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Reviewing HMA VPN (2022)- The Controversial VPN Service

HMA VPN has evolved significantly since its beginnings. Hide My Ass was once the only way to gain access to internet sites in regions where you shouldn’t be able to. Whereas it has since been rebranded as HMA, and despite fierce competition, Clearly, HMA remains probably one of the best VPN services seeking to make the internet more independent and secure.

Alternatively, other parties have taken over HMA VPN twice. It was purchased by AVG in 2015 and was later purchased by Avast in 2016. Are quite well antivirus software service. We conducted a detailed review of HMA VPN to see how this has impacted the quality of the VPN. Read about our research results below.

HMA VPN-A Quick Overview

Let’s start with some of the HMA VPN’s pros and cons.


  • Easy to use.
  • Well-priced.
  • Easy to download.
  • 30 Days Money-Back assurance.
  • There are numerous server locations.
  • Speed test and IP shuffle functions are convenient.
  • Amazing customer service.


  • Previously discredited due to logging problems
  • Doesn’t work with US Netflix.
  • Located in the UK.
  • When downloading torrents, the connection is slowed.

If you just want to hide your IP address and remain anonymous online, HMA VPN is a good option. It’s also reasonably priced, user-friendly, and has excellent customer service.

However, it is not an ideal VPN. It cannot unblock US Netflix, is located in the United Kingdom, and, perhaps the most concerning, slows your connection if you attempt to download torrents. Even so, it is still a good option for users seeking basic functionality.

HMA VPN Features 2022

PriceFrom $2.79 per month.
Operating devices Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac.
Multiple Simultaneous connections 5.
Logs policy Zero logs.
NetflixWorks with Netflix.
ProtocolsOpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec.
Payment optionsPaypal, Credit Card, Other.
Money-Back assurance Yes.

What is the HMA VPN speed?

If you like to watch videos, download torrent sites, or simply browse with a VPN, it is important that you use one that has as little impact on the speed of your internet connection as possible. Thus, that is why we analyzed HMA VPN’s speed.

HMA VPN-Different Speed Outcomes

To begin, we analyzed our connection speed without a VPN to establish a baseline. We normally conduct our tests from the Netherlands, but for this review, we tested HMA’s speed from the United States. In addition to this, we tested the speed with a near-the-area server in the United States, followed by servers in Europe.

HMA VPN also has its own performance test, which we also tried. However, the difference in results between and HMA VPN’s speed test was minimal in the end.

By the way, HMA VPN’s speed test is a very great feature. You can quickly obtain a list of the speediest servers in your region. You can also compare faraway servers to see which one provides the fastest speeds.

However, Our speed tests generated the following outcomes that are:

No VPN222100%11.12100%23
Fastest server198.3789.2%10.8797.75%37
The Netherlands212.9495.5%1198.9%115
The U.K (London)218.4798.2%11.0299.1%100
The U.S (New York)204.3892%11.0499.28%43
Germany (Berlin)119.9954%10.5694.96%195
France (Paris)197.5688.99%10.7997.03%199

These are the outcomes of our haste. We ran the test from the United States, and then when we connected to the closest US server (HMA’s “Lightning Connect” option), the download speed dropped by about one-third while the upload speed remained roughly the same. Though this is a respectable outcome, we discovered that the New York-based server (optimized for video streaming) provided quicker download and upload speeds.

The ping response time has improved, which is common when using distant servers. However, even servers in Europe optimized for streaming provided faster upload and download speeds than the “Lightning Connect” server. Since we’d primarily use HMA for streaming, we’d suggest connecting to servers that are optimized for it.

However, All we can say is that In terms of speed, HMA performed admirably.

Everyday Speed Outcome

We had no buffering issues on YouTube or Netflix while using HMA. Along with that, the most serious issue with HMA’s speed is that its speed drops your connection when you download torrent files. Subsequently, this means that if you live in the UK, you cannot get the US version of Netflix from Europe.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • HMA VPN has fast speeds.
  • Furthermore, HMA VPN is ideal for online streaming content.
  • HMA VPN includes a useful speed test function that allows you to quickly select a fast server.
  • Additionally, we didn’t notice any difference in speed while gaming with HMA VPN.
  • Also, during everyday use, there was no discernible difference in speed.

How Safe is HMA VPN to Use?

When we analyze a VPN, we always consider security. Also, we focus on the strengths of the VPN protocols and encryption, but we also consider whether a VPN protects your privacy and anonymity. Obviously, you want a VPN that allows you to use the internet safely. 

Moreover, Here’s a rundown of HMA’s security.

  • The HMA VPN employs 256-bit encryption.
  • Apart from tihs, you can select from a number of VPN protocols, including OpenVPN.
  • As an added bonus, HMA VPN includes a kill switch and an app kill switch.
  • It should be noted, that to create an account for some payment methods, you must enter your full name. Third-party processors store this information.
  • Importantly, HMA has a strict no-logs policy.

What are the HMA VPN Pricing and Payment Options?

HMA VPN is not the least expensive VPN, but it is also not the most expensive. HMA VPN provides three subscription options. Moreover, the more extended the subscription, the lower the monthly cost. So, please keep in mind that you pay per subscription period, not per month. As a result, you must pay a 6-month subscription every 6 months, a year subscription every year, and so on.

HMAVPN offers the following subscription plans:

  • 12 months: $4.99/month ($59.88 billed annually)
  • $3.99/month for 24 months ($95.76 billed every two years)
  • $3.99/month for 36 months ($107.64 billed every three years)

These subscriptions all include a 30-day money-back assurance. Besides, there is also a 7-day free trial available on their official website under the Downloads tab.

Also, HMAVPN accepts a variety of payment options, including.

  • PayPal.
  • Credit card.
  • iDeal.
  • Sofort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the HMA VPN customer service?

HMAVPN provides excellent customer service. Furthermore, we contacted HMA’s chat support several times while testing the service.

How many servers does HMA VPN offer?

HMAVPN offers over 1100+ servers in over 240 locations.

Is it true that HMA VPN does not work with (American) Netflix?

Yes, it is, HMAVPN does not work with Netflix in the United States.

Does HMA VPN provide a dedicated IP address?

No, the HMAVPN service does not provide dedicated IP addresses.

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