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How To Watch NBA Games Live Online In the US


Are you a crazy basketball fan and can’t get enough of the NBA? The 75th season of the NBA is presently at the home stretch! With the 2022 NBA finals between June 2nd and June 19th, the 2021-22 season is about to reach its final verdict. Here is how to watch NBA Games live.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered! It turns out you can watch every single game of the NBA 2022 season by using a VPN regardless of your location. You can even save money on the NBA League Pass when you use a VPN, resulting in enormous discounts. Continue reading the article about how a VPN can help you enjoy every NBA game below.


[2022 – Updated] Quick Steps on How to Watch NBA Games Live in USA with a VPN

NBA has been gaining massive popularity globally and it has been creating news ever since this season in 2022 has started. To watch NBA 2022 Live Online in the USA, follow the steps below to watch the NBA Games live online seamlessly.

  • Signup for a Premium VPN Subscription (ExpressVPN Subscription)
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Watch NBA Games Live Online in USA on BT Sports


How To Stream NBA On Kodi?

A versatile piece of technology, Kodi turns any computers, gadgets, and devices into a great streamer. All you need is a reasonable VPN for Kodi. So, of course, you can stream the NBA games with it.


How To Watch NBA Live Online from Anywhere with a VPN

  • Subscribe to a good-quality VPN service.
  • Install its VPN client on your device.
  • Launch your VPN app and connect to a VPN server in the US.
  • Clear your browser’s cache to prevent leaking your real location.
  • Open your browser and head over to your streaming site.
  • Log in and have fun


Where to Stream NBA Games Live Online

ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV are the four channels that broadcast NBA national coverage in the United States. If you have a cable subscription, you can watch NBA games online using the official provider’s portals:

  • The NBA Finals are the focus of ABC Live Broadcast, which includes a high-quality live stream.
  • The two options for excellent coverage of most games are Watch ESPN and ESPN Player.
  • NBA TV offers a wide variety of league passes, each with its own set of content.
  • TNT Overtime is a free service that allows you to watch NBA games that are broadcast on TNT.

TNT Overtime, on the other hand, does not provide the same level of coverage as TNT because it lacks commentary and only offers four camera viewpoints.

How To Stream NBA On Roku?

One of the most popular streaming services around is Roku.  You can use Roku and a VPN to stream NBA games without cables.

How To Watch NBA Online From Anywhere in The World:

If we’re going to break down the code as simply as possible, there are two key ways to stream the NBA online. One route is by using American-based streaming platforms, while the other is directly through the NBA’s paid subscription website.

A VPN Plus A Sports Streaming Platform

The majority of streaming services carrying the NBA like SlingTV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, etc are based in the United States. So first you’ll need a subscription to the website or service that airs the games.

To sign up or log in to these services, you’ll need a credible VPN if you’re not in the country. For instance, if you want to watch games through SlingTV, you need an account with them as well as a reliable VPN with American servers.

NBA League Pass

You can also watch the NBA from anywhere using the NBA League Pass. It’s currently available in many countries across the globe, and prices may vary depending on the country and where we’re at in the season. The NBA League Pass price is different, still, depending on your location.

For example, the monthly subscription rate is $14.99 in the US. In Europe, monthly prices hover around €19 per month. But in other countries like Mexico, India, or Vietnam, it’s a portion of that

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NBA stream safe?

Yes, NBA streams are perfectly safe provided that you’re streaming from a legit service provider and using a VPN.

Can I Watch NBA On Amazon Prime?

You can watch NBA basketball through Amazon Prime with an NBA’s League Pass add-on.

Do I need a VPN to watch NBA?

If you’re outside of the US you will most likely need a VPN to watch NBA matches.

Can I watch the NBA with a free VPN?

You can, but it’s not recommended because free VPNs are uncertain and never seem to work effectively.

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