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How to Watch HBO in USA on HBO Max

watch HBO in USA

With the increased demand for streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hotstar, HBO has quickly joined the list because of its fantastic original programmings such as Game of Thrones and Westworld. People want to watch HBO in USA.

HBO members have access to three services: HBO GO, HBO NOW, and the recently announced HBO Max.

HBO GO and HBO Max are only available to individuals with cable subscriptions in the United States. This is why I’ll discuss how to watch HBO Max because it’s a standalone streaming service that doesn’t require a cable subscription.

To make it clearer to Kiwis, let’s first examine the distinctions between HBO’s three services:

HBO Max vs HBO Go vs HBO NOW


GO is a free online streaming service for individuals with an HBO subscription through a cable subscription or a TV provider. HBO’s GO service includes all original material, such as TV episodes, specials, documentaries, a large library of movies, and more. However, to access this streaming service on your mobile devices, you must have an HBO cable subscription. It is not accessible as a standalone streaming service. Following the release of HBO Max, the HBO GO app will be deleted from key platforms in the United States by July 31st, 2020.


HBO NOW is a streaming service available online that does not require a satellite or cable TV subscription. This HBO standalone internet service provides access to all original HBO productions, including TV series, movies, documentaries, specials, and more. The nicest part about having an HBO Now subscription is that you can also access HBO Max with the same login information. According to CNET, the HBO NOW service will be rebranded “HBO” on July 31st, 2020.


WarnerMedia recently introduced the HBO Max subscription, which includes 10,000+ hours of original content and other popular TV shows and movies. Some of the available content consists of The Big Bang Theory, South Park, Wonder Woman, and others.

Best HBO Shows and Movies to Watch from anywhere outside the US Right Now

Here is a selection of the best shows and movies to watch on HBO in USA:

  • Westworld
  • Charm City Kings
  • Betty
  • It is chapter 2

The Most Economical Way to Get HBO Max in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pure VPN may be obtained by:

  • Make an account and log in using your credentials.
  • Choose US from the server list.
  • Click here to go to the HBO Max website.
  • Purchase a subscription to HBO Max.
  • On your device, you may watch fantastic series and movies.

After we thoroughly explain the cheapest way to stream HBO Max, you will be able to save a few dollars each month. Above all, using a Pure VPN on your device to virtually relocate your device to a country where the membership fee is lower is the ideal option to enjoy the lowest HBO Max subscription. Learn how to change your virtual location and acquire the lowest HBO Max membership nation by following the steps below:

Why Do You Need a Pure VPN to Watch HBO Max in UK

For the time being, HBO Max is region-locked. This means you’ll need to utilize a PureVPN to circumvent geographical restrictions and get HBO Max. However, you may practically transfer to any nation where a server is available by using a PureVPN connection on your device. While PureVPN provides the most satisfactory digital surfing and streaming experience while accessing services like HBO Max that are only available in specific locations, you may have an issue occasionally. This is most likely Error 100 or “Not in Service Area or VPN Detected.”

This error may occur because streaming providers such as HBO Max actively filter IP addresses. PureVPN, on the other hand, provides a simple solution to this problem. Assume you’re connecting to a US server when you see this issue when watching HBO Max. What is the answer? Reconnect to a US server after disconnecting the VPN.

PureVPN has over 400 servers and hundreds of different IP addresses. So there is very unlikely to be a better solution to this problem on the market.

Why is Pure VPN best to watch HBO Max in USA

PureVPN manages its VPN network of over 6500 servers in 78 countries. Because we provide you immediate access to your favorite material. Because we enable you to access anything on the internet, download safely, and stay safe at the same time. But most importantly, we cherish your confidence!

Want to Know Why You Need PureVPN?

#1 Ironclad Protection for Your Online Avatar

You will be able to browse safely and with complete peace of mind if your traffic is routed through our secure VPN servers.

To make your data look utterly incomprehensible to anyone who intercepts your conversations or hijacks your data.

