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How To Watch Dance Dance Danseur in USA on Crunchyroll

Watch Dance Dance Danseur in USA on Crunchyroll

Dance Dance Danseur is a ballet-themed anime that will air in the Spring of 2022. The Anime series Release Date, Studio, Where to Watch, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know about how to watch Dance Dance Danseur in USA on Crunchyroll are all included in this page.

Are you a fan of seinen drama anime that features dancing as a central theme? Perhaps anime shows like Welcome to the Ballroom or even Love Live! piqued your interest. If that’s the case, you’re in luck since this animation is made just for you!

What’s Dance Dance Danseur in USA on Crunchyroll About?

George Asakura’s manga series Dance Dance Danseur is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by him.Junpei Murao loved dancing as a youngster, but after his father died in his second year of middle school, he believed he needed to become more “masculine,” and he put up his dreams. He takes up the martial art of Jeet Kune Do while still having a passion for dance, and quickly becomes famous in his class. Then, one day, a new transfer student called Miyako Godai, whose mother owns a ballet school, enters Junpei’s class. Miyako notices Junpei’s interest in dance and encourages him to join her in a ballet class.Junpei’s long-dormant passion for ballet dancing resurfaces as a result, and he resolves to become the world’s finest ballet dancer — the Danseur Noble. Will he be able to achieve his objective despite the beautiful but terrible realities of ballet?


Where To Watch Dance Dance Danseur?

The anime series Dance Dance Danseur is available on Crunchyroll from April 08, 2022. All you need to do is subscribe to Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is the best streaming service for watching anime content, animated Japanese shows and movies are available on the streaming service of Crunchyroll. 

Crunchyroll Subscription Plans and Prices

The streaming service Crunchyroll has a lot of anime TV episodes and movies from Japan. It has English dubbed as well as episodes available with english subtitles. The Crunchyroll subscribers can watch all the latest shows and movies as soon as they debut in Japan and you can also stream your favorite anime shows and movies just by signing up for a free account.

Watch Crunchyroll For Free

Yes Crubchyroll offers a free service in standard definition or 480p. But this membership of crunchyroll is ad-supported, which means you will encounter ads when watching any of the anime series. And the latest episodes of shows are not instantly available for free, you have to wait for sometime with this plan. 

Crunchyroll Fan Subscription

This subscription plan removes ads and offers the viewers all the latest anime series and movies. Viewers can watch in 720p and 1080 resolution. The Crunchyroll Fan subscription costs around $7.99 a month, with a 14-day free trial as well. However, you are limited to just one stream at a time with this plan. 

Mega Fan Subscription

With this plan you can enjoy 1-4 streams at a time, and can view anime content offline as well. The Crunchyroll Mega Fan subscription plan costs around $9.99 a month, with a 14-day free trial.

Ultimate Fan Subscription

With this plan you can enjoy 6 streams at a time, The Crunchyroll Ultimate Fan subscription costs $14.99 a month, with a free 14-day free trial.

Devices Compatible with Crunchyroll 

The service of Crunchyroll is available on the following platforms:

  • iOS phones and tablets
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Roku set-top boxes, streaming sticks, and smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks, set-top boxes, and smart TVs
  • Android TV smart TVs
  • Sony PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita game consoles
  • Microsoft Xbox One game console
  • Nintendo Wii U game console
  • Google Chromecast
  • Web access via browser at
  • Windows 10 app

How To Watch Dance Dance Danseur in USA on Crunchyroll

The Japanese anime series Dance Dance Danseur is available on Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll is available in around 200 countries. But still if due to any possible reason you are unable to watch the anime series then we have a solution for you. All you need to do is get a quality VPN to watch your favorite series from anywhere in the world. 

A VPN will help you to change your IP address and make you look like a US resident. In this way you can enjoy your favorite series without any buffering.

Follow these simple steps below to watch Dance Dance Danseur

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Install the VPN app
  3. Connect to the US server.
  4. Visit or download the app
  5. You can choose Crunchyroll free option
  6. Fill in the details and create Crunchyroll account
  7. Search for your favorite content Dance Dance Danseur and enjoy!

Dance Dance Danseur Trailer

Dance Dance Danseur Release Date

You can watch Dance Dance Danseur on CrunchyRoll from anywhere in the world. It will be a CrunchyRoll superhit series. Dance Dance Danseur will be available to view from Friday, April 8th, 2022.

Release Dates and Time for Other Regions:

Dance Dance Danseur will be available on Crunchyroll as part of their spring anime lineup. It was also revealed at Anime NYC, so international fans should expect a worldwide simulcast release. The following are the release dates for various regions:

  • Friday, April 8th, Pacific Time: 10:25 a.m. PT; 
  • Friday, April 8th, Central Time: 12:25 p.m. CT; 
  • Friday, April 8th, Eastern Time: 1:25 p.m. EDT; 
  • Friday, April 8th, British Time: 5:25 p.m. GMT

Dance Dance Danseur Cast


  • Junpei Murao (村尾 潤平, Murao Junpei)
  • Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita
  • Ruō Mori (森 流鶯, Mori Ruō)
  • Voiced by: Koki Uchiyama
  • Miyako Godai (五代 都, Godai Miyako)
  • Voiced by: Kaede Hondo
  • Misaki Yasuda (安田 海咲, Yasuda Misaki)
  • Voiced by: Kōhei Amasaki
  • Yamato Takura (田倉 大和, Takura Yamato)
  • Voiced by: Koutaro Nishiyama
  • Natsuki Oikawa (生川 夏姫, Oikawa Natsuki)
  • Voiced by: Misato Fukuen
  • Kotobuki Himenokōji (姫乃小路 寿, Himenokōji Kotobuki)
  • Voiced by: Jun Inoue


How many people can stream on Crunchyroll at one time?

It depends on the subscription plan you choose, The Free and Fan plans support just one stream, the Mega Fan plan supports up to four streams and the Ultimate Fan plan supports up to six streams.

Is Crunchyroll worth it?

Yes crunchyroll is worth it only if you are a hardcore fan of anime series and japanese series.

What studio is responsible for the creation of Dance Dance Danseur?

Dance Dance Danseur will be produced by MAPPA. In the realm of animation production, MAPPA is a household name. They are well-known as a result of the popularity of Attack on Titan: Final Season.

Who wrote the story of the Dance Dance Danseur?

George Asakura wrote and drew Dance Dance Danseur.

Wrapping it Up!

I hope that this detailed tutorial has clarified how to watch Dance Dance Danseur on CrunchyRoll. Junpei Murao is the protagonist of the manga series. As a boy, he was enthralled with dance. So, to watch the thrilling animated series, subscribe to the channel. Have fun streaming!

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