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Write for Us

If you think you can contribute and add value to the VPN industry, look no further for a platform that can voice your opinions. USA VPN is your go-to website for submitting your contributions related to the VPN industry, whether it’s about streaming, or security.

While we accept a wide range on content, ranging from the latest trends in the cybersecurity space to best VPN services available in the market, there are a few things we DO NOT accept. They are as follows:

  • Sales pitch.
  • News
  • Just text and no images.
  • All opinions and no facts.

When submitting your contributions to, please ensure:

  • The content is original and unique.
  • The piece gives proper citations to authors and publication, where needed.
  • That you stick to your topic and make sense to your target audience.
  • That you have a well-defined title, a Meta description, and a word count of 800-2500 words.

Send your submissions as a word document to Use subject “Contribute: <Piece Title>”. For example, if your piece is titled Best VPN for USA, your subject would read “Contribute: Best VPN for USA”.

All the best!