Hackers and identity thieves thrive in public Wi-Fi hotspots. PureVPN protects your data transactions by securing your Wi-Fi connection.

#2 Maintaining Your Online Privacy

Being invisible is what privacy entails. Privacy means not leaving any digital traces behind. Therefore, PureVPN is also known as PrivacyVPN.

Cookies, device IDs, IP mapping and geolocation, app permissions, and so on are all used to track your movements.

Data protection is keeping your data safe during communication and preventing unauthorized access to it.

#3 Obtaining Complete Internet Freedom

To do so, you have infinite bandwidth, insane speed, and a worldwide network of servers scattered around the globe.

How to Watch Servant of the People on Channel

We offer dedicated P2P servers in countries where P2P file-sharing is allowed, so you may download files with confidence.

Absolutely! We have adjusted our streaming servers to ensure that you always have a buffer-free watching experience.

What to Watch on Watch HBO in USA


On HBO Max, you can watch popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Titans. There are also several Hollywood hits and documentaries. HBO Max has movies and series for everyone, whether an adult, a school kid, or a teenager. So what’s the best part? You’ll be able to see WarnerMedia classics from the previous four decades, including The Wizard of Oz (1939), The Goonies (1985), Casablanca (1942), Superman (all films), and Batman (all movies)

HBO Max Compatibility Devices

HBO Max works with all Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV (HD and 4K). If you already have an HBO subscription, you can quickly log in to the HBO Max app on your Apple device. In addition, if you have a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV at home, you may watch HBO Max movies via AirPlay. You can also watch HBO Max on your Android smartphone, Android TV, or Chromecast. Although HBO Max hasn’t disclosed all of the supported devices, the service should function on gaming systems, tablets, and various phones. Every online streamer has a different device preference; therefore, knowing the device compatibility of the service you use is critical. 

In less than a year, HBO Max has already formed several collaborations with key firms in the streaming device sector. You may use almost any device to watch the service, and Hulu is the only other streamer listed that provides the same level of versatility. This is an essential callout since it demonstrates the broadcasters’ dedication to make the service available to all users.


  • Apple iPhone – iOS 12.2 or later
  • Apple iPad – iOS 12.2 or later
  • Apple iPod Touch – iOS 12.2 or later
  • Android smartphones – Android OS 5 or later
  • Android tablets – Android OS 5 or later
  • Amazon Fire tablets – 4th generation and later


  • Microsoft Windows PC – Windows 7 or later
  • Apple Mac – macOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later is required.
  • Chrome browser version 78 or later is required for Google Chromebooks.
  • Google Chrome – the most recent version
  • Mozilla Firefox — the most current version
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows — the most recent version
  • Version 12 or later of Safari


  • Amazon Fire TV using Fire OS 5.3.6 or later (View at Amazon)
  • Android TV requires Android OS 5 or later (AT&T Streaming TV box, Sony Android TV 2015 and later, and TiVo Stream 4K) (View at Amazon)
  • Apple TV 4K – newest tvOS software (Available at Amazon / Walmart)
  • Apple TV HD — the most recent tvOS software (View at Amazon)
  • Contour Stream Player Cox Contour 2

How to watch HBO on a Laptop or PC

HBO Max’s dedicated mobile app, accessible on the Play Store and App Store, makes it easy for smartphone customers to watch HBO Max on their device. Here’s how to do the same with your computer or laptop:

  1. Create an account on HBO Max or log in if you already have one. After that, pay the $14.99 per month membership plan to activate streaming on your HBO Max account.
  2. After you’ve completed your purchase, you can watch all of the shows available on the platform via the Xbox One app, which is accessible on the Microsoft Store or through a web browser.
  3. Any current browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) will operate with HBO Max, but you will be unable to use it offline or download content. To avoid any unwanted failures, make sure the browser has no outstanding updates.
  4. If the internet connection is unstable, the stream will vary. So, make sure you’re watching videos at high internet speeds with no interruptions throughout your binge-watching periods.
  5. HBO Max is a highly secure streaming site, and utilizing a VPN will not allow you to access the content. If you’re using a VPN on your device, make sure it’s turned off before you launch HBO Max, as it requires your original IP address for authentication.

