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Mullvad review 2022- Great for privacy and speed.

Mullvad is a VPN service based in Sweden (a “14 eyes” country) that focuses primarily on privacy. They are serious about their mission, you don’t even need an email account to create a new account. Mullvad will give you lots of particular codes on their official site to allow you to log in and purchase a paid subscription. You can also pay anonymously.

Aside from this personal and private system, Mullvad is also ahead of the competition regarding VPN protocols. For example, The users can also use the WireGuard protocol. This protocol was designed exclusively for Linux users and it is predicted to outperform IPsec and OpenVPN.

MullvadVPN‘s Specifications (2022)

PriceFrom $6.75 per month.
Operating devicesWindows, Android, Linux, iOS, Mac.
Multiple simultaneous connections5.
Logs policy Zero logs.
ProtocolsWireguard, OpenVPN.
Money-back assuranceYes.
Payment optionsPaypal, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, etc. 

What is the MullvadVPN‘s Top Speed?

Do you want to be able to get access, live broadcast, and download with ease while being secured by a VPN? Then you’ll only need a VPN that has little impact on your home internet speed. Because of that, we tested Mullvad’s speed properly. However, All of our test outcomes are listed below.

Mullvad’s speed test outcomes:

Until testing Mullvad, we ran on our own bare connection without a VPN. Then We activated it and selected a local server to see how our download and upload speeds were affected. Then we did the same thing with a server in the US. However, We attempted to maintain as much consistency as possible among the test variables.

Speed without VPN outcome-

We tested the speed without the VPN, and the outcome was a Ping of 4 ms. The download speed was 86.18 Mbps, with an upload speed of 94.05 Mbps.

Local server outcome- 

The Speedtest outcomes of our connection after connecting to a Mullvad-provided local server in the Netherlands. Both upload and download speeds of 90.22 Mbps and 81.08 Mbps were directly impacted.

Server in the US outcome –

Mullvad’s US servers are incredibly fast when compared to other VPN  services. Moreover, The ping increased to 169 ms as usual, but the download and upload speeds remained high at 50.03 Mbps and 77.15 Mbps, respectively.

Speed outcome of everyday use

Mullvad is among the fastest VPNs we’ve tried. However, we can’t see any difference in speed when we use Mullvad during our everyday internet browsing. Able to stream on YouTube, gaming through Stream, and downloading in our browser and via torrent networks all ran perfectly during everyday use.

Mulllvad’s Speed- Conclusion

  • During our extensive speed tests, Mullvad managed to reach very high speeds.
  • Mullvad had little impact on our internet speed during everyday internet use.
  • Mullvad is a lightning-fast VPN service and faster than the majority of competitors.

How Secure is Mullvad VPN to Use?

In our opinion, The most important element of any VPN service is its security. This is also connected to privacy. However, Mullvad is an ideal buy for everyone. Because they use the most secure protocols and even devised a special system to handle client accounts, they ask for as little personal information as possible. 

Mullvad’s logging and privacy:

Mullvad strictly enforces a no-logs policy. They also openly confess that if you use any particular payment options, then the third parties will receive information about you. As a result,  The only thing they require from you to create an account is a form of payment option (which could come with personal payment details).

Mullvad protocols:

Mullvad only utilizes the most secure protocols, such as OpenVPN and WireGuard. OpenVPN has gradually become the industry standard for VPN services. Furthermore,  WireGuard is a comparatively new protocol that is still in development but is said to be ideal for IPsec and OpenVPN. In other statements, Mullvad is ahead of the competition regarding protocols.

Mullvad’s security- Conclusion

  • Mullvad only utilizes the most secure protocols including  WireGuard and OpenVPN.
  • Mullvad does not keep any kind of logs.
  • Mullvad does not require an email account to create a VPN account.
  • Emails to customer care can also be sent through PGP encrypted email.

Mullvad VPN Pricing and Payment Options:

MullvadVPN is quite pricey at €5, per month (approximately $6.75). This price does not change whether you want a subscription for one month or many other months. Moreover, They also promote payment with Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash by offering a 10% discount, if you select to pay in one of those forms. Although this isn’t a big discount, it’s worth looking into if you intend to use Mullvad for an extended period of time.

Mullvad VPN payment options:

The MullvadVPN payment options are as follows:

  • Paypal.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Cash.
  • Credit card.
  • Cash.
  • Voucher.
  • Swish.
  • and Bank transfer.

Wrapping it up

Now it’s time to wrap up, and we hope that we did our best to cover all of the important aspects of the Mullvad and that you found it useful. Thank you for reading this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make a Mullvad payment using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash?

Why not, after all? Although Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash payment is one of the most anonymous payment options.  You can also transfer funds directly from your account to theirs.

Is there any customer service provided by MullvadVPN?

Yes, Mullvad provides excellent customer service. Your questions will be answered within 10 minutes, isn’t that great? 

How user-friendly is MullvadVPN?

Mullvad’s usability is acceptable.

Is Mullvad compatible with (American) Netflix?

We cannot promise that Mullvad will work to unblock the American version of Netflix.  Netflix effectively attempts to prevent VPN consumers from using their services, and Mullvad’s servers appear to be unable to bypass this restriction. When we questioned this, Mullvad informed us that some users can access Netflix by using the SOCKS5 proxy and a New York server, but this didn’t seem to work for us. This is a huge shame for a VPN that can achieve such speeds and would be ideal for Netflix streaming if it could only grant you access.

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