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How to Watch Sky Go Online

Sky Go (formerly known as Sky Player, Sky Anytime on PC and Sky By Broadband) is an online television service from the UK-based broadcaster, Sky, which launched its service in January 2006. You can access Sky Go anywhere in the UK and Ireland, and watch live and on demand video content from your devices (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox or PlayStation via a broadband or Wi-Fi active internet connection.

Sky Go’s On Demand content consists of sports highlights, latest news, movies and TV shows. However, unlike Netflix, the content available on Sky Go cannot be downloaded. Non-Sky TV customers can access the service by subscribing on a pay-per-view basis. As for Sky TV customers, the service is available at no additional cost.

Sky Go Channels

Unlike other online streaming sites, channels on Sky Go are only available for a limited amount of time after it gets aired on TV. Don’t miss the latest episodes of The Affair and Billions before they are not available any longer! The channels you are trying to access depend on your cable subscription, but up to 72 are available.

Currently, a standard Sky Go account allows two multi-logins. On the other hand, a Sky Go Extra account allows four multi-logins. If you have used two devices in the past and want to use a third, you must remove an existing registered device before you can register another. Sky Go requires Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 browser plug-in to play content right in the browser.

How to Watch Sky Go Anywhere

Unfortunately, Sky Go is currently available in the UK and Ireland only. With geo-blocking restrictions in many regions across the globe, it is impossible for you to stream Sky Go online anywhere except the UK and Ireland.

If you have a Sky Go subscription and are traveling or living abroad, you’ll receive the following error message:

“Sky Go is only available to users connecting from within the UK or Republic of Ireland, unfortunately we cannot confirm that you are within these territories at the moment. Please retry later.”

Fortunately, if you are in any other country outside of the UK and Ireland and want to access Sky Go anywhere, there is a way around it! By bypassing Sky Go error message, subscribers can watch Sky Go anywhere outside the UK and Ireland. All it takes is the use of robust technology known as a Virtual Private Network.

How to Unblock Sky Go

If you’ve ever been let down by the unpleasant Sky Go error message, we assure you, there are many others out there who have experienced the same issue. Luckily, there’s a workaround this problem and requires a Virtual Private Network aka VPN.

With a VPN, you can now spoof Sky Go into believing you’re in the UK or Ireland and gain instant access to movies and shows on Sky Go.

Unblock Sky Go on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS with a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is the most secure and safest option for accessing blocked sites. VPN is a private network which refines your internet data, dedicating you an IP of a different country keeping you anonymous at all times. You have the option and ability to:

  1. Choose Your Location
  2. Choose Your Mode (Internet Freedom, Internet Streaming, Internet Security)
  3. Remain Anonymous

A military-grade encrypted server maintains your highest privacy. As with subsidiary tools such as DNS and proxies, connectivity is often interrupted and the video takes a lot of time to stream. With the best VPN, you get rapid and secure access to the content you are trying to access at blazing-fast speeds.

The best VPNs to Unblock Sky Go are the following:

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The VPNs mentioned above are the most recommended VPNs as they take streaming and unblocking seriously. This means that they keep a check on their servers and IPs to make sure their users get the best unrestricted unblocking and streaming experience.

If we had to choose amongst the VPN options, the best one to unblock Sky Go outside the UK & Ireland is PureVPN. PureVPN is the leading VPN in the VPN industry known for providing excellent online privacy and security.

Moreover, PureVPN encrypts your entire internet traffic with up-to 256-bit high-grade encryption, protecting your data on your system/device from snoopers. With 750+ servers in over 140+ countries and a handful of 80,000+ IPs, you have a wide range of locations to choose from.

The reason why PureVPN is the most preferred VPN for unblocking Sky Go is due to the following reasons:

  • Enhanced Security – PureVPN employs secure protocols such as PPTP, L2TP and SSTP along with end-to-end 256 bit encryption.
  • Availability – Use PureVPN in any part of the world.
  • Share Files – Share unlimited files through a secure encrypted channel.
  • Online Anonymity – Remain anonymous online as the VPN masks your real IP address.
  • Unblock Websites – The best part about using PureVPN is that you have the means to unblock restricted content from anywhere in the world.

To setup PureVPN on your device, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit PureVPN’s order page to sign up for a PureVPN account.
  2. Download and install PureVPN on your device (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android & Router).
  3. Connect to any one of PureVPN’s various servers through the app.
  4. Browse the internet freely with enhanced online security and anonymity.

Enjoy your unblocking experience with PureVPN and access Sky Go from anywhere whether you’re traveling local or international!