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Rejecting data demands, This VPN Giant removes VPN servers in India


ExpressVPN is removing its Indian-based VPN servers as of this month, in response to data privacy laws introduced by the government. The company has made it clear that they will not be complying with these new guidelines and users should adult responsibly for any actions committed on their end while using our service With recent changes brought about through India’s latest legislation surrounding internet security & freedom

Rest assured, our users will still be able to connect to VPN servers that will give them Indian IP addresses and allow them to access the internet as if they were located in India. These “virtual” India servers will instead be physically located in Singapore and the UK.

In terms of the user experience, there is minimal difference. For anyone wanting to connect to an Indian server, simply select the VPN server location “India (via Singapore)” or “India (via UK).”

Privacy Wars in India and more to come behind?

With recently passed data laws in India requiring all VPN providers to store user information for at least five years, ExpressVPN has made the straightforward decision not to maintain its Indian-based servers.

On June 27, 2022 the new VPN rule will come into effect in India. Under this law firms are required to store users’ real names. Also identifying data such as their IP addresses or usage patterns for yearly fix customers that have accounts with them before then.

The new data law initiated by India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), intended to help fight cybercrime, is incompatible with the purpose of VPNs, which are designed to keep users’ online activity private. 

“We will not allow the Indian government to limit internet freedom” says ExpressVPN. As a company focused on protecting privacy and expression online, we express our concern for those who face Webs hoeing-related restrictions with increased access in India’s open marketplace of ideas where creativity is king!

We take privacy seriously and will never log your browsing history or traffic data. We also delete any logs that might be generated while you’re using our service, meaning no records of what sites are being visited or how long each page takes to load

Final Words – Will it Continue and What is at Risk?

ExpressVPN take on this is that “Your privacy is important to us. We don’t store or collect any data that could identify an individual and their online activity, which you can see in our highly detailed Privacy Policy”.

By moving forward without physical servers in India, we are taking a proactive stance against data logging regulations. Our VPN architecture is specially designed not to log including by running RAM-based virtual machines on top of existing hardware infrastructure that has been already licensed for this purpose – making it virtually unimpactful should the need arise at any point going forward..

This step can also be going in favor of Indian mentality over their internet freedom thought process. Also this might be a reaction to the users based in the country and has access with ExpressVPN. However, all this can be taken both ways awaiting for the day to come for the final verdict.

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