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Top 4 Fastest VPNs for Torrenting (February 2022 Updated)

why do you need vpn for torrenting

Torrent lovers suffer more than other internet users, due to torrents restrictions imposed by some countries. But fret not, we at USA VPN have identified and picked top 2 fastest VPN for torrenting that not only serve blistering-fast speed but also keep users protected.

And Yes no Users logs are kept!


The most reliable and cost effective VPN with over 750 servers in 141 countries, PureVPN acknowledges the needs of its users and strives to provide them with the best.The VPN provides dozens of high-speed P2P servers that users can easily access regardless of their subscription package .Providing the best torrenting experience isn’t the only reason that makes PureVPN our top choice. The VPN is also ideal for securing your privacy and data integrity which is now more important than ever, especially ever since the data retention policies imposed by almost every country such as the US, UK, AUS, etc.

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This is the second best VPN in our list offering a wide range of services, Ivacy is considered as one of the cheapest yet finest VPNs for torrenting. The VPN also offers more than 200 servers in around 50+ countries.Apart from a no-log policy, the VPN also guarantees 256-bit military-grade encryption and split-tunneling that keeps users’ identity safe even after a connection drops.

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Need More Options?


EarthVPN is a reliable and trustworthy Torrents VPN service that facilitates minimum latency for torrenting.

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Not highly recommended but for the sake of more options!

SwitchVPN promises to serve its users 100% anonymity with maximum freedom and is very convenient for torrenting.

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Why are VPNs Crucial for Torrenting?

Those who love torrenting are also aware of the fact that what they are doing is prohibited to some extent. Here’s where a Torrents VPN comes into play, protecting users privacy and security and also helping them stay anonymous while torrenting. So, in this way they don’t get themselves registered on any company’s witch-hunt list and enjoy what they love the most, i.e., torrenting!

Common Threats of Using Torrents without VPN

Torrentors face challenges in the form of strict copyrights laws, and infringement of these laws will not only see them serving jail time but also impose hefty fines on them. Furthermore, third-party monitoring is a huge challenge in P2P file sharing since your IP is visible, making it easier for agencies, internet service providers and copyright trolls to trace you. Most of the torrent sites serve ads that contain dangerous scripts that can target vulnerabilities in your browser. Also, hackers love to exploit torrentors since the files uploaded do not go through a security analysis.

Choosing a Good VPN for Torrenting

To have a safe torrenting journey, selecting the safest and best VPN for torrenting is essential. Therefore, while choosing the best VPN for torrenting, you must search for providers who take your security and anonymity seriously and also provide you with complete online freedom with no compromise on your privacy.

Apart from privacy and security, speed is another most important thing that matters a lot when it comes to torrenting. After all, users want to download their favorite torrents fast. While picking the right VPN for torrenting, it is therefore important that the VPN should be able to offer optimal speed for torrenting.

How to check whether my VPN is protecting me

Best USA VPN service can not only help torrentors safeguard their digital identity but they can stay protected on all fronts. However, in order to ensure that a safe torrent VPN is doing its job correctly and the torrent client is safe, not exposing one’s confidential information, running an IP address check is vital. Users will be able to keep a check on their torrent IP and will also remain aware of all sorts of general leaks. Furthermore, conducting a Doileak test will provide you a different IP address. Another way is to visit to check whether you are listed there or not. And, use antivirus while using torrenting to stay secure.

Why Pick a Non-US-Based VPN for Torrenting!

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The laws in the US are quite strict and restrict online freedom. Therefore, it is recommended to use a torrents VPN provider that is not based in the US since they are forced to maintain logs of their users and the government can demand access to users’ data anytime. Especially after the broadband anti-privacy law, ISPs are not officially authorized to not just inspect and monitor but also store the personal information of the users. The data is then left at the ISPs’ mercy whether they sell it to the highest bidder or keep it for any other personal gains.

However, torrents VPN providers that are located in countries like Hong Kong operate in a more relaxed environment and are not bound to follow such laws.

Why You Need A VPN Tunneling For Torrenting or P2P File Sharing?

Torrenting is banned in many countries, the reason being the legality concerned around torrenting. However, there are needy people like students who can’t afford to purchase expensive course material for example lectures, e-books, training programs etc. This is where the best VPN for torrenting comes into play, helping students to access all this without hindering their privacy and security, or in other words allow students to remain safe while torrenting.

Wrapping Up

Torrenting is not a safe activity unless you are equipped with the best VPN for torrenting. However, you may have multiple choices but only choose the provider that provides blistering-fast speed, unlimited coverage and above all, exceptional security.

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