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TunnelBear VPN, Worth It?

TunnelBear is one of the most cheery VPNs available. The majority of people will recognise this provider as a reliable free VPN service with a handful of bears. TunnelBear VPN is a wonderful service for users who are new to VPNs because the free version practically works as well as the commercial one.

Canada is home to the TunnelBear headquarters. McAfee, an internet security business, has purchased this VPN. TunnelBear allows you to access 49 different servers. They do not, however, specify how many servers they have. You must also be able to tolerate some puns, as this supplier specializes in them.

You can see how TunnelBear does upon many aspects of a VPN in the table below. You will first notice how this VPN affects your connection speed and online security. After that, you may learn about their user-friendliness, server network, and other features. Hopefully, our TunnelBear test will assist you in determining if it is the provider that meets all of your requirements.

TunnelBear VPN Specifications

Following are some key aspects that the TunnelBear VPN excels in besides its humorous puns.

  • TunnelBear is a cheap and affordable VPN service with subscription plans starting from only $3.33.
  • Supports all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Offers 5 connections at a time.
  • TunnelBear has a zero log policy.
  • Uses strong OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec protocols.
  • Offers Credit card and Cryptocurrency payment options.
  • Works with HBO.

TunnelBear’s VPN speed – How fast is it?

If you want to do more than just browse the internet, the speed of your VPN connection is critical. If you want to view a movie or play online games, you will notice that using a VPN slows things down. To determine if there was any latency, we examined the speed of our connection to the TunnelBear servers. We achieved this by running speed tests and evaluating the provider’s speed during our normal internet usage. The results are listed below.

Local Server TunnelBear VPN:

Using a local TunnelBear local server we obtained a download speed of 33.18 Mbps,35.91 Mbps upload speed, and 6 ms pings.

USA server TunnelBear VPN:

With its fastest server, the USA, we obtained 25.19 Mbps download speed, 16.61 Mbps upload speed and 86 ms ping.

TunnelBear will connect you to the server that is nearest to you if you pick the “auto” settings. When you select a different location, the application ensures that you connect to the quickest server in that region. This way, you will always be connected to the quickest server available.

TunnelBear VPN security – How safe is it?

The amount of security that a VPN can provide is perhaps its most significant element. People use a VPN to ensure that their data is kept secure and that their identities are protected. You won’t have to worry about your online security with TunnelBear. They follow the highest international encryption standards and provide some of the safest VPN protocols.

Protocols TunnelBear VPN:

TunnelBear uses 256-bit encryption, which is the industry standard for VPNs. It makes use of the OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocols on most devices, like Windows, Android, and Mac OS X. TunnelBear uses the IPSec or IKEv2 protocols for iOS 9 and later versions.

VigilantBear – TunnelBear the Kill switch.

TunnelBear’s own kill switch option, VigilantBear, is available.  VigilantBear is a security feature built into the TunnelBear software that ensures your data is safe even if your VPN connection is briefly disrupted. Normally, this would leave your data vulnerable for a brief period of time, but with a kill switch, your data is safe.

TunnelBear VPN usability – How user-friendly is it?

People are becoming increasingly interested in VPNs, which is why VPN companies must offer user-friendly software. It should be simple to create an account, install software, and communicate with customer care.

TunnelBear VPN official website

The TunnelBear website is easy to navigate. It’s simple to sign up for an account and learn more about TunnelBear and its services. Everything on the website is kept to a minimum so that you are not flooded with information.

TunnelBear VPN Installation

You can get the application from the Google Play Store, App Store and Microsoft Store for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The installation wizard will take care of everything. Open the app and log in using your account information. Then you’re ready to browse safe and secure online. TunnelBear also provides a browser plugin that is simple to use.

Pricing and payment options

TunnelBear isn’t the cheapest VPN on the market, but it’s also not the most costly. The following are the rates for TunnelBear’s personal subscriptions.

  • A 500MB data restriction is included in the free membership.
  • For $9.99 per month, you can have an unlimited membership.
  • For $59.88 a year or $4.99 per month, you can get an unlimited membership.
  • The greatest offer is a three-year unlimited subscription for $120.00, which works out to $3.33 per month.
  • Team subscriptions for enterprises and organisations begin at $5.75 per user each month, with a minimum of two users.

TunnelBear VPN Server Network.

It is critical that your VPN company offers servers in many regions in order to unblock particular internet material. By connecting to servers in another nation, you may also use the VPN to evade censorship in your own country.

TunnelBear has servers in 49 different countries. The countries include the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Germany, South Africa and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TunnelBear compatible with the router?

TunnelBear does not presently support routers since it does not provide manual VPN connection settings. The connection must be established with the TunnelBear app or browser extension on one of our supported devices.

When I use TunnelBear, why do I get a CAPTCHA?

This occurs when the website you’re trying to visit detects that a single IP address is making too many requests or searches. Try connecting to our US tunnel. You may also rejoin the TunnelBear app to get a new IP address by doing so.

How can I get started with TunnelBear?

A toggle switch should be visible. This is your on/off switch. You should see either Fastest or a country name. Click here to see a list of nations to which you can tunnel. Toggle the switch to ON. When the map becomes green and your Bear appears in the tunnel you choose, you’ll know you’re linked.

Does TunnelBear provide Static IP?

TunnelBear does not provide a static IP address. Your IP address will be dynamic when you connect to TunnelBear. This implies that every time you connect, reconnect, or switch tunnels, your IP address will vary.


Most of the standard VPN functions are well-performed by TunnelBear. Their servers are dependable, and they provide excellent security and privacy. Additionally, TunnelBear’s logging rules are upfront and honest.

For the most part, TunnelBear is an excellent VPN. The programme is simple to use, has enough security, and looks great. TunnelBear makes VPNs accessible to everyone.

Overall, we suggest TunnelBear to new VPN customers who want to increase their security and privacy.

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