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How to Watch HBO Max in USA on Playstation 4 and 5

watch HBO Max in USA on Playstation 4 and 5

Sony on Wednesday announced that the HBO Max is finally available on its next-generation console. App support, featured in a tweet from the official PlayStation account, should be good news if you managed to get a PS5 and plan to use it as a movie entertainment over games, as the HBO Max was the last big  streaming service that was not available in console, but is now there.

If you’re on PS4, this update probably won’t mean much to you, as that device has the app for a while now. But it does mean that any HBO Max in USA on PlayStation 4 and 5 fans should now be able to watch Wonder Woman 1984, which will be available in 4K HDR for PS5 owners with supported TVs and other Warner Bros movies coming out next year on HBO’s new streaming service. (Xbox Series X / S owners have gained access to the app since the launch of the consoles.)

When I went to download the HBO Max to my PS5, he told me that the app was only available on the PS4, but a quick reboot made it available for download. If you want to download it again, you can go to the media tab on the PS5 home screen and scroll down to the All Apps section.

HBO Max in USA On PlayStation 4 and 5:

HBO has not yet released the official Max app for PS4 but has instead updated the existing HBO Now app and its content. Installing the app is an easy process on PS4, just follow the guide below to help you get started.

  • Open your PS4 and scroll right down and enter your library.
  • Now select ‘Apps’ in the left sidebar on your screen and scroll down and select ‘TV & Video’.
  • Wait for the page to load. Once downloaded, select ‘Search’ at the top of your screen and search for ‘HBO Max’.

Note: If you do not find the HBO Max app, just search for the ‘HBO Now’ app as it will replace the PS4 to HBO Max automatically.

Step 4: Select the HBO Max app (or HBO Now app) from the search results and select ‘Download’ on the next screen right under the app icon.

Step 5: Once the program is installed, simply open it in your launcher and sign in with your account details to get started. See the HBO Max login guide below for PS4 using their registration page.

HBO Max On PS5:

  • Get your TV connected to your PlayStation 5.
  • Turn on and allow Internet or Wi-Fi access to your PlayStation 5.
  • Select the Media Tab on your PlayStation 5.
  • Specify the icon for all apps on your PlayStation 5.
  • Access the Magnifying Glass icon in your PlayStation 5.
  • Then search for the HBO Max app.
  • Select the HBO Max application from the list of results.
  • Click the download option in your PlayStation 5. It will take time.
  • After you do that, open the HBO Max app on your PlayStation 5.
  • Access the login option.
  • Now choose the path between TV or Mobile Provider and HBO account to sign in to HBO Max.
  • Then enter the details of your choice. Then log in to HBO Max.

Nothing more! Start streaming your HBO Max favorites to PlayStation 5.

How To Watch HBO Max On Playstation 4 and 5 Via VPN

If HBO Max is restricted in your region and you cannot watch HBO Max on your console then follow the following steps to watch HBO Max

  • Install VPN on your device using same wifi (We recommend PureVPN)
  • Login in to your VPN
  • Select the server US from the VPN
  • Then login into HBO Max from your Playstation and stream HBO Max on Playstation 4 or 5.

HBO Max Performance on PlayStation:

HBO Max has unveiled a new update to its operating system for all Roku, PS4, and PS5 this week, solving many of the ongoing service issues.

If you are not a regular user of the HBO Max, the performance of the app, especially on the PS5, has been extremely difficult, with users reporting many problems on social media. Fortunately, this latest update comes with some much-needed fixes, as mentioned below.

Total speed is faster – the app is much faster than before.

Better stability – app loading and playback has fewer problems than the previous app.

Snappier Search – The search function appears to return results faster than before.

My List’ is now available under profile – a personal list of viewers can be found and managed under their profile.

Custom profile icons – A custom avatar for your profile is now available on Roku.

UI Changes – Improved buttons, large tiles, and customized layouts. In addition, there is a new “upload” cartoon circling the lower part of the screen.

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6 months ago


The HBOMAX app on Playstation 4 has greatly improved. I enjoy HBOMAX even more now. No storage capacity and streaming Quality is amazing. Well done HBOMAX

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u / monotoonz

4 months ago

HBOMax is actually not usable on PS4 (video inside)

Technical Support

I exited, cleared my repository, uninstalled, and re-installed HBOMax on my PS4. And I keep getting this bad glitch (video) where I can’t get out of the navigation bar. Cursor / selector repeatedly moves back to the navigation bar.

This issue usually resolves itself with the restart of the PS4, but not now. This is more than annoying. Does anyone know about any fixes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the HBO Max not work on my PS5?

If the HBO Max does not work on your PS4 or PS5, try checking to see if there are any updates for your console. On PS4, you can check for updates by doing the following: First, open Settings on your PS4 and then go to System Software Update. Next, click the Update Now option

Why is the HBO Max so slow on the PS4?

If the videos are buffering or low quality, slow or inconsistent network connection may be the cause. To stream HD video, you need a high speed connection with a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps. In your PlayStation 4, go to Settings> Network> Internet Connection Test.

What is the HBO Max solution for PS5?

Go to Device Settings> Video Display> Video Output Adjustment. Select 16: 9, 2160p60 4k UHD (Best Available).

Why is the HBO Max so slow?

HBO Max loads slowly, lags, or glitches. Many things can affect video playback, including network bandwidth, connection speed, and memory available on your phone.


By following content now you can try to watch HBO Max in UK on Playstation 4 and 5 easily. HBO Max can be unblocked by using a premium VPN such as PureVPN and get access to HBO Max from your country.

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