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The Most Secure Australian VPN for 2022

australia vpn service

Have you felt it…?

Yes, you have!

The creeping eyes that you cannot see, but they see everything you do online, monitoring your every digital activity, no matter what day or time it is. Every key you press, every website you browse, every social account you access, and even every the content you stream; they are tracking everything. But what is this meta data retention and meta data law! take a look at the video below

What is Meta Data?

Meta Data Retention Scheme Deadline has Arrived!!!

Yes, that’s the unwanted surveillance that you feel, steered by hackers, spies, snoopers, or third-party agencies.

And among them, it is also the Australian government itself…and they do it in the name of national security or preventive measures against terrorism.

Best Australian VPN Is Here To The Rescue!!!

Australian Parliament passed a data retention law in 2015, according to which the metadata of every internet user is monitored and stored forever. On April 2017, they are going through the final processes to make it legit.

secure vpn for australia

The data retention law, although passed for fighting terrorism originating from within the country, is a double edge sword. After all, if the government can access your data, so can the individuals or organizations with all the wrong intentions.

Why is why you need the best VPN app for Australia to have your back, all the time and all the while you are online.

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Which Is The Best Australian VPN?

All in all, a VPN is your go-to solution for online privacy and data security. However, with a huge number of services claiming to be the best Australian VPN service, it becomes a bit hectic to pick one. 

For your convenience, we’ve scoured the internet and listed a select few VPNs that truly take the trophy of the best VPN app for Australia.

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Why Do You Need a Best Australia VPN?

In simple words, a VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a tool or application that enables you to put an elephant hide over yourself, whenever you connect to the internet using a vpn service for UK, Australia or Canada.

How you do that? You may be wondering by now. Let us enlighten you!

You connect to the Internet through your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your ISP assigns you an IP (Internet Protocol) that in turn allows you to tread the internet.

Your IP is your Internet ID, and anyone with access to it can easily break into your online privacy.

A VPN lets you cloak your original IP with a substitute IP (the elephant hide) originating from any country or the region of your choice.

Today, we have VPN for streaming that are not just capable of hiding your online activity but also completely securing it with encryption.

Now, what is encryption? You may ask…

Encryption is like a raincoat that prevents you from getting wet in the rain, with rain as an analogy to the cyber threats like hacking and spying.

It lets you conduct all your online activities – be it online shopping or browsing – without worrying about online threats.

In short, a VPN gives you the appearance of a faceless person speaking a foreign language, doing his online activities with no one being capable of recognizing who he is or what he is doing.

Lets Discuss Top VPN Services in Details from every Aspect


purevpn website

No Log Policy

VPNs that deserve the first spot on the list of best Australian VPN must meet at least one foremost obligation, i.e., it shouldn’t maintain any logs or have a no-logs policy. If a VPN keeps logs, then it defeats the purpose of its existence, to begin with.

We reserved the top spot of our list for PureVPN because it meets that obligation and stores no user logs at all!

PureVPN is a best VPN app for Australia because it logs no online activity of the users, whatsoever. It is not just its no-log policy that makes PureVPN an ideal solution for all your internet privacy concerns.

80,000+ IPs &750+ International Servers

In fact, it also provides users with a huge cache of IPs, over 80,000 to be exact. With so many IPs at your disposal, you are no longer in any need to succumb to the restrictions imposed on you by your ISP or the government.

If you want to access a website blocked in your region, just use an IP of a different country and access the website. No sweat.

With PureVPN, you are no longer chained to only a handful of servers. A few servers essentially mean that you don’t get the options to try out different servers and get the most optimal speed.

PureVPN, on the other hand, maintains its own 750+ high-speed servers, located in over 141 countries.

The best thing is that you need not to shell out any extra bucks to switch between the massive caches of servers.

Split Tunneling

There may encounter instances when you need to switch between a VPN and your regular ISP to access some websites. Say for instance your company account is restricted to your country’s IP but you are using a VPN IP coming from Hong Kong.

What will you do in that situation? Toggle your VPN On and Off?

You don’t need to. With PureVPN’s Split Tunneling feature, you can send some of your device’s traffic through a VPN and some of the traffic through your ISP.


Apart from anonymity, users also require a VPN for data security.

The data security level PureVPN offers is unparalleled compared to other VPNs we’ve tested.

PureVPN comes with a military-grade 256 bit AES encryption that encrypts not just the users’ internet activity but the complete network as well…this means, highest level of encryption right off the bat as soon as you connect to the internet!

Added Features

PureVPN also provides a dozen of other more interesting features that compelled us to feature the app at the top of the list.

