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Fastest VPN Services of February 2022

fastest vpn service by usavpn,com

While the digital revolution has made our lives easier, it has also made it easier for cybercriminals to penetrate our lives and privacy. Countless governments, agencies, monitoring authorities and advertisers prey upon personal data that belongs to average internet users like us. Then they use this data according to their needs without the knowledge and consent of internet users. Choose a fast VPN to avoid leaving a digital trail for intruders every time you browse.

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To save you the trouble, time and money in some cases, we tried out a bunch of VPN services to find out which one is the fastest and most secured. We have listed the perfect products that provide ultimate online security, fool-proof encryption techniques, and malware protection.

  • PureVPN tops our list of fastest VPN services due to the complete online privacy features it offers. Apart from being a fast VPN service, it is also an excellent tool for blocking malware. Furthermore, with PureVPN, you can browse the internet with complete anonymity while protecting your data from falling into the hands of advertisers and hackers, as itprovides military grade protection against DDoS and cyber-attacks.
  • Ivacy is an excellent tool for users who love to stream videos and downloadtorrents. This VPN service supports all internet protocols that a streamer can need. For other privacy needs of users such as data encryption and cyber stack prevention, Ivacy can provide basic protection.
  • EarthVPN is a close second on the fastest VPN services list. It provides almost as much protection, and supports all popular internet protocols like PureVPN. However, it lacks ad-blocking capabilities.
  • VPNArea is a slightly over-priced subscription, but it delivers what it promises; enhanced online privacy, secure surfing, access to geo-restricted content, and protection against leaks and attacks. However, it does not come with an ad-blocking feature.

Tips to Boost Your VPN Speed

Without speed, VPN is just like food without salt: tasteless and impossible to eat.

Many netizens claim that when connected to a VPN, they experience slower internet speed. Here’re some recommended tips that can give a turbo boost to your VPN speed. USA VPN also feel pride in providing best vpn for streaming just for the streaming lovers.

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*Before starting with the tips, we would suggest you to check your internet speed without connecting VPN. This will clarify if your internet speed is good or bad, because these tips only work for good internet speed. Use to check your internet speed.

Let’s begin with the tips:

  1. Switch Protocols

Different Internet Service Providers support different protocols. If you are experiencing slow speed, switch between the protocols i.e. PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Switching between the protocols also resolves disconnection issues.

  1. Turn Firewall Off

Most third party firewall and routers may cause slow speed and constant disconnection of the service. It is suggested to turn off Router/3rdparty firewall/ Windows Firewall, and then check the connection stability and speed. If it works, disable them permanently.

  1. Choose The Nearest VPN Server

If you select a VPN server far away from your original location, you will not get the best speed. We suggest to try using the nearest available VPN server. Or, you can also use automatic server selection tools if provided within the VPN app. This will help you connect with the nearest and fastest available server.

  1. Connect With P2P Supported Server

Most VPN providers do not support P2P, but only via selected servers. If you are having troubles with P2P downloading speed, you must be connected with the VPN server where it is blocked. Do contact your VPN provider’s contact center and ask them the details of P2P supported locations.

  1. Select Lesser Encryption

If speed is your main concern and you can compromise on security, then select PPTP protocol as it is less encrypted and offers higher speed, whereas L2TP and SSTP are more secure and offer high-level encryption, up to 256-bit, therefore they offer slow speed. Whenever a user increases the encryption level, it decreases the speed.

Why Opt a Fast VPN Service?

A VPN is the weapon of choice for IT experts against brutal cyber-attacks, net neutrality issues, and hacking – something which we hear about almost every day.

  • Malware Protection: Gone are the days when there was no complete solution to protect your devices and machines from viruses and malware. VPN services now provide excellent protection against viruses and malware.
  • Hide IP Address: Your IP address is publicly visible and can give away your location with pinpoint accuracy. A VPN masks your IP address with another temporary IP, making your location untraceable.
  • Encryption and split tunneling: The best VPN services provide support for all the popular encryption protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. They also send the encrypted data through a virtual but impenetrable tunnel, making data leaks a thing of the past.
  • Geo-Restricted Content:You no longer have to worry about restricted content or blocked websites as a VPN can easily bypass all these restrictions.

