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Watch Hayu Live in the US with a VPN Easily


Hayu is currently available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and Denmark, as well as Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, and the Philippines. To watch Hayu in the United States, you’ll need a Hayu subscription as well as a Virtual Private Network to hide your true IP address and location. 

Due to geo-restrictions and licensing concerns, even if you have a Hayu membership in the United States, you will not be able to view it. As a result, if you try to access Hayu in the United States, you will get the following message on your screen: 

“This content isn’t available where you are”

To get over Hayu’s geo-restrictions and stream excellent material from your living room in the United States, you’ll need one of the best VPNs for America that has servers in any of the supported countries.

How to Watch Hayu Live in US

To watch Hayu in the United States, you’ll need to use a VPN to mask your true IP address. In only 5 simple steps, you may watch Hayu in the United States: 

  • Have a premium VPN subscription (Our recommendation is ExpressVPN) 
  • On your device, download and install the VPN application. 
  • Start the VPN client and log in with the provider’s credentials. 
  • Connect to a server in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, or Australia from the server list. 
  • Once you’re connected, open your browser and go to the Hayu website or download the Hayu app.

You should be able to stream Hayu in the United States if you performed all of the procedures correctly. If you’re having trouble, delete the cache, cookies, and history in your browser.

Best VPNs to Watch Hayu Live in US

Here are the top three VPN services for watching Hayu in the United States:

1. ExpressVPN

The best VPN for streaming Hayu in the United States. ExpressVPN boasts a massive network of over 3,000 servers in 94 countries. Because it has servers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the Philippines, it is an ideal companion for Hayu.

Features of ExpressVPN:

  • In order to watch Hayu in the United States, you’ll need a VPN. There are around 3000 servers available worldwide. With the ability to provide super-fast speeds. 
  • ExpressVPN is compatible with a variety of devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Fire Stick, Smart TVs, and more. 
  • If you want to use ExpressVPN with your Smart TV, you can even set it up on a router. ExpressVPN also has a function called Media Streamer that we particularly appreciate (Smart DNS). 

2. NordVPN

You will never miss any of your favorite Hayu episodes because of a high-speed server network. It offers state-of-the-art security and encryption measures to preserve your online activity and privacy, as well as unlimited and unrestricted access to streaming content.

Features of NordVPN: 

  • In order to watch Hayu in the United States, you’ll need a fast VPN. It is capable of providing lightning-fast speeds. 
  • Obfuscated servers, Nordlynx, CyberSec, and other security features are included. 
  • Available for $3.49/month (Save 70% on 2 Year Plan + Extra Subscription). 
  • It also includes a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee as well as six multi-logins.

3. PureVPN

PureVPN is a fast VPN that has received largely excellent feedback. It has robust data encryption, a large number of secure protocols, and features for seamless torrenting and streaming, making it an excellent VPN for media consumption. PureVPN’s detractors, on the other side, point to its uneven speed results and poor security reputation. It starts from $1.99/month which is a great amount.

PureVPN and PureVPN for Business are virtual private networks (VPNs) that provide secure, unrestricted, and anonymous web access to domestic customers and business teams. It has over 2000 active online servers in 180+ locations across 140 countries.

Features of PureVPN:

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Supports torrenting
  • No DNS leaks
  • Compatible with Android TV
  • Supports port forwarding
  • 31-day money-back guarantee

How to Download the Hayu Application on the Android Phone 

Here’s how to get the Hayu app for your Android smartphone or tablet. 

  • Disable the Location Service feature on your device. 
  • Start the ExpressVPN program. 
  • Connect to an ExpressVPN server in the United Kingdom. 
  • Open the Google Play Store once you’ve connected. 
  • While ExpressVPN is connected to the UK server, create a new account on Google Play Store. 
  • Your Google Play Store is now registered with the UK region once the new account registration is complete. 
  • You should be able to find and download apps that are only available in the Google Play Store for the United Kingdom. 
  • Install the Hayu app after finding it. 
  • After you’ve finished installing it, open it and log in to the Hayu app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some shows you can watch on Hayu?

You may watch a variety of reality TV series on Hayu. The following are some of Hayu’s most pleasant shows: A Wedding and a Murder, An Unexpected Killer, Bad Girls Clubs, Best Ink, Courtney Love Dallas, Dance Moms.

What is the cost of Hayu?

Hayu costs £4.99 per month in the UK and $6.96 per month in the United States. It provides a free one-month trial. After that, you’ll be charged £4.99 every month. So long as you cancel before the end of the month, you won’t be charged anything and can use it for free. 

Hayu costs $6.99 AUD a month in Australia, €5.99 per month in Ireland, and $5.99 CAD in Canada, among other countries.

Is there a free trial to Watch Hayu Live in US?

Hayu does provide a free 30-day trial. To utilize the service for free for a month, you must sign up for a subscription and then cancel it to receive a full refund.

Can American Residents get Hayu?

No, one can’t access Hayu in the United States since Hayu doesn’t have broadcasting rights in the US. The streaming platform only has the right to broadcast its material in most European nations.

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