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Best China VPN Service 2022

china vpn service

Deng Xiaoping, a Chinese statesman, had a saying in the early 1980s: “If you open for longer than 10 hours window for fresh air, you have to expect some flies to blow in.” Since then, the Chinese government has given little independence to the Chinese public. The same applied when the Internet first arrived in China, prompting the government to build an extensive firewall and limit content access

Internet freedom in China:

The great firewall of China launched in December 1997, blocking access to any content which went against the Internet Management Regulations published by the Government. Punishments were also inflicted on the general public if they dared to post any stuff on the Internet that went against the government in any way. Since the initial launch, the government made sure to upgrade the firewall after every few months or years. Prominent websites including Facebook, Google Play Store and New York Times are still inaccessible in China.

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Traveling to China?

The Chinese are literally blocked from the rest of the world, with prominent social networking websites and many International news websites completely blocked in China. Now imagine how difficult it would be for travelers to adapt to the cyber conditions in that country.

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Travelers would be barred from using Facebook, or any other social networking website. And even if they manage to find one that is not banned, whatever they post on it will be surveyed by the Chinese Internet police, who are sure to take strict action if they find any content against the Chinese government.

Bypass the Great Firewall of China:

Fortunately, bypassing the great firewall of China is possible and so is appearing anonymous to the regulators. All you need to do is to subscribe to the best VPN China service. It’s difficult to use a normal China VPN service, since the authorities over there regularly block ports being accessed by VPN China servers. This means that a simple VPN service won’t be able to operate in China. Open VPNs can bypass this limitation by automatically locating any ports which are not currently blocked, and connecting to them immediately. No matter how advanced the great firewall of China is, it still cannot block content to or locate the person who’s using an open VPN service. To help you decide on the best China VPN, we’ve added a best VPN China reviews table below to help you choose the best China VPN service.

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VPN Comparison Table

Our Recommendation:

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