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Without VPN, There’s too Much at Stake

Nowadays, it’s no secret that personal data of millions of online users is logged in a systematic way to analyze users’ behavior and target them with ads. While most people consider this a violation of privacy, the wise ones among us subscribe to a fast VPN service to ensure their online safety. Here’s what can happen to you without a VPN:

  • Email accounts& banking information: It’s very convenient for any hacker to spot your activities online and use them to gain entry into your PC. Once inside, a hacker can place any key-logging or eavesdropping program that can monitor and report all your activities.
  • Private photos: Those family photos and videos that you’ve stored safely on your hard drive isn’t safe at all. Data infiltration for stealing private photos is thought to be a common practice by many social media websites as it helps them to improve their artificially intelligent facial recognition systems.
  • Private Data: Imagine that confidential documents that are crucial for your company’s growth end up in the hands of competitors. Such a situation can jeopardize economic stability for all the people associated with the organization.
  • DDoS Attacks: Anyone using the internet has an IP address which is visible online, and can be subjected to DDoS attacks. Such attacks can cause people to lose access to their accounts and profiles.
  • Geo-restrictions: Governments with strict internet rules often block access to different websites every now and then. The internet was meant to be completely free with zero-restrictions. These geo-restrictions could be a pain in the butt for many internet users, especially those who make a living from the blocked websites and content.

Compatibility with Variety of Protocols

Most of us, who have been using a fast VPN, and are quiet techie, must know what protocols are? And how they can affect the speed of a VPN service?

VPN protocols are one of the most important ingredients of VPN security and accessibility. Protocols construct a bridge between your device and the designated website server to securely transmit your data. Some very common protocols are PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP/IPSec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN.

Each Protocol has its own ability and purpose of use.

PPTP – PPTP is mostly used when more speed is required than security. It is a less encrypted and super fast VPN protocol and offers fastest VPN provider speed.

L2TP – L2TP with IPSec gives moderate speed with more security. It is second to offer faster speed with moderate security.

SSTP – SSTP is the most secure protocol, but compromises the speed of the VPN. It is highly encrypted and offers slower speed.

OpenVPN – OpenVPN, on the other hand, is a free, open-source protocol that is not dependent on the device and it gives good speed with complete security.

So, the overall conclusion is that to get maximum speed when security is not your first concern, PPTP is the best choice.

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Easy-to-Use Speed Test Tools

Very few, so called, fastest VPN service providers, offer Speed Test Tools built-in with their software. A speed test tool helps you determine the speed of a particular server or connects you automatically to less crowded and fastest server near your location.

If your, so called, fastest VPN service provider does not offer this feature, then there are several websites on the internet that can determine the speed of your connection like

Speed Caps on the Services

Sometimes everything seems fine in your VPN connection, but still your speed is slow. You tried to fix everything, connect and reconnect, but didn’t find the flaw with your device or connection. Then what is it? It’s the speed cap that your VPN provider might have put on your subscription.

There are expert cons in the VPN industry, and they are there to trap you and rip you off. You might have not known and it might not have been mentioned in your subscription plan that there are some caps on speed from the provider side. In that case, there is nothing you can do except changing your VPN provider and subscribe to the fastest VPN service.

Why PureVPN is on the Top of the List for Fastest VPN Service?

It’s very easy to talk and make big claims, but very hard to deliver as per your promise. PureVPN exactly delivers the same as it promises to its users. According to our analysis, PureVPN scores 55/60 when it comes to deliver fastest VPN service speed.

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PureVPN also offer dedicated stealth VPN servers for streaming. For instance, if there’s a match of the FIFA Football World Cup coming in a week, PureVPN will dedicate few servers only for FIFA fans to connect with and enjoy fastest VPN streaming speed and buffer-free streaming of every single match.

Other reasons to select PureVPN as the fastest VPN service include:

  • PureVPN hosts and manages its own network of 550+ servers in 121+ countries that helps users get the fastest VPN provider speed and maximum uptime.
  • PureVPN offers a variety of Protocols like PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and IKEv2. You have more room to select and enjoy the optimum combination of security and speed.
  • PureVPN’s advanced software comes with built-in Speed test tools.
  • PureVPN clearly mentions that there are no caps on its services and it really means it. PureVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and high speed VPN to its customers.
  • PureVPN dedicated streaming servers offers you fastest VPN service speed and makes your streaming experience remarkable.


Remember that many factors affect your actual internet speed than the VPN you’re using. These include line quality, distance to the web server you’re connecting to, how many people are using a website, how many people are using the internet in your local area, and much more.

But, in spite of all the aforementioned dilemmas, a super fast VPN service like PureVPN has minimal effect on your high speed VPN. And, as shown earlier, you don’t have to sacrifice your privacy and security to get good speed; you can still get the combination of both with the fastest VPN service, which in our case is PureVPN.

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