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Unblock and Watch Stan Outside Australia from Anywhere

Having access to your most favorite movies and TV shows these days is as important as having internet on your Smartphones. Stan is one of the leading streaming providers in Australia offering thousands of HD movies and TV shows in less than 10 AUD per month. However, Stan is currently restricted to Australia only.


If you’re flying or living outside Australia with a Stan account, you will be subject to geo-blocking restrictions, which essentially means that you won’t be able to stream Stan from outside Australia. However, you can use a renowned VPN service to stream Stan from anywhere outside Australia.

VPNs help you bypass geo-restrictions by spoofing your online location via servers and locations around the globe. By using a VPN, you can unblock Stan outside Australia by getting an Australian IP address.

To unblock Stan from outside Australia, you can use the following VPN providers:


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Our recommended VPN provider is PureVPN as it offers 550+ servers located in 140+ countries. When you use PureVPN to stream Stan, you can use an Australian IP address to mask your current IP address, hence appearing to the website as a local resident in Australia.

You can conveniently bypass any geo-restriction on any device by subscribing to PureVPN as it offers apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows with updated functionality making it the best and fastest VPN provider.

Along with unblocking geo-restricted content, you get supreme privacy as PureVPN encrypts your internet connection to ensure no one can snoop on your devices connected to the VPN server.

Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere by using PureVPN’s Midsummer Special Offer at $2.49/month and get NAT Firewall as an added security layer, saving you $180!