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How to Stream UFC Fight Night Online in the US

As we all know, the UFC hosts the most exciting mixed martial arts (MMA) events in the globe. The audience has increased tremendously in popularity internationally, especially in the United States. However, managing how to watch UFC fight nights live in the US is not as simple since you will be unable to access the streams if you access media that does not broadcast in the US due to exclusive rights. Nevertheless, by utilizing a reputable VPN and connecting to a server in an area where you can view the UFC broadcast, you may avoid this scenario. In this blog, we will inform you to how to stream UFC Fight night

Watch UFC Fight Night Online in the US via VPN

Due to broadcasting issues, UFC stream is available on local TV stations and streaming platforms in countries other than the United States. 

As a result, some UFC matches may be restricted in unauthorized regions for spectators in the US.

Being a Fight Pass member may not help here as well, as these blackout limits are almost certainly meant to ruin your mood.

To avoid a UFC fight blackout, utilize a VPN to convince UFC into thinking you are in an authorized location.

Please follow the below step-by-step approach to avoid these restrictions to watch UFC fights:

  • Install a trusted VPN and Sign In/Register for an account.
  • Connect your VPN to a server in an authorized location.
  • On the website/application, sign in using your Fight Pass login details to watch the UFC fight night in the United States.

Watch UFC Fight Night Live Stream on DAZN in the US

Since UFC fights are televised on DAZN, having it will be beneficial for watching the event in the United States.

Its subscription costs $19.99 per month but while DAZN only broadcasts in specified places like Germany, it will ban you if it determines your location to be unauthorized, as determined by your device’s IP address.

When you are traveling or living in a geo-blocked zone, this is a completely unwelcome difficulty, particularly if you have an active subscription to it.

Nevertheless, a good VPN can redirect your web traffic through its server network, giving your device a different local IP address and allowing you to watch UFC fights on DAZN.

Follow these simple steps below to utilize a VPN in this case:

  • Get yourself signed up for a quality VPN.
  • Install the subscribed VPN on your device and connect it to a server in Germany.
  • Start watching UFC fight night on DAZN in the US.

Watch UFC Fight Night Stream Online on BT Sport in the US

BT Sport is a great option for those UFC fans that wish to watch the event live.

But, this sports streaming site is only available in the United Kingdom. As a result, attempting to use this service in the United States without a VPN will result in an error notification message.

These restrictions are design to prohibit viewers from locations other than the United Kingdom, making it critical to utilize a VPN to avoid these limitations.

Now, to add a VPN, just follow these easy steps listed below:

  • Firstly, get yourself register for a VPN.
  • Install the subscribed VPN on your device and connect it to a server in the UK.
  • Begin streaming UFC fight night on BT Sport in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UFC available on Amazon Prime?

No, but UFC fights are available for purchase on Prime Video on an occasional basis. 

What devices can I use to watch UFC?

All UFC fights may be stream on various platforms such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Android, and so on.

Is it legal to use a VPN to watch UFC in the US?

Yes. However, using a VPN to access geo-restricted content violates the terms and conditions of many streaming services, but it is not illegal.

How much does a UFC pay-per-view cost?

UFC PPV fights may be purchase for $74.99 with an ESPN Plus membership.

Wrapping It Up

You do not have to miss out on any UFC fights this year if you live in the United States or another geo-restricted nation, you just need a good internet connection and a VPN to watch UFC fights in the United States or anywhere else.

A VPN is not only useful for circumventing geographical limitations, but it may also improve your security. Top quality providers utilize 256-bit encryption and advanced tunneling methods to safeguard your connection and prevent data breaches.

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