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Why Use a VPN [Infograph] (February 2022 Updated)

Why to use a vpn service Infograph

5 Reasons to Use a USA VPN Service

1.Acccess Full Netflix and Other VOD Streaming services from outside the USA.

By using a VPN service, you can manipulate your machine’s IP address to be from within the USA. Not convinced? OK!!

2.Download and Upload P2P Files in Privacy

Download and Upload p2p files in privacy.  Make VPN your best friend and Troll every authority who wants to forbid users from accessing or uploading content for p2p.

3.Be Confident When Connected to Public Wifi

Use a Public or Hotel Wi-Fi in Confidence, don’t be ignorant about it! Public Wifi’s are not safe for confidential email and browsing.

4.Break Out of a Restrictive Network at Work/School

Many organizations will impose draconian restrictions, like blocking you from checking social networking sites, streaming YouTube or even accessing your emails.

5.Because You Believe Privacy Is a Basic Right

Online freedom and privacy is your right and you should not hesitate in spending couple of dollars for purchasing a good VPN service.

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