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USA VPN – The Key to Secure & Unrestricted Internet

A USA VPN offers US IPs to help you access the internet freely with no restrictions. There are strong constitutional laws to protect freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the US. Edward Snowden’s revelations have proven that internet freedom is almost non-existent in the USA.

Your Privacy is at Stake & ISPs are Keeping Track of Everything You Do

Well things have gotten worst or even more than you can imagine, most of the people will argue it used to happen before but now with the surveillance bill, they are only trying to legalize it. This might be true but than again, its hightime one should realize that its privacy is at stake and the only way out is to pick a best usa vpn service. Usa vpn here doesn’t mean that the VPN is based in usa, it means to pick a vpn service that has servers in US, but not based in USA, so atleast they don’t have to comply with government and its policies.


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USA VPN is the digital key to a secure and unrestricted internet. You need to have the best USA VPN service to enjoy the best online experience. The services of the Best USA VPN are not restricted to USA only but are completely accessible from other regions of the world as well. Watch channels like Fox, Netflix, NBC, CBS, Hulu, ABC, HBO etc., listen to your favorite music on Pandora and Spotify, play games online and do much more while living inside or outside the USA with USA VPN. No matter wherever you’re living, stay anonymous and far away from the prying eyes of agencies and leave no traces of your digital footprints with Best VPN for streaming we offer here at USA VPN.

Best VPN by Country

Surveillance agencies and complicated laws are all over the world, be in Canada or UK! We have also tested and compiled guides of Best Canada VPN and Best UK VPN exclusively for the internet users in Canada & United Kingdom. Recently the data retention law in Australia has made a huge buzz among the 2 million internet users as they feel its an invasion into their privacy by keeping and tracking their online communications. Best Australian VPN assures complete anonymity and privacy for all inhabitants of Australia concerned about these bogus privacy laws. Not to forget China has always been a concern for internet censorship as they make internet a very suffocated place for users to breathe in, but there’s always a way to get out of it! Best China VPN services of 2017 are here as a savior.


Best USA VPN Service – Important Things to Consider

The same happens in many other countries too, where agencies spy on your internet communications in the name of national security. There’s also the fact that almost all the great streaming content that is available online is restricted to US only. To bypass geo-restrictions like these, you need the best USA VPN service.

We will take a closer look at things which should be considered before nominating a VPN service as the best USA VPN. The list of features that should be primarily considered includes unblocking, accessibility, reputation, global presence, privacy, etc. It is very important to understand that USA VPN doesn’t mean a VPN service based in the USA. We prefer a non-US-based VPN service and we will discuss our preference later.

Here’s the list of features that make a VPN service, the best VPN for USA:

  • It should offer extensive numbers of USA servers in different states. The servers should be dedicated and physically present in USA to offer fastest speed and maximum uptime. Virtual servers are usually hosted by third parties and are less reliable. Plus, virtual servers offer slower speeds.
  • It should keep no log of users’ activities. Physical location of a VPN provider is very important when it comes to log policy. VPN providers located in USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia are bound by the law to keep user logs for a certain period of time. And, if required by legal agencies, handed over to them without user’s concern. A VPN provider located in a country like Hong Kong, Romania, Malaysia etc. is favorable because of no or minimal legal obligation of logs and data retention.
  • It should offer fastest speed and maximum uptime. Only VPN providers with self-owned VPN networks can offer 99.99% uptime.
  • For end-to-end protection of its users’ data, the best USA VPN should support wide range of secure VPN protocols and offers high-level encryption.
  • It should work on all major OS and devices.
  • It should offer extra security features like IPv6Protection, IP binding, Kill Switch, Port Forwarding etc. to avoid strong IP filtering and surveillance.
  • It should offer servers in diverse countries of the world to provide total online freedom.
  • It should offer affordable prices and 24/7 dedicated customer support.

Best VPN of 2017 by Devices

You own a device that work just fine for you, but guess what it is not secure!. Be it android, mac, ios you need to have extra precautions, install an anti-virus and protect with with cover/case. There’s more to do that most of you are not paying attention to, that is a VPN app/software which you need for yourself and your family to keep their online privacy intact. Preferably pick a VPN that works on multiple devices but the question remains the same, where to find the right VPN for Android or any other device. Worry not at USA VPN we have got it all covered, we test and analyze Best VPN for Mac, windows, ios, kodi and so on and on. Check out our detailed guides on Best Kodi VPN, Best VPN for Windows rated and tested by our experts, so don’t delay any further in choosing the right VPN as per your device, needs and budget.

