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How to Watch Long Slow Exhale in USA On Spectrum TV

watch long Slow Exhale in USA

Pam Vease’s upcoming women basketball drama television series Long Slow Exhale. It has received direct series orders from Spectrum Originals and BET. Veasey will executive produce alongside. Former L.A. Finest colleagues Anton Cropper and Jon Dove from Paramount Television Studios. It reintroduces the pair to Spectrum after their first written original attempt with the Bad Boys spinoff.

Long Slow Exhale is a drama television series. It premiered on ABC in the United States (2022). The primary Cast of Long Slow Exhale includes Jazmine Stewart, Samantha Bartow, and Ian Harding (2022).

How to watch Long Slow Exhale in USA on Spectrum TV

As Spectrum TV is restricted to particular regions that’s why it will not be available to everyone in the world.

  • First of all, get a premium VPN (we recommend PureVPN).
  • Connect to a reliable US server.
  • Log in to your Spectrum TV APP. Stream Long Slow Exhale in high definition.
  • See that’s soo much easy.

Long Slow Exhale Release Date

On April 4, the first three episodes will be accessible exclusively on Spectrum (free to view). The riveting 12-episode series will be released in three parts over three weeks, culminating on Monday, April 25.” 

Trailer of Long Slow Exhale

Long Slow Exhale Cast and Characters


  • Rose Rollins plays J.C. Abernathy.
  • Hillman Ford by Josh Lucas, the university’s athletic director.
  • Ian Harding plays Eddie Hagan’s Assistant Coach.
  • Garrett, J.C.’s spouse, by Lyriq Bent.
  • Emily, Associate Head Coach (Shalini Bathina)

Regulars in the Series

  • Enajite Esegine is a fictional character by Enajite Esegine
  • Brittney Elena is a young lady that lives in the United States.
  • Stewart, Jazmine
  • Isabella Star LaBlanc is an actress who is most known for her role in the film Isabel.
  • Carmen Flood is the author of the novel Carmen Flood.
  • Erin Croom is a writer.

Cast That Returns

  • Dr Melinda Barrington, the university’s Chancellor, by Famke Janssen. 
  • Shannon, a talented three-point shooter for the Clayton Hall Cougars, by Samantha Bartow.
  • Former Atlanta cop Arlin by Brent Sexton.
  • Davon, Corrine’s father, by Tony Gonzalez, a former professional football player and Clayton Hall legend.
  • Vivian, J.C.’s assistant, by Gabrielle Byndloss.
  • Jillian Porter (Enya Flack), Corrine’s stepmother, by Enya Flack.
  • Claire Brockman (Melissa Saint-Amand).
  • Rachel Fleming and Britt Rentschler
  • Jessica Owens (Betty Borrego)
  • Kate Ford (Anabella Raye)

Long Slow Exhale Plot: 

Abernathy became the ruthless head coach of a competitive high school girls’ basketball team. One may find herself in the middle of a potentially career-ending scandal. It motivates her to do all she can to protect her players, family, and job.

Long Slow Exhale Speciality

Long Slow Exhale, Long Slow Exhale Season 1, Long Slow Exhale (2022), Spectrum Show are some other names for this drama.


What is the location of the long, leisurely exhale?

Filming will begin in March 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, where the programme is under development and production. On February 19, 2021, Josh Lucas was introduced.

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to keep track of a long, slow exhale.

Hence, a drama series starring Rose Rollins, Josh Lucas, and Lyriq Bent, is now available on Netflix. Use your Roku device to manage Spectrum T.V.

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