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Reviews and Opinions is a review website. We provide diverse opinions from hundreds of users across the world, allowing our website visitors to better understand their need and chose a good US VPN service that helps them achieve what they are looking for. is solely a platform that allows US VPN users to share their reviews of different services they use.

We are not affiliated with any brand or product. All opinions and reviews belong to the writers and are not endorsed by We bare no responsibility for incorrect information (if any) provided by any writer/reviewer. All opinions mentioned on the website are those of the writers and not of

Shared Data Policy is a free service that allows users to find the best VPN products which suits their needs the most. To ensure that users get to see relevant content, such as reviews and guides for their preferred VPN services, the following data is collected by

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We do not collect and maintain identity of our users, neither do we collect and maintain any logs for users activity on-site as well as off-site. We use third party ad services, for which terms and conditions specific to the ad agency apply.

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At, our objective is to provide you with first-hand user experience related to any and every product or service mentioned on the website. This allows our users to make better choices when choosing a VPN.

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