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AirVPN Review in 2022 – A VPN with No Logs

“The genuine internet’s air to breathe.” This is the slogan of AirVPN. The service provider is based in Italy and is run by activists and hacktivists who are fighting for net neutrality and privacy while also fighting censorship.

The 14 eyes alliance does not include Italy, where AirVPN’s headquarters are situated. The question is, how well does AirVPN safeguard your personal information? Is the service able to unblock streaming services like Netflix? We will give a response to each and every question of yours.

AirVPN Brief Review 

AirVPN is a secure VPN service that prioritizes online privacy and freedom. It uses robust encryption techniques, runs at a reasonable speed, and has a clear privacy policy. You can buy an account using cryptocurrency and pay for it anonymously. AirVPN allows you to stream Netflix episodes (albeit it does not guarantee access to all Netflix libraries) and download torrents without difficulty.

The AirVPN website and interface appear to be a little old in style. Furthermore, the provider’s approach is less attractive and technical than that of other suppliers. This reduces user-friendliness but provides good personalization options: you can control many settings yourself.

Overall, Air VPN is a solid VPN company for seasoned VPN users.

Specifications AirVPN 

  • Costs $3.11 per month.
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux are examples of operating systems.
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Torrenting is permitted.
  • The policy for logs is Zero logs
  • OpenVPN and Wireguard are the protocols used.
  • Paypal, Credit Card, and Cryptocurrency are examples of payment options.
  • Yes, there is a money-back guarantee.
  • Netflix, HBO, Apple, Android, Windows, Torrent, Gaming, and Disney+ are all supported.

AirVPN’s Speed – How Fast Is It?

AirVPN is open and honest about its services. At any time, you can check the connection speed of several AirVPN servers. You can quickly tell AirVPN if the speed drops drastically or otherwise does not meet your expectations. They use feedback from customers to enhance the efficiency of their services.

When it comes to speed, we can draw a few conclusions:

  • When connecting to a local server (near our workplace), the speed was comparable to our regular connection.
  • The download speed was twice as slow when connected to a distant server.
  • We didn’t even know the VPN was operating in the background when we were using it on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that AirVPN’s speeds weren’t always as fast as we’d hoped, local servers performed admirably, earning them a 7.5/10 for speed.

Air VPN’s Security – How Safe Is It?

When evaluating a VPN, online security is critical. The main premise of a VPN is that it protects and anonymizes your online activities. The following are our key conclusions on AirVPN’s security features:

  • AirVPN uses OpenVPN and features a WireGuard beta version.
  • The supplier has a strong no-log policy and enforces it using RAM systems.
  • There is a kill switch on AirVPN.
  • By paying for an AirVPN account with cryptocurrency, you can receive one fully anonymously.

AirVPN’s strength is undoubtedly its commitment to privacy and security, giving them a 9.5/10 in this category.

Server Network of AirVPN

If you’re seeking ways to bypass censorship, having a VPN service with IP addresses from a variety of countries can help. When you’re not in your native country, you could have problems connecting to local websites. In general, utilizing a VPN gives you easier access to geo-restricted content.

We noticed the following things about AirVPN’s server network:

  • AirVPN’s server network is modest, but it’s well-functioning.
  • AirVPN servers must adhere to a set of tight guidelines.
  • If you contact AirVPN for a custom package, you can acquire a dedicated IP address.
  • To get around geo-restricted content, AirVPN enables you to suggest additional servers.

We give AirVPN a 7.5/10 for their VPN servers since they have a modest yet well-curated network.

What data does AirVPN require?

You must enter a username, email address, and password when creating an account with Air VPN. A “genuine e-mail address is NOT necessary, you can input a random string,” according to the service. To put it another way, you are not obligated to provide an email address if you do not choose to.

If you pay using PayPal, credit card, or Amazon Pay, you will undoubtedly divulge some personal information about yourself. However, the payment system, not Air VPN, will process this information. Your payment information will not be accessible to the supplier.

Furthermore, several types of cryptocurrencies can be used to make payments. This means you can open an Air VPN account without revealing your identity.

AirVPN: What We’ve Learned

AirVPN is a VPN service that places a premium on anonymity and safety. They have a stringent no-log policy, despite the fact that their offices are in a 14-eyes country. Air VPN offers the OpenVPN protocol and a beta version of WireGuard when it comes to protocols. While surfing and streaming, we experienced reasonable speeds. However, local servers obviously outperformed distant ones.

The Air VPN website and interface aren’t particularly striking in look. They’re a technology-focused company with a lot of customization options. For someone who has never used a VPN before, this can be overwhelming. Air VPN, on the other hand, is an excellent solution for advanced users. The Air VPN community forum, in particular, is a fantastic resource for VPN enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is AirVPN a secure VPN?

Indeed, AirVPN is a secure and private VPN service.

Is Air VPN able to unblock Netflix?

Not all of the time. When connected to an AirVPN server from our location in the Netherlands, we were allowed to access Netflix. When we tried to connect to Netflix USA through an American server, however, we were unable to do so.

Is it possible to use AirVPN to download torrents anonymously?

Yes, AirVPN allows you to download torrents anonymously.

Is AirVPN a free service?

AirVPN does not provide a free service, however, it does offer a monthly subscription for $3.10. If you prefer to try out the service initially, you can spend $2.26 for a three-day trial of the software.

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