Our Recommendation, PureVPN – The Best USA VPN Service

Based on the features mentioned above, we have analyzed around 50+VPN providers and rated them accordingly. PureVPN scored the highest points based on its features and policies. Here’s our analysis of PureVPN.

Physical Location (9 / 10)

PureVPN is owned by Hong Kong based GZ Systems. They are located in Hong Kong, which gives them an edge on other VPN providers as the country has no strict internet policies or mandatory data retention laws.

Log Policy (9 / 10)

When PureVPN claims that they don’t keep users log, they really mean it. PureVPN owns its own network of VPN servers and DNS. There’s no third-party involvement, which makes PureVPN more reliable.

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VPN Servers in USA (9 / 10)

One amazing feature of PureVPN is that it offers 90+ VPN servers in 14 different states of the US. However, it’s not clear on the website if all of the servers in USA are dedicated or virtual. Considering the fact that PureVPN hosts and manages its own network of VPN servers, we are taking the liberty of assuming that most, if not all, of the VPN servers are dedicated and physically hosted.

Speed and Bandwidth (8 / 10)

We tested every single VPN server offered by PureVPN in USA and found their performance fairly fast. PureVPN puts no cap on bandwidth and speed which is another plus point and that ranks them among top Fast VPN services.

Protocol Support (9 / 10)

PureVPN supports a wide range of VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and IKEv2. Users will get 256-bit of high-level military-grade encryption.

OS and Devices’ Compatibility (10 / 10)

PureVPN works supports all major OS and devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Users can connect PureVPN’s USA VPN on their smart devices, Smart TVs and gaming consoles (PS3, PS4, XBOC & XBOX One). Another benefit that users get with PureVPN is the ability to connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

Extra Security Features (8 / 10)

PureVPN’s easy-to-use VPN apps come with built-in security features like Kill Switch, IPv6 Protection and NAT Firewall. PureVPN also offers Port Forwarding features for VoIP services.

Global VPN Network (10 / 10)

PureVPN owns one of the biggest VPN servers network globally with more than 550+ VPN servers in 121+ countries around the globe.

Pricing Plan (9 / 10)

PureVPN offers affordable pricing plan, starting from US$2.49/month. PureVPN also provides free VPN on iOS and Android.

PureVPN’s USA VPN is definitely one of the best when it comes to ensuring 100% online security and offers you wings to fly around the cyber world with absolutely no boundaries.

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Why Not To Choose a US-Based VPN Provider?

The sole reason of using a VPN is to Hide your IP address and internet behavior from both ISP and spying agencies. However, unfavorable political and legal climate in the USA makes domestic VPN use largely ineffective. In USA, there’s no mandatory data retention law, but a VPN provider is bound to keep users’ log and according to the Stored Communications Act, a VPN provider is required to hand these over on receipt of a court order from a law enforcement agency.

In addition to this, if any legal investigator or prosecutor identifies any individual; they can ask the VPN provider to keep records of that user’s online activities and credit card payments for 90 days or more. And, if the National Security Agency issued a letter under the Patriot Act, the provider is forbidden to inform the users that they are being watched.

Horrible as it may sound, the National Security Agency records internet metadata for the whole planet for up to a year in its MARINA database, where it is used for
pattern-of-life analysis. The NSA also records SMS and text messages worldwide through DISHFIRE.

Various United States agencies leverage the data retained by many U.S. commercial organizations through programs such as PRISM and
MUSCULAR. Amazon is known to retain extensive data on customer transactions. Facebook is also known to collect data for NSA. If any company is based in USA, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can collect any data they want by means of National Security Letter (NSL).

Here’s a fun fact: they even tried spying on World-War Craft and Angry Bird users, so what chance is there for a VPN provider?

Moreover, a USA based VPN provider will strictly prohibit P2P downloading as they are legally bound to cooperate fully with the entertainment industry in enforcing DMCA notice, or even handing over users’ details to agencies if required.

These are the major reasons why a US based VPN provider is not a wise choice. So, before choosing US-based VPN provider, you should consider reading their privacy policy.

Advantages of a Non-US Based VPN Provider

If privacy and freedom from agencies is your major concern, then a non-US based VPN provider is the way to go. A VPN provider based somewhere with strong data protection laws such as Europe Hong Kong should be your first priority.

A non-US based VPN provider offers you following advantages:

  • Freedom from NSA Spying
  • No Metadata Retention
  • No logs
  • Unrestricted P2P downloading
  • Wide range of Global VPN servers

If you really want to experience the internet as it was meant to be – free and unrestricted – try USA VPN. A best VPN for USA will provide you everything you need – security, privacy, anonymity and most of all, freedom. Get your USA VPN right now, and don’t forget it should be a non-US based VPN provider like PureVPN.

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