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AzireVPN – Is It Worth Using?

AzireVPN is a Swedish service created by Netbouncer AB in 2012. It’s one of the few independent VPNs that focuses solely on user privacy, which is something we appreciate.

The service, on the other hand, can’t seem to figure out who its target market should be. It has a shocking lack of complex capabilities, which will upset power users. Beginners, on the other hand, will have difficulty setting it up due to the intricate configuration necessary.

While we applaud the commitment to privacy, we must question ourselves: is unbreakable privacy sufficient if everything else is mediocre? Keep reading to find out more about AzireVPN and its features!

AzireVPN – Pros And Cons

AzireVPN isn’t the easiest software to set up for newbies. Its clients, on the other hand, are incredibly straightforward and uncomplicated to utilize after you’ve done so. It comes with robust protocols and 256-bit encryption. The connection is reliable and the speeds are good. There is no kill switch or any advanced features, however.

AzireVPN has 65 servers in 19 different locations, with the majority of them being in North America and Europe. You’re out of luck if you need to unblock stuff that’s only available in these areas. AzireVPN presently supports Netflix in the United States and allows torrenting, but it is unable to bypass China’s Great Firewall.

The good news is that AzireVPN is a true no-logging service in terms of privacy. The pricing is reasonable for the features offered, and you can pay using credit cards, PayPal, bitcoin, or cash. However, customer service isn’t their strong strength, as you can only reach them by email (which isn’t available 24/7).

Speed – Is AzireVPN Fast Enough?

One of the most important features of the best VPNs is their speed. It doesn’t matter how safe you are if you can’t watch a movie or enjoy your favorite game. That’s why we put each VPN we review through its paces. We must determine how encryption impacts the speed and overall performance of the system. This is especially true when the ping is in the hundreds of milliseconds range.

We begin by determining our target speed (without a VPN). The overall speed decreases are then determined by comparing them to our test results on other servers. Following that, we keep an eye on any potential daily variations, as many providers restrict their speeds to reduce server burden. VPN Unlimited, for example, throttles its P2P servers once bandwidth usage exceeds a certain threshold.

The following is how AzireVPN fared in our tests:

  • On adjacent servers, it offers reasonable speeds.
  • As we drove further from our starting point, the download speed slowed.
  • We haven’t had any issues with disconnects.
  • The time it took to connect ranged from a few seconds to 16 seconds.
  • During day-to-day use, we saw no significant oscillations.

Safety – Is AzireVPN Secure To Use?

The primary goal of a VPN is to keep your critical information out of the wrong hands. It accomplishes this by encrypting your traffic and disguising your real IP address. VPN companies should also protect you from themselves by not logging in or disclosing your information to authorities.


Any VPN’s flexibility is mostly determined by the protocols it supports. They enable it to do everything from unblocking Netflix to getting through Chinese censorship. In this sense, AzireVPN has the following to offer:

  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP): The most widely used VPN protocol, praised for its speed and security.
  • WireGuard (UDP): A brand-new protocol with lightning-fast speeds and robust security.
  • SOCKS5: It’s an unencrypted proxy tunnel that is mostly used for unblocking geo-restrictions.

However, the Windows client of AzireVPN does not allow you to choose between protocols. Only OpenVPN is supported by their so-called “azclient.” According to the official website, WireGuard fans can download a separate pre-alpha client that may have security flaws and defects. We’re baffled as to why they couldn’t create a single client that could handle both protocols.

Logging And Privacy:

Netbouncer AB, a Swedish corporation, owns AzireVPN. Sweden is a member of the Eyes alliance but does not have any obligatory data retention regulations. This implies it collects and distributes sensitive data on its residents with other member countries. As a result, it’s critical that AzireVPN logs as minimal data as possible.

Furthermore, Sweden is a member of the European Union and is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means you can access, update, and remove the data logged at any time. Without your explicit approval, your information cannot be shared. Our GDPR guide explains how organizations should handle and protect their personal information.

With that in mind, here is the data that AzireVPN has logged:

  • Information about how to register: Email address, username, and password (optional)
  • When you contact customer service, the following information is gathered: Messages and emails
  • Payment information: The payment provider’s payment identifying number

How To Install AzireVPN:

The steps for installing AzireVPN’s Windows client are as follows:

  • Go to the AzireVPN website.
  • In the top-right corner, click Sign Up.
  • Log in using your credentials (username and password).
  • Click Install it on your computer and begin the download.
  • Simply double-click the downloaded setup file and follow the on-screen directions.

You’ll be prompted to install the newest version of the.NET Framework during the installation because AzireVPN won’t work without it. To run.NET Framework 4.8, you’ll need Windows 10 (version 1903) or later.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is AzireVPN free?

AzireVPN is a premium VPN service, not a free one. You’ll get a 7-day money-back guarantee, depending on your payment method, which provides you plenty of opportunities to evaluate the software.

Is AzireVPN safe?

AzireVPN offers a wide range of connection protocols as well as unbreakable encryption. However, it lacks a kill mechanism, which means it could expose your data if it disconnects for any reason.

Does Netflix work with AzireVPN?

Yes, except in China and other censorship-heavy regions, AzireVPN can currently unblock Netflix US from wherever.

Does AzireVPN save your information?

NO. AzireVPN does not save or keep track of any of your information except your log-in credentials.

Final Thoughts

AzireVPN is the epitome of the “everything in one basket” dilemma. Sure, their privacy is impenetrable, but once we get past that, they don’t have much to offer.

The apps that are offered are clumsy and unsophisticated. The speeds are adequate, but not exceptional. They don’t have a kill switch or any of the advanced features that we’ve come to expect. The server network is extremely limited, covering only Europe and North America. Furthermore, customer assistance is delayed and only accessible via email.

The main issue we have with AzireVPN is that we can’t figure out who it’s for. All of the technical setup tutorials will be beyond the comprehension of beginners. The lack of complex functionality, on the other hand, will disappoint power users.

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