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Torguard Review – Pros Cons & Features Tested (Updated February 2022)

torguard review

TorGuard puts an end to all the theories, some of which may actually be true, that some VPN providers may keep logs of users’ online activity. TorGuard is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of all netizens around the world.

Launched in 2012, TorGuard is a Nevis, West Indies-based company that offers VPN services. The company’s website explicitly states that the TorGuard service has nothing to do with the Tor project, as the name might suggest (although it does say that it supports the project through donations). Rather, its target audience is Torrent seeders and leechers.

TorGuard is an anonymous VPN Proxy service, which bounces your data off multiple hosts and servers, encrypting and anonymizing it every time, making it impossible for anyone to ever trace the origin of connection or the identity of TorGuard user.

Based on TorGuard Customer reviews, it is an exceptionally good VPN service, which takes care of user privacy and security and keeps them very safe and secure from all online threats and malice.

TorGuard Features: What does TorGuard offer?

TorGuard VPN works in almost the same way as any other VPN. It masks your original IP address and assigns you a pseudo IP address, giving you a new identity every time you go online. The newly assigned IP address also gets encrypted, making it impossible for it to leak or get revealed to any cybercriminal or government monitoring agency.

So to list it down in technical terms, it offers online freedom, encryption, anonymity, and protection, which summarizes almost everything you need to be safe online.

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TorGuard Server List

torguard server list

Among the big names in the VPN industry, TorGuard holds a reputable place because of its availability of servers in so many locations. TorGuard has more than 3000 servers located across 69 different countries across the globe. It has a shared pool of more than 5000 IP addresses, providing its users with the ultimate anonymity and online freedom.

There is just one downside to TorGuard servers; it does not provide dynamic server switching. Some users find this a turn off, but we believe that all the other great features provided by TorGuard compensate well for this shortcoming.

TorGuard Speed Test

We subscribed for a premium package for the precise purpose of running TorGuard through a speed test. While testing, we were using an internet connection of 100 Mbps. After connecting to TorGuard, out internet connection was still providing almost 54 Mbps download speed and around 50 Mbps for upload speed. We also tried retesting multiple times, each time connecting to a different server location. The results were almost the same everytime.

Obviously, a lot of bandwidth is being lost after connecting to TorGuard, but let’s look at the bright side. An average speed of 50 Mbps is very decent, enough to support lag-less streaming and uninterrupted browsing. Here is a screenshot of the result of the speed test we ran for TorGuard.

torguard speed test

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TorGuard Email Service

In the modern times, we use email as the primary mode of business communication. However, time and again, it has come to light that email is a very vulnerable and highly risky mode of communication for sensitive data and information.

TorGuard has provided its users with its very own email service. This service makes it possible for the users to send and receive emails in a completely secure and protected fashion. TorGuard email service ensures that all data that is sent or received over its servers is heavily encrypted with multiple encryption protocols on both ends.

With this service, TorGuard has won the trust of thousands of professionals worldwide who know use TorGuard’s email service to send and receive sensitive data and information over the internet.

Review of TorGuard Proxy

TORGUARD provides all the basic proxy features and services that one can expect. It has around 200 servers in more than eight countries. Since the proxy service does not offer any VPN features, it works fast and provides a much stable connection for streaming purposes.
TorGuard works exceptionally well for unblocking US Netflix from anywhere around the world. It is one of the most ideal proxy services for bypassing geo-restrictions and unblocking restricted content on the internet. It also provides a secure medium for sending and receiving sensitive files and information via P2P file-sharing.

Review of TorGuard Privacy

There is just one downside to TorGuard’s privacy – since it is located within US, it is bound to comply with all the rules and regulations imposed by FCC. Incase if the US government decides to issue a warrant and ask for user data, TORGUARD will have no option but to comply. This is the only downside.

Apart from that, TorGuard provides exceptional privacy and security to its users. It has a zero-log policy, which means that it keeps no records of any online activity, online transaction, communication history, and browsing preferences of any user. So, even if the US government does reach out to TorGuard for connection logs, TorGuard may have nothing substantial to provide.

TorGuard does, however, maintain files of every user to keep tracks of their billing history and package details. Without that of course, they cannot provide premium services accurately to their users. If a user is still concerned about their privacy and wants to keep their real identity and name off the logs that TorGuard maintains, users can opt for paying with Bitcoin, and maintain their privacy and anonymity.

This is what TorGuard has to say about falling under US jurisdiction:

“Our legal representation at the moment is comfortable with the current corporate structuring in the US however we wouldn’t hesitate to move all assets internationally should the ground shift beneath our feet. All of the main billing infrastructure, authentication servers, and engineering staff are already located internationally.”