How can I install the HBO Max app on android phones?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Subscribe to and download a VPN service such as PureVPN.
  2. Enter your credentials to use the PureVPN software.
  3. Choose an Indian server from the list of available servers.
  4. Search for the HBO Max app on the Google Play Store.
  5. Download the HBO Max app to watch your favorite episodes!

How can I get the HBO Max app for iOS (iPad, iPhone)?

  1. To get Disney+ Hotstar on your iOS device, here’s what to do:
  2. To proceed, change the locale of your App Store.
  3. Next, look for the HBO Max app and click the Get button to install it.
  4. Sign up for PureVPN, download the software, and connect to the US server.
  5. Launch the HBO Max app on your smartphone, sign in with your credentials, and enjoy the show!

How to Install HBO Max on an Apple TV

  1. After downloading the application, you can sign up for HBO Max online or on your Apple TV.
  2. Open the Apple TV and navigate to the App Store.
  3. Click the search button in the App Store.
  4. Look for HBO Max. Choose HBO Max from the list of options.
  5. Choose the download option. Click the open button.
  6. Choose either Sign-in or Subscribe Now. To sign up for HBO Max, sign in with your email and password, or follow the on-screen directions.

Here are the easy ways to watch HBO in USA

  1. First, subscribe to PureVPN and set it up on your router using this link.
  2. Then, install and launch the HBO Max app.
  3. Next, go to My Account and look for a code.
  4. Then, go to on your computer or smartphone.
  5. Log in to your HBO Max account and input the code displayed on your television.

What is the price of HBO Max in USA?

You can easily acquire the lowest HBO Max subscription if you play your cards correctly. First, take a look at and compare the price options below, and then we’ll explain how you can save money while still enjoying HBO Max content right away. All costs listed below are in US dollars:

  • The monthly cost in the United States is $9.99.
  • Argentina: $5.8 per month
  • Mexico: $7.4 per month
  • Brazil: $5.3 per month
  • Chile: $9.6 per month
  • Colombia: $5.3 per month

The Most Economical Way to watch HBO in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide

After we thoroughly explain the cheapest way to stream HBO Max, you will be able to save a few dollars each month. Above all, using a PureVPN on your device to virtually relocate your device to a country where the membership fee is lower is the ideal option to enjoy the lowest HBO Max subscription. Learn how to change your virtual location and acquire the lowest HBO Max membership nation.


Can you watch HBO Max for free if you’ve HBO?

Yes but content will be limited. If you have an HBO then you can watch very limited videos of HBO Max without paying any additional cost.

Can I use a free VPN to watch HBO Max from abroad?

Yes but it can’t guarantee hassle-free and smooth unblocking due to sometimes it’ll work and at the same time you’ll see the streaming errors. It has limited servers that can’t work effectively every time and can be detected easily by the provider’s anti-VPN technologies. Therefore, consider signing up for a relaible VPN service.

Will HBO Max be available on Amazon Prime?

All you need is to subscribe to HBO add-on on your Amazon subscription; only then you can stream HBO and Amazon content at the same time.


After reading this advice, we hope that you will be able to figure out the cheapest method to watch HBO Max from anywhere in the globe. Even if HBO Max is not accessible in your region, you may use our instructions to view discounted HBO Max episodes and movies. Do you require further assistance? Then use the live chat button to send us a message.

All you need to watch HBO Max outside the US is a reliable VPN service. Because of its superb unblocking options and lightning-fast speeds, PureVPN is our top recommendation among all the VPNs we tested.

We hope this post has demonstrated how to stream HBO Max using a premium PureVPN. Have a good time streaming!

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