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ProtonVPN Review – 2022

ProtonVPN is a secure VPN service provided by Proton Technologies AG, a Swiss company that also created ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. While ProtonMail allows you to send emails anonymously, Proton VPN is a separate company that provides both paid and free VPN services. 

To ensure users’ online security, Proton VPN prioritizes privacy, anonymity, and encryption. We tested Proton VPN to see how effective it is for everyday use for our review. Is it capable of unblocking Netflix? Is it fast enough for torrent downloads? Can you browse anonymously with it? In our full Proton VPN review, we answer all of these questions and more. 

ProtonVPN’s speed – How fast is it? 

Nobody enjoys waiting for a YouTube video or a file to download. Even when using a secure VPN connection, streaming, gaming, and web browsing should be quick and without lag. Unfortunately, many VPNs have the potential to significantly slow down your internet connection. 

We’re pleased to report that Proton VPN provides adequate speeds for the majority of users for example here are our main findings regarding ProtonVPN’s speed: 

  • The speed tests yielded positive results with both local and remote servers. 
  • Download speeds were adequate while browsing, watching videos, and downloading content. 
  • Netflix and other streaming services worked without a hitch, but you’ll need a ProtonVPN Plus or Visionary plan to get around geo-restrictions. 

Security – How safe is ProtonVPN? 

The most important feature of a VPN may be its security. After all, the whole point of using a VPN is to protect your privacy and surf the internet anonymously. 

This section will inform you about ProtonVPN’s security features. Is ProtonVPN reliable? Is ProtonVPN safe to use? How about a kill button? 

Before we get into the specifics, here are our key findings: 

  • ProtonVPN’s default VPN protocol is WireGuard. 
  • ProtonVPN only keeps connection logs, which include a timestamp for your most recent login. 
  • The ProtonVPN apps are free and open source. 
  • When the connection drops, ProtonVPN has a built-in kill switch and the option to switch servers automatically. 
  • ProtonVPN requires your email address and payment information to create an account. 

ProtonVPN’s usability – How user-friendly is it? 

A VPN service operates in the background of your device. It should provide a safe and anonymous online experience without requiring much effort from you. A VPN’s accessibility is also aided by reasonable pricing and excellent customer service. As a result, it’s critical that a VPN be simple to use, affordable, and supported by customer service. 

Here’s an overview of ProtonVPN’s overall user-friendliness. We investigated its website, installation procedure, app, pricing, and customer service. The following are our key findings: 

  • The ProtonVPN website has a lot of information but is simple to use. 
  • The installation of ProtonVPN is quick and simple. 
  • The ProtonVPN app provides numerous customization options. 
  • ProtonVPN offers a free version with a limited number of servers. 
  • ProtonVPN accepts a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin. 
  • Customer service is helpful, but only via forms and email. 

ProtonVPN Server Network 

Any VPN provider will benefit greatly from a large and well-functioning server network, however, if you want to avoid geo-blocking restrictions, a large network is advantageous. A VPN provider with server locations in multiple countries provides a larger pool of options, allowing you to circumvent restrictions from virtually anywhere on the planet, this applies to everything, from gaining access to regional streaming services to reading geo-restricted newspapers that may not be freely available around the world. 

In this section, we’ll look into the various servers and server locations that ProtonVPN provides. Before we get into the specifics, keep the following in mind: 

  • ProtonVPN operates over 1600 servers in 63 countries. 
  • The number of servers and locations available to you is determined in part by the plan you choose. 
  • There are no dedicated IP addresses available with Proton VPN. 

Locations and Servers 

ProtonVPN has over 1600 servers in 63 countries at the time of writing. The various server locations are as follows: 

  1. Argentina 
  2. Australia 
  3. Austria 
  4. Belgium 
  5. Brazil 
  6. Bulgaria 
  7. Canada 
  8. Chile 
  9. Columbia 
  10. Costa Rica’s 
  11. Cyprus 
  12. Czechia 
  13. Denmark
  14. Estonia 
  15. Finland 
  16. France 
  17. Germany 
  18. Greece 
  19. Hong Kong
  20. Hungary 
  21. Iceland 
  22. India 
  23. Ireland 
  24. Israel 
  25. Italy 
  26. Japan 
  27. Latvia 
  28. Lithuania 
  29. Luxembourg 
  30. Malaysia 
  31. Moldova 
  32. Mexico 
  33. The Netherlands
  34. New Zealand
  35. Norway 
  36. Peru 
  37. Poland 
  38. Portugal 
  39. Romania 
  40. Russia 
  41. Serbia 
  42. Singapore 
  43. Slovakia 
  44. Slovenia 
  45. Spain 
  46. South Africa
  47. Sweden, South Korea 
  48. Switzerland 
  49. Taiwan
  50. Turkey 
  51. Ukraine 
  52. UAE (United Arab Emirates) 
  53. The United Kingdom 
  54. The United States 

Because ProtonVPN is constantly expanding its server network, the available countries and servers are constantly changing. For an up-to-date list of locations, go to the website. 

Options for ProtonVPN 

ProtonVPN offers several options for securely accessing the internet. You can use ProtonVPN to unblock Netflix’s international catalog and download torrents anonymously. In this section, we’ll go over each of these options in greater detail, as well as Proton VPN’s Secure Core features. Here are our key findings in a nutshell: 

  • It is possible to watch American Netflix, though depending on your location, loading may take longer than usual. 
  • Proton VPN has dedicated P2P servers that allow you to safely download torrents. 
  • ProtonVPN’s Secure Core provides additional security. 

Finally, our ProtonVPN review concludes. 

To summarise our Proton VPN review: ProtonVPN is a fairly efficient VPN service that provides adequate privacy and speed for everyday use. Its Secure Core feature ensures premium users’ security by routing traffic through a dual VPN tunnel. Furthermore, ProtonVPN supports Netflix and torrent downloads, though speeds may vary depending on your location and the server locations you connect to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Proton VPN free?

Yes, it has a free version.

Is ProtonVPN secure?

It is super secure, as it uses IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN for enhanced security. 

Does it allow streaming?

Yes, but for that, you will have to buy ProtonVPN Plus.

Can I use ProtonVPN for torrenting?

Yes, it can also be used for downloading torrents. 

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