its launch, this Bulgaria-based torrent site won the hearts and minds of millions of downloaders from around the world. Its popularity lies mainly behind superior HD and playback quality that one gets while using it in addition to getting a reliable torrent download. At the moment, Rarbg remains the first choice for a majority of people looking to download the torrents of their favorite TV shows and movies.

Have you ever asked yourself why Rarbg is blocked in your country? The main reason as to why Rarbg is blocked in many countries is due going against or violating copyrights. For purposes of protecting copyright stands, you’ll find Rarbg blocked in a host of countries such as Pakistan, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Indonesia, and Portugal.


Is it legal to use Rarbg?


The question of legality versus illegality of using Rarbg is something that has puzzled a lot of torrent users globally. Do you think that using Rarbg is legal? If you are not sure, don’t worry. Simply put, using a torrent site such as Rarbg to either upload or download content is permitted. The only problem that could probably land you in hot water is if you use it to download illegal or copyrighted material without permission. Also, it depends on where you are across the globe. There are countries where Rarbg is blocked, and if caught attempting to use it, then you stand a high chance of facing legal proceedings.

Unblock Rarbg with a Proxy

The inability to access Rarbg can be pretty frustrating since you may not be able to download some of your favorite shows and movies on the web. But the good thing is that you can unblock Rarbg through Rarbg unblock proxy. Of importance to note is that unblocking Rarbg by using proxy sites is not a tasking exercise as it may sound since there is no need of installations or additions of web plugins and other software. However, one of the most significant problems involved with using this method is the visibility of your torrent activities to your ISP, hackers and copyright trolls.

A proxy server acts as an intermediary or link that sits between the host server and the user’s computer. The simplicity of these proxy sites makes them one of the best and ideal choices for those willing to have Rarbg unblocked. Currently, there are more than seven Rarbg proxy sites that are working and can be used to unblock Rarbg.


Best Rarbg Proxy and Mirror Sites List Which Actually working in 2018

Since Rarbg ban is active in many countries, there is a way to circumvent this problem, and this is where mirror sites come in. There are some Rarbg mirror sites in place that are currently working or fully functional. Are you aware of what Rarbg mirror sites are? If not, Rarbg mirror sites are nothing much than just a replica or a copy of an original website that has nearly everything hosted on the original site. On most occasions, these mirror sites are created with a different domain name. Some of the best and widely used Rarbg mirror sites include:

As noted earlier, one can use different proxy servers that are in place to unblock Rarbg. Some of the notable and most widely used proxy sites include,,,, and

Get Rarbg unblock with VPN

Has your country blocked Rarbg? Are you aware that besides using a proxy, you can still get to unblock Rargb with Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Undoubtedly, this is one of the best reasons to subscribe to a Virtual Private Network. In fact, it is widely believed the most reliable and quicker approach is for you to use a VPN service. AVPN works by encrypting your network while masking your IP, an aspect that enables you to access Rarbg without a hitch.

Though there are many providers of VPN services, it is vital to be aware that not all of them offer uncompromised services. For this reason, it is essential to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages that different providers offer before choosing the best. By selecting the best out of the hundreds that are in place, you are avoiding getting unpleasant experience that will leave you disappointed.

Best VPN Services to unblock Rarbg

As it is, competition among VPN service providers is alive and thriving. All of them are working around-the-clock to appear appealing to their customers and be the number 1 choice of millions of users looking to unblock Rarbg with a VPN. With competition, the customer ends up benefiting since they are presented with hundreds of options with the ability to switch between providers and get the best return on their investment.

Different countries have their independent VPN service providers. However, there are those who rank higher than others based on the quality of services they provide to their users. Some of the best and most appealing VPN services that a lot of people use to unblock Rarbg include PureVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and Ivacy VPN. The good thing about them is that they have impressive speeds, provide exclusive offers, and are not as expensive as you would initially imagine. Even though there are others, the VPNs mentioned on our list are some of the best in the industry and relied upon by millions of people globally.


How to download movies from Rarbg

Now that you are aware of almost everything to do with Rarbg, the following are simple steps that you can follow if you want to download your favorite movies from Rarbg:

  • First, you will need to choose the best or your preferred VPN service provider such as the ones mentioned above. Our recommendation is PureVPN.
  • Secondly, you’ll need to create or make an account on the VPN provider’s website. Without doing that, you may not be able to download your favorite shows or movies from Rarbg.
  • The third step involves the choice of a package plan that you feel to be convenient for you. Here, you will select your preferred payment option and go ahead to make the payment.
  • After completing the third step, you will then have to download and immediately install a VPN app on the device that you are using. Again, you don’t have to be scared since this process is not complicated.
  • The fifth step will require you to launch the VPN by entering your username and a password to proceed.
  • Immediately after completing the above step, you’ll be required to select a server list and wait for less than a minute for the VPN to successfully connect.
  • The last step after successful connection will require you to visit the official Rarbg site and enjoy downloading movies or any other shows that interest you without difficulties at all.

Top 5 Rarbg Alternatives:

1- LimeTorrents

2- Kickass torrents

3- Yify

4- 1337X

5- Extratorrents

Questions for Rarbg unblock on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most active sites visited by millions of people on a daily basis. On matters regarding Rarbg unblock, there are a couple of interesting questions that a lot of Twitter users have asked before with others continuing to do so. Some of the top questions asked on Twitter for Rarbg unblock are:


Questions for Rarbg unblock on Reddit

Despite Twitter, another dynamic web content rating, social news site and one of the most widely visited discussion website is Reddit. Here, registered members get to post questions and other issues that they need clarification on. On matters to do with Rarbg unblock, some of the most common questions that have posted here include:

Not-Shady Mirrors For RARBG & ExtraTorrent?
by u/MajinCry in trackers

Access to RARBG
by u/Kallso in Piracy

To recap it all, Rarbg is one of the most popular torrent sites across the globe used by millions of people to download their favorite TV shows and movies. However, Rarbg is blocked due to complaints of flouting copyright laws. But with technology in place, it’s possible to access Rarbg through a proxy site, mirror sites, and thousands of VPNs currently in operation.

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