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MozillaVPN – Review 2022

We’re seeing an increasing number of cybersecurity firms jump on the VPN bandwagon. MozillaVPN has decided to follow in the footsteps of Malwarebytes and Bitdefender by launching its own VPN service.

Initially, it collaborated with Proton VPN, but later switched to Mullvad. As a result, the VPN is fairly basic, with few fancy features. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as everything works properly.

A well-known organization like Mozilla deserves our full attention, so their VPN received it. Continue reading to see the results of our hands-on testing and to learn everything there is to know about this promising VPN service.

What is the speed of MozillaVPN?

One of the two most important aspects of any VPN is its speed (security being the second). Solid encryption algorithms will always slow you down to some degree, but top-tier VPNs manage to mitigate this speed loss to the greatest extent possible.

Slow connections will exacerbate this issue, especially when connecting to remote locations. This is why we run VPN speed tests across multiple servers. It allows us to compare the costs of local and distant options.

Following our testing of Mozilla VPN, we came to the following conclusions:

  • The servers retain a significant portion of their original speed.
  • Connecting to a server can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes.
  • We had a number of disconnects and had difficulty reconnecting.
  • During daily use, we experienced no significant speed fluctuations.
  • Mozilla VPN speed test results.
  • Mozilla VPN was tested from our corporate offices in the Netherlands. We also attempted to test it from Spain, but were unable to get it to work.

Please keep in mind that this table should only be viewed as an indication of potential outcomes. Actual speeds may vary depending on your location and the quality of your connection. Nonetheless, this test will undoubtedly assist you in determining the impact of Mozilla VPN’s encryption on its overall speed.

Speed in Everyday Use

Once connected, Mozilla VPN maintains its speed fairly well. We did, however, experience some disconnects due to the kill switch running wild in order to keep everything in check. Simply put, when Mozilla VPN works, it works well, but it frequently does not. To avoid latency issues, we usually recommend using your local servers. But we can’t do that because we had issues with servers in the Netherlands as well.

Security – How Safe Is MozillaVPN?

The primary function of a VPN is to anonymize your online traffic and keep your personal information safe from prying eyes. We’ll discuss Mozilla’s overall security, connection protocols, logging policy, and registration data in this section.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • ChaCha20 encryption is used by Mozilla VPN.
  • It uses the WireGuard protocol, which is well-known for its high security and speed.
  • It has a kill switch that is always turned on.


Mozilla chose just one protocol: WireGuard. Jason Donenfeld, a security researcher and kernel developer, created it. The main goal was to simplify existing protocols (most notably OpenVPN) without sacrificing privacy or internet security.

Usability – How Easy Is It to Use MozillaVPN?

Mozilla has a user-friendly client, making it a good VPN for beginners. Everything about its official website, installation process, clients, pricing, and customer support can be found below.

The following are the most important aspects of its usability:

  • The Mozilla VPN website is simple to use.
  • On all devices, the installation is quick.
  • To install Mozilla VPN, you must have a Firefox account.
  • Following your purchase, there is a 4-day confirmation period.
  • The clients are simple to use and intuitive.
  • There are currently no crypto payments available.
  • Customer service requires a significant amount of effort.

Payment options and pricing

Although Mozilla claims to charge “a small fee” for its VPN service, a quick look at its subscription options reveals a different story. We really like the 30-day money-back guarantee because it allows you to test the client for a full month for free.

Mozilla VPN provides three subscription plans:

  • 1 month: €/$9.99
  • 6 months: €/$6.99
  • 12 months: €/$4.99

Mozilla VPN Server Network

  • Mozilla VPN has over 400 servers in over 30 countries.
  • Currently, dedicated IP addresses are not available.

Options for Mozilla VPN

Mozilla began as a bare-bones VPN with no additional features in July 2020. It gradually added a few useful features, making it passable but still far from impressive. It also became an acceptable VPN for Netflix, so credit must be given where credit is due.

Here are some additional features you can expect from Mozilla VPN:

  • It is compatible with Netflix US.
  • Torrenting is permitted.
  • Split-tunneling
  • Multi-hop VPN, which “duplicates” your VPN connection.

In the end, Mozilla VPN appears to be an unfinished product that requires more time to reach its full potential. We truly believe that with some extra polish and work invested in the support structure, this can become a service worthy of the brand. We’re still a long way from that point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mozilla VPN free?

No, Mozilla VPN is a paid service. There are no free versions available. Prices range from $4.99 for a year to $9.99 for a single month. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available. If you want to learn more about Mozilla VPN, read our comprehensive review with hands-on testing.

Is MozillaVPN secure?

Mozilla VPN employs the highly secure WireGuard protocol. However, they are based in the United States and collect a lot of sensitive data, such as your IP address, age, location, and so on. It’s a promising VPN, but it’s nowhere near as good as some of the best VPNs available.

Does it allow streaming?

Yes, Mozilla is a VPN that works with Netflix. During our tests, we were able to stream Netflix from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany, and France. However, we were unable to unblock Netflix Turkey.

Does MozillaVPN slow down the internet connection?

Every VPN will, to some extent, slow down your connection. It’s the cost of encrypting (and protecting) your data. Mozilla is no exception, but this VPN does retain a significant portion of your original speed. Check out some of the fastest VPNs currently available on the market if you’re looking for sheer speed.

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