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Unblock Extratorrents Safely – Extratorrents Proxy & Mirrorsites

unblock extratorrents proxy

In this blog you will know how to unblock extratorrents and which Extratorrents proxy and mirrorsites are working. but before that, let’s look at details about torrent a little bit. A torrent or a torrent file is a computer file that constitutes metadata detailing of folders and data to be distributed. It can also be termed as a list of network locations of trackers which are also the computers that help the system participants to find each other with much ease when grouped in groups which are referred to as swarms. It is also worth knowing that a torrent file does not contain any content to be distributed. Instead, it provides only the information of the data such as their sizes, file names or the file’s folder structure. At times it can also have information on the cryptographic hash values which are used to verify the integrity of a file. In most cases, the term torrent can be used to refer to either file downloaded or their metadata file all which depends on the context.

What you should know about the extra torrents

unblock extratorrents proxy

When dealing with torrents on your computer, you should be very keen as some can be a potential cause of damage to your computer or device. There are a couple of Extra torrent proxies that are well suited to help you unblock the extra torrent websites. This means that you can efficiently achieve your mission by the use or help of proxies. However, one should know that specific proxies fail miserably when it comes to protecting your online activities, hence the need to obtain a well-known VPN. For those who do not really need to avail the extra alternatives, they can unblock their desired torrent sites such as those for movies and satisfy their need for media streaming.

There has been no best known way to unblock extra torrent or even other geo-restricted websites other than through the use of a VPN. Discussed below are some of the safest ways or means which one can use to unblock ExtraTorrents in 2022.


1st Method:How to Unblock ExtraTorrents by Use of Proxy

Proxy services are similar to VPNs but lack the depth of security and privacy needed for the ultimate peace of mind. They can also be used to unblock extra torrents but no surety can be given about your anonymity or privacy. A proxy is also known to only work for some specific types of software, unlike the VPN which can disguise all web traffic.

11 Best Extratorrents Proxy and mirror websites that works in 2022

Extratorrents Proxy 1

Extratorrents Proxy 2

Extratorrents Proxy 3

Extratorrents Proxy 4

Extratorrents Proxy 5


2nd Method: Unblock Extratorrents with VPN (Secured Way)

Unblock Extra Torrents with PureVPN

PureVPN is a top provider of VPN services. The company allows torrenting but only on servers in countries where torrenting is legal. This is done to ensure supreme protection of users and save them from receiving DMCA notices. A list of some of these server locations is listed on their websites for interested users to go through them before making any subscriptions with the PureVPN Company. Their app also lists torrenting as a specific purpose, making it easier for torrent users to connect instantly to torrent-specific servers.

Additional features

When using PureVPN, users can select P2P, and it directly chooses the optimal servers for the specific purpose or job. Its other security features are that it helps increase user safety while torrenting in the ways discusses as follows. Its Stealth VPN disguises your data and makes it impossible to be detected by the government and its authorities. This is vital to some users from states that have regulations discouraging sharing torrents and deeming it illegal to do so. It also has a multi-port option that improves service reliability though being limited only to the Windows operating system.

Price of PureVPN.

PureVPN can be subscribed as a monthly service fee of $10.95 only.

They also offer a two-year subscription, which is the best value for money since it decreases the cost to just $2.95 per month.

They guarantee a 31-day money-back period if need be.

Use ExpressVPN to Unblock Extra Torrent

express vpn review

ExpressVPN also ranks among the best VPNs for p2p. It is a very reliable and trusted service, thanks to its features. ExpressVPN provides decent speed for torrenting along with having an almost zero downtime. The VPN provider also offers live chat to help its users solve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Price OF Express VPN.

Their monthly charge is $12.9.

They also provide you with a 30-day money back guarantee if need be.

One is guaranteed to save 49% through the annual subscription which includes a three months free subscription and an extended money back period of 45 days.

Use NordVPN to Unblock ExtraTorrents

NordVPN is mostly embraced because of its optimal speed not forgetting its mix of security features. NordVPN is very torrent friendly and well optimized for file sharing. They are also popular because of their full range of additional security features. Nord VPN also offers more sensitive and advanced privacy settings, ranking just below PureVPN.

Price of Nord VPN.

NordVPN services can be subscribed at a monthly fee of $11.95.

They offer a 30-day money back period.

Through an annual subscription, one can get the privilege of enjoying a 52% saving as from when you make monthly subscriptions.

Unblocking Extra Torrents with VyprVPN



VyprVPN cannot be termed as the top choice for torrenting since it only offers a few features which are considered to support torrenting. VyprVPN is also known as a high-speed VPN and gives room for complete customization as per your preference.  The company provides DNS leak protection via VYPR DNS.

Price of VyprVPN.

Vypr offers a monthly subscription of $5 to its regular users and a $6.67 monthly subscription to its premium users. Additionally, it provides a 3-day trial service to any interested users to test how it works before making any subscriptions.

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