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How to Watch Close Enough Season 3 in USA on HBO Max

Watch close enough season 3 in USA

The animated series has been a huge hit for the streaming service. J.G. Quintel’s long-awaited series premiered on HBO Max and hasn’t slowed down since. There are even more crazy experiences in store for Josh and Emily’s growing children. The pattern hasn’t worn viewers out; in fact, the response to both seasons thus far has been a loud “When do we get more?” As a result, HBO Max is prepared to meet such demands. Let us learn how to watch Close Enough season 3 in USA, a Max Original comedy show!

“Close Enough” Seasons 1 And 2 HBO Max Series Review

About a year ago,the first episode of Close Enough captivated viewers’ attention. Josh (voiced by Quintel), an ambitious video game developer, and Emily (Gabrielle Walsh) are the central characters of the episodes . Both raised Candice (Jessica DiCiccio), their young daughter, while living in an apartment with divorced couple Alex (Jason Mantzoukas), a community college professor, and Bridgette (Kimiko Glenn), an aspiring social media influencer. Each episode blended the everyday with the bizarre in a slice-of-life series of events.

The voice performers did an excellent job in bringing the characters to life. Each episode began with a simple idea but quickly evolved into weird sci-fi scenarios, similar to “Regular Show.” All of them were related to relevant scenarios that dealt with realistic themes like social networking, growing older, and keeping old friendship customs as responsibilities grew. However, the writing allowed for more outlandish stories to complement the experiences. Josh, Emily, and the group in season two, navigating adulthood while dealing with haunting sofas, bulbous horses, time-traveling whiskeys, and a genuine houseguest from hell — all in their own flat.”

What’s The Show Close Enough Season 3 About?

Josh and Emily, a 30-something couple, and their 6-year-old daughter Candice are the focus of the episode. The surreal animated comedy is about how a couple develops major relationship problems as a result of adulting issues such as motherhood, job, kids, and so on, and contains a lot of adult humor. The show’s past seasons have all centered on this central premise, and we expect Close Enough Season 3 to go where Season 2 left off.  


Why do you need a VPN to watch Close Enough Season 3 on HBO Max Outside the USA?

HBO Max is a popular streaming platform and owns several blockbuster movies and TV shows. Fans worldwide want to stream the content available on the streaming service of HBO Max.

Moreover, HBO Max is mostly available in the United States, leaving most fans living outside of the US flabbergasted. The reason behind this is the copyright laws and licensing agreements.

Now, if you want watch the content library of HBO Max outside the United States, you need a VPN. VPNs hides your identity change your location by modifying your internet traffic through a remote server located in the US. That fools HBO Max that you are watching the content right within the US and allows you to stream HBO Max outside the USA.

Watch Close Enough Season 3 Trailer

Close Enough Season 3 Release Date

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, Close Enough Season 3 will be broadcast on HBO Max.

Where can I Watch Close Enough Season 3 Online?

Viewers can enjoy the comedy series Close Enough Season 3 exclusively on HBO and can stream it on HBO Max on April 07, 2022.

  • Purchase a VPN.
  • Follow the steps on your screen to set up the VPN app on your smartphone or any other device that you are using.
  • After setting up the VPN app, now connect to the US server.
  • Using your sign-in credentials, go to the HBO Max website or app.
  • Search Close Enough Season 3 on HBO Max and watch from United States.

Cast of Close Enough Season 3:

Main Characters

  • Josh Singleton (voiced by J.G. Quintel)
  • Emily Ramirez (voiced by Gabrielle Walsh)
  • Candice (voiced by Jessica DiCicco)
  • Alex Dorpenberger (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas)
  • Bridgette Yoshida (voiced by Kimiko Glenn)
  • Pearle Watson (voiced by Danielle Brooks)
  • Randy Watson (voiced by James Adomian)

How to watch Close Enough Season 3 with cable

HBO Max costs around $9.99/month (with advertising) and $14.99/month (without ads), or you can watch HBO Max with following subscriptions:

YouTube TV

The cable service YouTube TV costs $79.99/ month, and it includes HBO’s Close Enough Season 3.

It includes 60 channels and most of them are mentioned below:

BET, Cartoon Network, Bravo, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, CNN, Discovery, Disney Junior, E!, TBS, Paramount Network, Food Network, Fox News, ESPN, Freeform, FX, FXX, Hallmark Channel, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Investigation Discovery, MSNBC, MTV, Syfy, TLC, TNT, Travel Channel, truTV, USA Network, WE tv and VH1.


The cable service AT&T TV costs $84.99/ month, and it includes HBO’s Close Enough Season 3. 

It includes 65 channels and most of them are mentioned below:

Disney Channel, A&E, BET, Bravo, CNN, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Discovery, ESPN, Food Network, Freeform, FX, FXX, Fox News, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, MSNBC, MTV, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Paramount Network, Syfy, TBS, TLC, TNT, Travel Channel, truTV, VH1, WE tv and USA Network


How many episodes Close Enough Season 3 will have?

Close Enough Season 3 will likewise include eight episodes, continuing the practice of eight episodes every season. On April 7, 2022, HBO Max will broadcast all eight episodes of Close Enough Season 3.

Where can you catch a screening of Close Enough?

Close Enough’s past two seasons are accessible on HBO Max. So, if you want to catch up on the show before viewing the third season, get an HBO Max membership.

What other options are there for watching HBO Max outside of the United States?

Outside of the United States, the only way to watch HBO Max is with a VPN, but not all VPNs work. For the finest and smoothest streaming services, we recommend PureVPN.

Is it necessary to utilise a VPN in order to watch HBO Max?

If HBO Max isn’t accessible in your area, you’ll get the notice “Sorry, HBO MAX isn’t available in your area yet.” That is, unless you use a VPN to circumvent geo-blocking. You may simply connect to a US server by using a VPN.Add question

Wrapping Up!

We hope that by using the VPNs mentioned above, you will be able to watch Close Enough Season 3 from anywhere. Although HBO Max is only available in the United States, you can easily watch it from anywhere in the world by utilizing a premium VPN service. Have a good time streaming!

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