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Using a VPN in UAE is Very Much Legal! (February 2022 Updated)

Over the past week, much has been said about the use of VPNs in the UAE. There is a lot of confusion regarding whether people in the UAE are legally allowed to use a VPN or are they prohibited by law from doing so. We are going to clear that confusion for you.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of UAE tweeted that there is absolutely NO regulation that prevents VPN being used by companies, institutions, banks and other users to access the internet. This clearly means that using a VPN for legitimate purposes is not prohibited at all. However, using a VPN to mask your real identity and carrying out illegal/criminal activities is a serious offence and will be dealt with a fine of $545,000.

UAE laws regarding VPN companies are warm and welcoming. The law allows healthy and private usage of VPN and goes against those who exploit the use of a UAE VPN. This is the tweet which further clarifies any ambiguity:



With that being said, who’s to know what the people are doing while using a VPN since it is essentially a tool which allows private browsing to the users. Indeed, a VPN is a tool which masks your IP and dedicates you an IP of another server/location. But some VPN companies keep logs of their users’ metadata, login info, and email address. VPN companies that are based in countries where the law demands them to share details of the user will have to comply with the local authorities.

However, VPN companies that are based in countries where data retention laws are relaxed and are not required to maintain their users’ data by law should be the ones you must consider opting for to be on the safe side. It’s no doubt that VPNs open up a world without boundaries, but it certainly does not mean that one should misuse the service at any circumstances. Criminal activities are a serious offence and carry heavy sentences. It’s strongly advised to be ethical and virtuous while using a VPN service.

using vpn in uae

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