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YouTube TV now Supports 5.1 Audio on Google TV, Android TV and Roku Devices


YouTube TV has announced that it is expanding the availability of 5.1 surround sound. YouTube TV is now available for Google Chromecast, Android TV and Roku devices. The addition of wider support means that more people will be able to take advantage the lucrative benefits offered by this streaming service.

You’ll need one of these compatible devices and a speaker system to make the most of it but otherwise, you’ll finally be able to enjoy 5.1 on YouTube. 

YouTube announced that it’s rolling out support for Google TV, Android TV and Roku devices but also working to enable this compatibility on other appliances in future.

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What Devices will be Compatible with Youtube TV?

The Service is now available for more devices! You can watch your favorite shows in stunning high-quality surround sound on Chromecast, Apple TV (including the 4th generation), Android TV and more.

YouTube says that getting 5.1 surround sound is easy too:

“As long as your device and set-up meet the requirements, you’ll automatically get 5.1 audio whenever it’s available for the program you’re watching…Keep in mind that certain channels in YouTube TV won’t offer programs with 5.1 surround sound. If you think you should be getting 5.1 audio for the program you’re watching, the best way to check whether the program carries surround sound is to look at the audio details in Stats for nerds.”

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