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Perfect Privacy Review: Excellent Security, But Slow Speeds

Perfect Privacy is a well-known VPN service that was founded in 2014 by Vectura Data Management Limited Company, a Swiss company. It is primarily concerned with user privacy as well as strong online security. It comes with a slew of cutting-edge advance capabilities that are perfectly suited for tech-savvy power users. Is Perfect Privacy even capable of competing with the industry’s top VPN services? See what we found out in our Perfect Privacy VPN review.

Brief Review of Perfect Privacy 

Perfect Privacy bills itself as a “premium VPN,” which helps to justify its exorbitant costs. It’s one of the most costly VPNs available, but in our opinion, it doesn’t provide enough value for the money.

With AES-256 encryption, stealth mode, a strong firewall, and tracking blockers, this VPN provides a robust security bundle. Furthermore, their privacy policy does not reveal any potentially hazardous logging or data sharing. It also employs servers that are solely based on RAM. The sole disadvantage is that it does not support some popular protocols that are available from other premium providers, such as WireGuard.

While Perfect Privacy VPN review has a lot of features, many other (less expensive) VPNs do as well. On paper, several choices, such as four-server multi-hop and IPv6 support, sound excellent, but few users will need or utilize them.

Perfect Privacy VPN review let us down in terms of quickness. Clearly, the company’s major focus isn’t on fast servers. In reality, they seem to be more than willing to forego speed in exchange for inflated security. This is bolster by the fact that it has a small server network.

We were astonish to notice that the program appeared to be rather obsolete, given its current cost. All of the necessary features are available, but the overall appearance does not scream “contemporary, top-notch VPN.” We have to consider that this VPN is a relatively pricey VPN, primarily oriented toward advance users because it has so many sophisticated features and no live chat feature.

Perfect Privacy VPN’s Speed-How fast is it?

The overall performance of your VPN is mostly determined by the speed of your network. If your internet is slow, using a VPN while streaming, gaming, or downloading anything could result in a significant slowdown. That’s why we put all of the VPNs we examine through their pace test to see how they affect our connection.

Perfect Privacy is not designed for high-speed performance, so we assigned it a speed rating of 6/10.

With that in mind, here are the results of our PerfectPrivacy speed test:

  • Perfect Privacy moves at a snail’s pace (even on local servers).
  • During daily use, we didn’t detect any major differences in speed.

PerfectPrivacy VPN’s Security-How Safe Is It?

The primary goal of any VPN should be to prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. Encrypting your online communications, changing your IP address, and avoiding harmful logging practices are all ways to achieve this. Perfect Privacy VPN has a good collection of security features and receives an 8 out of 10 for internet security.

The key takeaways are as follows:

  • The protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec are support by Perfect Privacy.
  • It does not save any information that might be used to positively identify you.
  • It has a great firewall built-in (with the option to activate it permanently).
  • Only your email address and billing information are require for registration.

Perfect Privacy VPN’s Usability: How User-Friendly Is It?

Perfect Privacy comes with a slew of advanced features that will appeal to VPN power users. Beginner VPN users, on the other hand, may have a difficult time navigating all of the complicated settings. As a result, we scored Perfect Privacy a 7.5 on the usability scale.

Here are some crucial aspects to remember:

  • Exceptional Privacy The webpage of VPN is really user-friendly.
  • Beginners may find the apps difficult to use.
  • The setup is simple and straightforward.
  • It’s quite pricey, and there’s just a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Customer service is good, but there is no live chat.

Perfect Privacy VPN Server Network

Our general rule of thumb when it comes to VPN server networks is that the larger the network, the better. With more server locations at your disposal, you may bypass internet restrictions, improve speeds, and gain access to geo-restricted services. It also avoids server overcrowding and the latency that results from having too many users on the same server. PerfectPrivacy receives a 7 out of 10 for its current server configuration.

The essential point to remember is this:

  • Perfect Privacy VPN has more than 50 servers in 26 different locations.
  • Dedicated IP addresses are not available at this time.

PerfectPrivacy VPN: Our Experience

Perfect Privacy VPN is simple to set up, but its clients are not for the faint of heart. In addition, the VPN has a small server network with slow speeds by today’s standards. It appears like the company behind it spent a lot of time honing specific features of their VPN while neglecting key ones such as speed and user experience.

This VPN, with its plethora of complex capabilities, will appeal to power users. PerfectPrivacy is on the right route, especially in terms of security. It employs strong encryption, provides proxy connections, and preserves no potentially harmful logs.

Perfect Privacy is a good VPN with a price that holds it back. It can’t compete with the best VPNs on the market right now because its price-to-value ratio isn’t good enough. However, the potential is undeniable, and we’re excited to see how PerfectPrivacy develops these features in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions 

A secure connection is PerfectPrivacy VPN a secure connection?

Yes! Perfect Privacy places a strong emphasis on the privacy and security of its users.

United Kingdom is situate in the PerfectPrivacy?

Perfect Privacy VPN is situate in Switzerland, which is one of the top spots to get a VPN.

Is Perfect Privacy VPN a cost-free service?

Unfortunately, PerfectPrivacy VPN is a premium-only and very expensive service.

Is there a way to get a dedicated/fixed IP address?

No, all users utilize the server’s IP addresses to strengthen their anonymity.

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