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BlufVPN Review (2022)- Budget-friendly VPN Service:

BlufVPN is a comparatively recent VPN service. It was founded in Estonia in 2020 and currently has over 500 servers in 56 countries. This is a pretty large server network for a new VPN service and has plenty of options for subscribers. It’s really nothing special, but it’s more than plenty of others start with.Yet the key question is, how great is Reviewing BlufVPN? Is it fast and dependable for everyday activities like surfing and broadcasting geo-blocked content? Is it also secure and reliable? Beyond everything, is this VPN worth your payment? Although, We put it through its rates of speed in order to answer this and many other questions. For more details, please read our complete Reviewing BlufVPN below.

Reviewing BlufVPN- Quick Overview

First, let’s quickly go over some of BlufVPN’s pros and cons.


  • Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other services are unblocked.
  • Excellent streaming speeds.
  • Affordable fee
  • The interface is modern and simple to use.
  • 30 days money-back assurance.


  • Temporarily logs IP and device information.
  • Windows, macOS, and Android are all supported.
  • Poor customer service
  • Inconsistent information is provided.

Reviewing BlufVPN is only compatible with Windows and Android right now. It was previously available on iOS and macOS, but support was delisted during our performance review. This is quite disappointing but Reviewing BlufVPN is a relatively new VPN service, However, we hope to see more operating systems supported in the future.

Although the speeds could be improved, they are suitable for the majority of users’ needs. Even so, We encountered no major lag or delays while surfing the web or video streaming. We could easily use it to bypass all the strong restrictions of American Netflix, Hulu, DisneyPlus, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.

BlufVPN- Specifications in 2022

Price From $2.00 per month.
Operating devicesAndroid and Windows.
Multiple simultaneous connections5.
Netflix Works with Netflix.
Torrent Allowed.
Protocols IKEV2, OpenVPN.
Payment optionsCredit Card.
Money-Back warranty Yes.

BlufVPN- Multiple Speed Test

When comparing VPNs, Speed plays a major role to consider. It is common for connection speeds to drop after connecting to a VPN. However, The drop should not have a significant impact on your browsing.

The table below represents our BlufVPN speed test outcomes. This is intended to give you a general idea of how this VPN affects upload and download speeds. Also, Their software automatically chooses the best server based on your location.

No VPN96.90100%46.45100%3
Optimal Server43.1144.48%18.9040.68%104
United States42.1043.44%12.3326.45%210
United Kingdom33.8834.96%19.0140.92%165

Moreover, During our testing, Bluf VPN proved to be quite dependable for everyday use. Although it significantly slows down connection speeds, it was still adequate to load websites and stream videos without major lag.

Here are our general opinions on BlufVPN:

  • The VPN tends to take several seconds to connect, which is unusual given that most other services we’ve tested connect almost quickly.
  • The speeds are suitable, but there are many improvements to be made.
  • We faced higher ping times, particularly when playing graphics-intensive games.

BlufVPN- Security And Privacy

To prevent your data from being compromised, a VPN must use secure protocols and encryption. Furthermore, when you bypass geographically restricted content blocks, you can browse anonymously and must remain safe.


BlufVPN supports multiple tunneling protocols, including OpenVPN, Wise TCP, Wise UDP, and IKEv2. The standard protocols are adequate and secure. WireGuard is also likely to be included in a future update by the company.

Logging and Privacy:

BlufVPN claims that it does not keep user data logs. This tends to mean that the VPN does not record the websites you visit or the activities you engage in online. BlufVPN is based in Estonia, which is not a member of the intelligence alliances known as the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, or 14 Eyes.

Kill Switch:

Both the Windows and Android apps of BlufVPN include a kill switch. This restricts your IP address and other information from being leaked accidentally. However, This feature is not installed by default and must be enabled by the user if it is to be used unscheduled.

However, the following are our observations regarding BlufVPN’s security:

  • It supports the tunneling protocols OpenVPN, Wise TCP, Wise UDP, and IKEv2.
  • It employs 256-bit data encryption, which is industry standard.
  • Although BlufVPN claims to keep no logs, its privacy policy reveals that it does collect a few user data.
  • To prevent IP leaks, both the Windows and Android apps have a kill switch.

Reviewing BlufVPN- Pricing and Payment Options:

One of the benefits of BlufVPN is that it is one of the most budget-friendly VPNs we’ve found. A three-year plan costs only a couple of dollars per month, which is extremely affordable. 

Although there is no such thing as a “free trial,” you do get BlufVPN’s 30-day money-back assurance, which allows you to test it for a month and request a refund if you cancel your membership during that time. However, BlufVPN offers three subscription plans that are mentioned below:

  • $9.99 per month.
  • $41.88 per year.
  • $72.00 for three years.

Furthermore, BlufVPN accepts only card payments (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). Even though the website says that cryptocurrencies are accepted, at the time of writing, that option was not available on the payments page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlufVPN simple to use?

BlufVPN is simple to download and set up, taking only a few minutes.

Is BlufVPN safe to use?

Yes, Because BlufVPN protects your data with secure protocols and industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption.

Does BlufVPN support Netflix?

Yes, BlufVPN unblocks Netflix and many other streaming services in multiple countries.

Is BlufVPN’s server network perfectly adequate?

BlufVPN has a limited server network that is adequate for the majority of users worldwide.


Our experience with BlufVPN has been positive. However, we did our best to include all relevant and important information about BlufVPN in this article. We hope this article was extremely helpful to you. Thank you.

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