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Best VPNs for Cambodia 2022

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country well known for its towering temples and tourism. However, when it comes to internet media freedom, it is not the safest country. Secondly, you can use a top VPN for Cambodia

A decree signed in 2021 on the building of the National Internet Gateway (NIG Sub-Decree) said that the government would further regulate the internet and restrict freedom of expression. Because of this decision, the necessity for the best VPN for Cambodia has grown significantly.

We evaluated 150+ VPNs in this article and came up with three super-secure VPNs for Cambodia to assist you to recover your online freedom.

3 Top-Rated VPNs for Cambodia (In-Depth Analysis)

We tested 150+ VPNs on numerous variables, including servers, speeds, security features, encryption, refund policies, and so on, to discover the best VPNs for a restrictive country like Cambodia. However, just three exceeded our criteria and met our expectations, with ExpressVPN being the absolute best choice for Cambodia:

1. Reliable VPN for Cambodia – ExpressVPN

  • Cambodian servers: There is one server in Cambodia.
  • Unblocks streaming platforms: Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and YouTube TV are all enabled.
  • Encryption methods: Lightway, AES 256-Bit, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 are implemented.
  • Compatible devices: iOS, Mac, Android, Roku, Kodi, Smart TVs, Fire Stick, PS4, Windows, and other platforms are all supported.
  • Efficiency: On a 100 Mbps connection, the top speed is 80.13 Mbps.
  • DNS leak trial: Passed.

2. Top VPN for Cambodia – PureVPN

  • Cambodian servers: There are six servers located in Cambodia.
  • Unblocks streaming platforms: Netflix Libraries, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu are accessible.
  • Encryption methods: AES 256-Bit, Twofish, RC4, RC5, and RC6 are implemented.
  • Compatible devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices, among others, are all compatible.
  • Efficiency: On a 100 Mbps connection, the top speed is 75 Mbps.
  • DNS leak trial: Passed.

3. Safest VPN for Cambodia – NordVPN

  • Cambodian servers: There is no server located in Cambodia.
  • Unblocks streaming platforms: Hulu, Disney+, CBC, PeacockTV, Netflix, and YouTube TV are accessible.
  • Encryption methods: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and AES 256-Bit are implemented.
  • Compatible devices: iOS, Mac, Fire Stick, Android, Xbox, Smart TVs, PS4, Kodi, Windows, and Roku are all compatible.
  • Efficiency: On a 100 Mbps connection, the top speed is 73 Mbps.
  • DNS leak trial: Passed.

Key Features to Consider the Best VPN in Cambodia

We analyzed several VPNs against a set of criteria to determine the best VPNs for Cambodia. However, just three VPNs met our criteria and are considered the most trustworthy to use in Cambodia. Our criteria involve the following aspects:

  • Servers

We wanted the VPNs we recommended for Cambodia to have many servers located throughout the world. As a result, all of the VPNs we listed offer thousands of global servers that can unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and other services. 

  • Safety

The top VPN for Cambodia must offer the greatest level of security, such as a kill switch, 256-bit encryption, no logs, DNS leak prevention, and other features. To keep you safe, our VPNs for Cambodia include all of these features and many more.

  • Efficiency

Another important consideration when utilizing a VPN is speed. All of the VPNs we mentioned for Cambodia have fast servers, including the Cambodian server. You may view any geo-restricted content in HD or enable any website with no delays and rapid speeds.

  • Money-back guarantee

VPNs must have refund measures in place so that consumers may always get their money back if they are unhappy with the service. All of the three VPNs mentioned above provide risk-free 30-45-day money-back guarantees.

  • Multiple connections at a time

A VPN service should always provide consumers with more than one connection. All of the VPNs we picked as the best VPNs for Cambodia support multi-logins on at least 5 devices.

  • Customer service

This aspect is sometimes overlooked, however, we thought it was important to mention it while determining the top VPNs for Cambodia, as they provide consumers with customer chat assistance so that they may be reached in the event of an issue. All of the VPNs featured in this article provide consumers with live chat help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Do You Require a VPN for Safety in Cambodia?

Each year, the condition of online freedom in Cambodia deteriorates. Here are three reasons why you should use a VPN in Cambodia:

  • Government censorship and limitations:

Now with the current national internet gateway approved, which is intended to further limit the country and increase online monitoring, a VPN is the only way out of this scenario.

  • Prevent cyber-attacks:

Malware threats are rather widespread around the world, including Cambodia. According to The Phnom Penh Post, eight out of 10 PCs are unsecured and exposed to all types of malware attacks. As a result, you should purchase a VPN to keep your devices protected throughout all times.

  • Accessing restricted websites:

The oppressive rule in this nation allows the competent authorities to ban websites whenever they see necessary. Therefore, this is a strong reason to register to a VPN service in Cambodia, as it enables users to connect to a server in another country and access banned websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a VPN help you acquire a Cambodian IP address?

Subscribe to a VPN service that has Cambodian servers, download the VPN on your device, start the VPN app and log in with your details, then connect to the VPN’s Cambodian server. Once linked, you can enjoy any Cambodian geo-restricted streaming service.

Which VPN is the most suitable for Android users in Cambodia?

Consider VPNs that have a specialized Android app and are compatible with a wide range of different devices, including the Android TV.

Can a VPN keep me safe from government spying in Cambodia?

Yes, in order to keep yourself safe, you should consider using a VPN that has AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, zero logs, and other features.

Is it illegal to use a VPN in Cambodia?

No, because you can’t access many websites in Cambodia, and in order to access such websites while being anonymous online, you will need a VPN.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to internet freedom and restriction, the situation in Cambodia is somewhat sad. Fortunately, a VPN will restore some of your lost freedom and increase security to the point that you can express yourself freely on the internet.

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