Review of TorGuard for Unblocking US Netflix

For unblocking US Netflix, TorGuard is a great service. It allows users to select any country as their pseudo location. Once the VPN is connected, users can view and access content from any region, even if it is blocked in their own region.

If you are travelling outside US and your favorite TV show is about to air, you may miss watching it on Netflix, even if the country you are in has Netflix. This is because, content that was available in the Netflix library back at home may not be available in the country you are travelling to, due to region restrictions.

To avoid region restrictions, use a VPN such as TorGuard to change your location and identity. When you connect to TorGuard, you are provided with multiple server options to choose from, allowing you to access region restricted content instantly.

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TorGuard Simultaneous Connections

TorGuard allows 5 connections per account to run simultaneously. This means that you can use the VPN service on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and one more device in parallel. If that’s not enough, and you require the service to run on more devices at the same time, you can always add more connections/devices for $1 each (per month) from within your account.

TorGuard: Best Windows VPN

By many users around the world, TorGuard is considered to be the best Windows VPN. This is because TorGuard provides a dedicated app for Windows PC, which is extremely simple, easy to use, and very purposeful.

The app also offers everything that it offers; privacy, security and online freedom. We have taken the word of the Netizens for this one, and agree that TorGuard is the best Windows VPN.

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TorGuard VPN Pricing

Users can subscribe for TorGuard via a number of different methods and payment plans. The proxy service offered by TorGuard can be subscribed for at just $5.95 per month. This service allows people to use Socket Secure (SOCKS5) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) proxy on five devices. Moreover, TorGuard proxy provides its users with more than 200 Proxy IP addresses for complete online freedom.

The complete VPN services by TorGuard can be subscribed for a monthly subscription fee of $11.54, or $20.97 for every quarter. The annual plan, which is the most budget friendly, can be subscribed for $64, at $5.34 per month. Taking into account the quality and service TorGuard provides, the yearly plan is a great deal. TorGuard also provides a money-back guarantee for users who have not subscribed for a dedicated IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Torguard VPN Service

What is TorGuard?

TorGuard is a VPN based proxy service, operating out of the USA. It provides great privacy and security to the users who are concerned about keeping their personal data and identity safe online.

Where is torguard based?

TorGuard is based in USA and is bound to comply with all the regional laws imposed by the FCC.

Is TorGuard safe? Does TorGuard keep logs?

TorGuard is extremely safe to use, it does not keep any logs related to users’ online activities, communication and browsing preferences. However, it does keep users billing information.

Which payment methods are available for TorGuard and how are these linked to individual user accounts?

Currently there are more than 200 different payment options available to subscribe for TorGuard. These include credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, altcoins (e.g. dogecoin, litecoin + more), Alipay, UnionPay, CashU, 100+ Gift Cards, and many other methods.

Is BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic allowed on all servers?

Yes. BitTorrent and all P2P traffic is allowed. The basic purpose of TorGuard and the idea behind its inception as well as creation was in fact to allow Torrent users to download with ease and convenience. By default, TorGuard does not block or limit any types of traffic across its network.

Advantage and Disadvantages of TorGuard


Here are some of the advantages of TorGuard:

✅ Fast, simple & easy-to-use app for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android & iOS

✅ Designed for P2P/Torrents

✅ Multiple data centers and stealth servers to avoid detection

✅ 7-day money-back guarantee

✅ Accepts Bitcoin

✅ 80 different payment types accepted (including store gift cards)

✅ Choice of VPN protocols

✅ Choice of 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption

✅ Private DNS server

✅ IP leak protection

✅ Internet Kill switch

✅ 5 simultaneous connections

✅ Ad blocker

✅ Malware blocker

✅ Strictly no logs

✅ DDoS protection as an optional extra

✅ Dedicated IP address option


Here are some of the disadvantages of using TorGuard

❌ Doesn’t block tracking services.

❌ No privacy features.

❌ No trial software.

❌ Website is a bit confusing to navigate.

❌ Basic version can’t unblock US Netflix

❌ Performance speeds vary according to users’ location

❌ IPv6 leak prevention bug

What is the most secure VPN connection and encryption algorithm you would recommend to your users?

For best security and privacy, it is recommended that clients use OpenVPN connections only and select AES256 with 2048bit RSA for encryption. AES128 is also considered to be extremely safe and continues to remain a widely chosen protocol among users who want high download speeds at all times.

Do you provide DNS leak protection and tools such as “kill switches” if a connection drops?

TorGuard provides a full range of security features including a connection kill switch, application kill switch, DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, WebRTC leak protection, and Stealth VPN services. All encryption and security features are available to clients at no additional charges.

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