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Protect Yourself from Locky Ransomware with a VPN

If you’re the type of internet user who’s quick in opening any image files received from social media channels, you may have to restrain this urge from now onwards.

Locky, an infamous ransomware is currently making rounds on all social media platforms. These platforms include the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn alongside many others.

How Are Attacks Being Carried Out

The ransomware attacks are being carried out with the help of infected JPEG image files. These image files may seem ordinary and incorruptible, but they are not.

These files are exploiting a mis-configuration on the social media infrastructure, making it impossible for these networks to spot out the circulating malware and eliminate it.

As soon as a user downloads an image, the malicious code will execute inside the device, infecting it with Locky ransomware. All types of files within the device shall be encrypted, with the extension “.locky” being added to the filenames.

This isn’t the first time for Locky to make the headlines. It was also found circling the web through spam emails in February 2016. The emails were designed to appear like invoices containing malicious attachments. Files in the infected computers were then encrypted, with the perpetrators demanding ransom worth 0.50 to 1 bitcoin.

Protect Yourself from Locky ransomware now

Locky and other such ransomware can leave devastating effects on your device, and probably your life too. However, protecting yourself from such ransomware isn’t difficult. You only need to exercise common sense and good judgment before opening any received files.

Frequent updates of your security software and the usage of premium VPN services such as PureVPN and Ivacy is also recommended. Premium VPN services like PureVPN and Ivacy are equipped with all the necessary tools and features to safeguard their users from all sorts of ransomware and malware.

They do this by cross-checking all the files you’ve downloaded and eliminating any that contains malware or ransomware. If you haven’t yet subscribed to a premium VPN service, hurry up and do so now! The following table will help you out in choosing the best VPN services recommended by us.

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