For instance, the app operates from Hong Kong which is a haven for people who advocate online privacy. It allows its users to choose amongst multiple protocols, DDoS protection, NAT Firewall, Internet Kill Switch, and more. Plus, the country has virtually no data retention laws at all!

Another great reason why PureVPN is the best VPN app for Australia is that it has an ultra-responsive customer support. In addition to that, it offers supports in up to 4 different languages namely Turkish, French, Dutch and English.

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Ivacy is yet another well-established and trusted brand, which is why we have included in the second position in our list of best Australian VPN 2022. Ivacy can be picked easily by the Australians to avoid meta data law in Australia!

High Performance P2P Servers

Unlimited access to torrents is what makes many internet users look for the best Australian VPN service. Ivacy takes the trophy here by offering highly optimized P2P servers for the best torrenting experience.

The VPN is best for users looking for a way to download torrents that are restricted to download in Australia. With Ivacy on their laptops or computers, users can easily download their favorite torrents at optimal speeds.

Multi-Logins Capability

Ivacy allows you to use a single account on multiple devices in your home or office. For instance, with a single account, you can fire up the VPN in your kid’s device, your siblings, your spouse and your parents. At a time, you can use one Ivacy account on up to 5 different devices.

IPv6/DNS Leak Protection

DNS or IPv6 leak is a serious problem among VPN users. Bad VPN tends to lack in the area of security against the notorious DNS leak, which ultimately results in the ISPs tracking back the private activities of the users.

Ivacy offers complete protection against any sort of DNS or IPv6 leaks. When using Ivacy, users don’t have to be afraid of having their privacy exposed to their ISPs.

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Apart from all those great features, Ivacy also offers a huge pool of IPs, 200+ high-end servers in 100+ regions, no bandwidth limit, Wi-Fi security, multiple protocols selections, identity theft protection and more.

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The next in line is EarthVPN, a good to have VPN app for Australia. Why have we included it in our list? Here are the reasons:

Ample Global Servers

EarthVPN has a good international presence in terms of servers, although a bit lower in numbers than our top listed, PureVPN and Ivacy.

The VPN service offers up to 400+ servers, located in around 50+ locations, to its users that are.

No Logs Policy & Encryption

Like any other good VPN app for Australia, the app also claims to record no user data at all.

When it comes to the encryption, unlike our top listers, EarthVPN only offers up to 128 bit AES encryption which is not bad for security. It is good for users who are not that concerned about their online security.

EarthVPN is a reasonably-priced Australian VPN but when we are talking about multi-login capability, the device doesn’t support over 3+ multi logins.

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The last in our list is VPNArea, which is also a good VPN solution for users who require only standard VPN features.

Unlimited Bandwidth Availability

Just like PureVPN, users don’t need to worry about bandwidth scarcity when it comes to VPNArea.

In other words, VPNArea doesn’t place any restrictions on bandwidth consumption no matter how much you use the app.

Decent Reserve of IPs

With 200 high-speed servers in 60 countries, VPNArea provides a good supply of IPs that users can use to switch between different regions.

Though VPNArea offers multi login capability on up to 6 devices, the highest in this list, but the downside of the service is that its servers are located in Switzerland. As a result, there is a high chance that may be obliged to Swiss data retention policies.

Reasons You Require a Best Australian VPN

There are many reasons that prompt users to look for the best VPN Australian service. Here are the most common ones:

  • Due to Australian Parliament passing a data retention bill in 2015, your online data is continuously monitored
  • Torrent websites like PirateBay are banned in Australia
  • Many popular TV Sport channels are banned in Australia
  • There are many popular genre of content restricted on Netflix due to geo restrictions
  • Amongst many others…

Precautionary Steps to Choose the Best Australian VPN Service

There are dozens of VPN services or apps that claim to provide the best VPN experience, but only a handful of those apps deliver on what they claim.

To make sure you are picking out the best Australian VPN, you need to consider the following factors:

  • It must be able to provide up to 256 bit AES encryption so you can have complete peace of mind while using the internet
  • It should have a DNS/IPv6 leak protection guarantee so that your activity is kept completely confidential
  • It should offer multi protocols so users can have the ability to switch the protocol depending on their needs
  • It must offer multiple IPs and servers for best VPN experience

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Editor’s Pick

With the above criteria in mind, the best VPN that meets a user’s needs and expectations when it comes to online privacy and data security is PureVPN.

The VPN provides not just all the combined features listed here, but also much more than that.

PureVPN guarantees DNS leak protection, multi-login up to 5 devices, DDoS protection, virus or malware protection via NAT Firewall, multiple protocols, 256 bit encryption, high supply of IPs, and much more.


A best Australia VPN is a need of the day. Make sure that the VPN you choose for the privacy of your online activities and for the safety of your sensitive data is reliable, feature-rich and efficient.

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