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How To Watch Cricket In The USA Using A VPN?


At present, cricket has become the fastest-growing sport with more than 20 million fans in the US only. Each year, a World Cup is held where players compete for the final prize known as the Cricket World Cup. Moreover, over 100 nations are members of the International Cricket Council (ICC). You can watch cricket in USA easily


[2022 – Updated] Quick Steps on How to Watch Cricket in USA

Cricket is a global sports and has been gaining massive popularity in the US and it has been creating news ever since this season in 2022 has started. To watch Cricket 2022 Live Online in the USA, follow the steps below to watch the races online seamlessly.

  • Signup for a Premium VPN Subscription (ExpressVPN Subscription)
  • Connect to a server in the India smoothly
  • Watch Cricket Matches Live Online in USA on Hotstar


The finals are often played in Australia and if you are a cricket lover your best option is to opt for a VPN. A VPN allows you to virtually change your location and IP address. It gives you access to any geo-restricted content and protects your online secrecy or safety.

How to Watch Cricket In the USA on Disney+ Hotstar Seamlessly

Using Disney+ Hotstar provides users with the ability to view cricket from India. However, the cricket matches aren’t accessible for all subscriptions, as you should at least get a VIP subscription to be able to view the matches. The steps to watch cricket on Disney+ Hotstar:

  • Select a VPN provider. Sign up and download the app.
  • Open your VPN and select a server located in India.
  • Open Disney+ Hotstar “ plus”, create an account, and purchase a VIP subscription if you don’t already have one.
  • Go to Disney+ Hotstar on the day of the match, and enjoy the game


How to Watch Cricket In USA on Kayo Sports with a VPN

All available forms of streaming require subscribing to their service to view matches. At first glance, you might think subscribing and paying a subscription fee is very important. However, I’m glad to announce that Kayo can provide you with a free trial period to try out the quality of their service.

The only difficulty is Kayo only provides the broadcast in Australia. Nevertheless, this can be solved by using a reasonable VPN.

How to Watch Cricket In USA on Sky Sports with a VPN

Sky Sports is another forum you can use to stream cricket. However, Sky Sport instructs you to subscribe to all of its services. The steps are as follows:

  • Select a VPN provider. Sign up and download the app.
  • Open your VPN and select a server located in the UK.
  • Go to “”, create an account, and buy a subscription.
  • Log in to Sky Sport on the day of the game and have fun

Why do you need a VPN to Stream Cricket Live in the USA?

Here are some reasons why you should use a Virtual Private Network:

  • Traffic encryption. The IP masking means your browsing activity is safe from falling into theft’s hands. 
  • Support for all devices. You can install VPN applications on iOS, Android, and PC. That ensures you can stream cricket on any device, from smartphones to huge smart TVs.
  • Security on shared networks. Public Wi-Fi networks are particularly vulnerable, but using a VPN keeps you masked. It uses advanced encryption algorithms to keep your sensitive data and internet activity private.
  • Can bypass internet speed throttling.

The streaming services you can use to watch cricket include Kayo (Australia), Sky Sports (UK), and Disney+ Hotstar VIP (India).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to use VPN to Watch a Cricket Match Online?

Yes, VPN services are flawlessly legal in the entire world, except for a few countries like Iran and China. You can use virtual private networks to watch cricket matches, but make sure the service you are using is completely legal. 

Is There an ICC Pass to Live Stream Cricket?

At the moment, it doesn’t seem that cricket has a devoted TV channel or a pay-per-view streaming service. The good news is that different platforms offer online live cricket. It’s up to you to find a service that fits your preference and enjoy watching your favorite sport. And don’t forget to use a good VPN to obtain the best Internet security.

Can You Watch Cricket Free on the Internet?

You can only find match highlights and the latest ICC content on YouTube.

How can I watch the IPL in the USA for free?

Yes, you can enjoy watching IPL in the USA freely on Disney+ Hotstar, Sky Sports, beIN Sports, Fox Sports, Kayo Sports, and Sky Sports but, for a restricted time. Still, you will need a VPN to hide your IP address.


Millions around the world love playing this sport and live streaming cricket on platforms such as Willow And Hotstar. Whether you are an enthusiastic fan or want to give this sport a shot, we have the ideal instructor for you. These streaming platforms allow users to watch all the significant moments of the game. However, the sports content is not available in the USA. Users must use a reliable VPN to catch up with all the exciting content.

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