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Malwarebytes Privacy VPN Analysis (2022)

There are more and more cyber security businesses establishing their own VPNs. Malwarebytes Privacy VPN, best known for its antivirus software, entered the VPN market in 2020. Before opting to enter the VPN market, the firm initially became a Mullvad VPN reseller in 2019 to measure overall demand.

They have chosen to shake up the industry with their own VPN after receiving an extremely lot of positive feedback. At first appearance, the resulting product appears to be a quite basic VPN with a high price tag. However, large brands like Malwarebytes are typically worth a closer look.

It is why we opted to place this VPN to the trial and see how it performs to the competition. In the entire Malwarebytes VPN review below, we go through all of our test findings and user impressions.

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN Specifications

  • Price starts at $3.33 per month.
  • Mac, iOS, Android and Windows are the accessible operating systems.
  • 5 devices can be connected to the VPN at a time.
  • It allows torrenting.
  • Compatible with Netflix.
  • Wireguard is the protocol used.
  • Methods of payment: Credit Card and PayPal.
  • Netflix, HideIP, Torrent, Android and Windows are all supported.

Efficiency – How Quick is Malwarebytes Privacy VPN?

The most critical components of any VPN are safety and speed. Top VPN service providers maintain a delicate ratio between the two. They can encrypt your data without halting your internet speed.

Below are the results of our assessment of Malwarebytes Privacy VPN:

  • A few servers maintain a significant portion of the standard speed.
  • Some regions completely halted our internet speed.
  • During everyday usage, we noted significant variations.

Protection – How Safe is Malwarebytes Privacy VPN?

A good VPN should protect your surfing and other online activities. Thankfully, Malwarebytes VPN excels at online security as it offers a robust security solution that is appropriate with the brand. We will go through its logging strategy, protocol and signup data in further detail below.

Protocol implementation

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN uses only one protocol, WireGuard. Further, to obtain additional speed, its developers removed some unneeded factors that would slow down other protocols like OpenVPN.


Malwarebytes Privacy employs the AES-256 encryption, which is used by the banking sector and the armed services.

Privacy and logging policy

Malwarebytes promotes its software as a no-logging VPN. Furthermore, it does not collect IP addresses, URLs visited, DNS queries, bandwidth utilization, network information, or local Malwarebytes Privacy application logs.

Auto kill switch

Malwarebytes Privacy has a kill switch, which prohibits your device from connecting to the internet without VPN security. This avoids data leakage if your VPN goes down for any reason. 

Signup data

Below is the information you will require to set up your Malwarebytes account:

  • Email ID
  • Password

Accessibility – Is Malwarebytes Privacy VPN Easy to Use?

Malwarebytes Privacy has high marks for usability. Even if it is your first VPN, you will have no difficulty accessing its application and locating what you are looking for. Everything regarding its webpage, clients, setup, price, and customer service can be found below.

Website and installation

Malwarebytes offers a wide range of products, as evidenced by the website.

After purchasing the VPN subscription, we recommend that you first create a Malwarebytes account in order to install Malwarebytes Privacy VPN on your laptop or smartphone.

Interface and functionality

Malwarebytes VPN’s application is clean, straightforward, and simple to use. Its main screen has a huge on/off switch and a server-switching shortcut. Further, you can see your actual and allocated IP addresses at the very bottom on the screen.

Payment methods and prices

Malwarebytes provides the following VPN subscriptions:

  • For a single device: $3.33/month and $39.99/year.
  • For 3 devices: $4.16/month and $49.99/year.
  • For 5 devices: $4.99/month and $59.99/year.

It also accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cards card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).
  • PayPal

Customer care

Its main site has everything a visitor might want: a comprehensive FAQ section, a variety of helpful instructions, a forum, and a weblog.

Server Network of Malwarebytes Privacy VPN

With additional servers, you may “unblock the internet” to a better level, from streaming to avoiding online restrictions. More locations also imply reduced server congestion.

Server count and locations

Its servers amount to 400+ across 30+ countries, which is not that remarkable. 

Dedicated IPs

With its dedicated IP, the VPN grants you the same IP address each time you connect. It is associated with your profile and cannot be used by anyone else.

Some Additional Features of Malwarebytes Privacy VPN

Extra features of Malwarebytes VPN include:

  • Accessing regional Netflix versions (particularly the US).
  • Peer-to-peer support.
  • Split-tunneling.

Wrapping It Up

Malwarebytes Privacy is just an above average VPN. It is not a remake version of Mullvad, but it still seems rough. Although many beneficial features have been added along the way, it cannot compete with the finest VPNs available.

It requires much more work, but the promise is there. We believe it has the potential to become an excellent VPN, but it is not yet there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Malwarebytes Privacy a reliable VPN?

Yes, it employs the ultra-fast WireGuard protocol in association with AES-256 encryption. This is presently the most powerful cypher available. It also has an automated kill switch to avoid unintentional data leakage.

Is there a Malwarebytes VPN for Android?

Malwarebytes does, in fact, provide a VPN for Android devices. It can also be installed on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices.

Is Malwarebytes VPN compatible with Netflix?

Yes, it can access regional Netflix versions, including the UK, the US, Germany, France, and other countries. So, you simply need to discover some amazing Netflix shows to stream.

What is the price of Malwarebytes VPN?

The cost is determined by the number of devices you desire to connect simultaneously. Therefore, a membership for one device costs $39.99 per year, three devices cost $49.99 per year, and five devices cost $59.99 per year. In addition, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can effectively try this VPN for free.

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